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Market Square Fairground and Beach Water Slides Nottingham Vlog

your sins a forgiven woman[Music]your faith has saved you go in please[Music]this is just a love song and it’s interesting the bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood it’s a spiritual battle that’s going on absolute spiritual battle we just get focused on the flesh everybody is in some kind of pain some people are in a bigger pain yes but still there’s only one solution to that pain it doesn’t matter whether it’s physical spiritual only jesus only his name nowhere else you could try it you can try it[Music]praising jesus [Music] Tuesday [Music] oh sorry thank you[Music]all right then uh welcome to nottsonline again another vlog i just broke my microphone um put it on this gimbal it’s like a little small device that you put on the bottom of your iphone and i put it into the gimbal this stabilizer i’ve snapped it so i’m sorry about the audio i’ll be i’ll just be quiet basically let’s have a walk around this uh the beach this is the beach i went from the children but there’s lots of children having fun there as you can see it’s very very very very very busy[Music][Music]sorry[Music]water slide there or something thank you[Music][Music]ah thank you is[Music]i’m sorry all right let’s go[Music]awkward filming everyone having a good time and i think if everyone was doing what i was going to be a nightmare so apologies everyone walking around like a tourist i suppose that’s what fairgrounds are about here’s your tooli hope you enjoyed it um i might have a little walk on the side as well but you can see up there there’s a massive water slide or something up there and you can zoom in on this what time is it it’s a quarter past three now let’s just stop this video so i’m going to talk about something else now

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