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[Soft music playing in the background] Hey everyone! Today’s the day before school officially kicks off, and I’m buzzing with excitement. Just finished throwing out the trash, and now, it’s time to head to reception because my New Balance parcel is on its way, and I’m thrilled!

Parcel pick-up continues – this time for my ASU parcel. Let me tell you, my love for ASU knows no bounds. Now, onto the good stuff – my Asos parcel. Let’s unbox it together. I’ve been eyeing this item for a while, and it’s just so pretty! But wait, what’s this? A stain? Oh no, Asos, why are you letting me down? It’s a bit disheartening.

Despite the stain, today’s comfort level is off the charts! It’s that time of the week again, and everyone is hyped about the freebies. Of course, I can’t miss out on that. Heading over to Tren building where friends are already gathered, and guess what? It’s all free! Let’s go!

Quick ice cream break – it’s got jelly in it, pure bliss. Now, the first day of school – it’s always a big deal, right? Off to QMC we go, first class in the big lecture room. Am I excited? Well, maybe a bit, maybe not. But hey, we’re here early, catching our breath, and oh, the B4 is calling. Time for more lectures after a solid introduction.

So, here’s the twist – personal cheat confusion and running out of J’s. Riding through the boredom of a seemingly endless class, and suddenly, a craving for treats hits. Back to town during the first week of school – because why not? Decision time at the brunch spot, and we settle for roasty vegetable sourdough. Yum!

Now, gym time! After a great afternoon SK session with a friend, I’m headed to JD Gym. Skin condition acting up? Probably the water problem, but the struggle is real. Nonetheless, I’m super ready for the gym. Post-workout plans? Eating some carab with hummus – that’s the vibe right now. Stay tuned for more adventures, folks! 🌟 #NottinghamVlog #SchoolDays #TownAdventures

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