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  • STREET AID Paul Scotting and Adam Cooper e

    Nottingham Homeless to benefit from local man’s Antarctica trip.

    Charities supporting homeless people in Nottingham are set to receive a £5000 donation from local software firm Ideagen, after one of their employees completed a trek to the South Pole.The money will go to Nottingham Street Aid after Ideagen asked team member, Adam Cooper (47), to pick a charity of his choice in recognition of…


  • broadmarsh

    Nottingham City Council Decides on Broadmarsh Development Future

    Several advisory groups have been working on plans to regenerate the Broadmarsh area for the past two years. This includes the Nottingham Green Quarter proposal, which has gained substantial interest. The Nottingham Green Quarter proposed that the area be developed with a mix of nature and eco housing. It also included a central green space.…


  • winter

    Christmas Discounts in Nottingham For School Holidays

    During the Christmas season, Nottingham has plenty of festive fun and games to keep the kids entertained. Whether you are looking to try some festive skating, or you want to visit Santa, there are a variety of things to see and do in the city. These events are free to attend, but tickets must be…


  • nottingham vlog

    The City Of Nottingham Information 2023

    foreign [Music] cities in England Nottingham we vowed not to stop telling you about cities in England in this video this time it’s the turn of the attention-grabbing city of Nottingham we’re discussing a county town and unitary Authority area in Nottinghamshire this city in East Midlands is located 180 kilometers Northwest of London 53…


  • nottingham vlog

    Nottingham Christmas Market Vlog

    foreign [Music] I thought I’d show you our Christmas Market probably won’t be able to show you it all because it’s two-sided it goes through [Music] you know you can go this this way or you can go the other side and it accumulates in the Square which has a sky rink which is we…


  • UED HgY jpg

    Nottingham Red Light District Exposed

    residents of a neighborhood in Nottinghamshire have said that they’re scared to leave their homes due to an influx of sex workers in the area people in height and green have even complained prostitutes have sex up against their homes so could this problem be a symptom of prostitution being forced underground or indeed up…