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Nottingham tourist vlog caves


A video vlog of Nottingham city and its underground caves and tourist attractions

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it’s a bit of a standoff going here being real typical tourists today that’s as close as we can get to the castle good morning and welcome to wandering Adventures today we are and we’re going to take you to take this house [Music] Jenny walking into the biggest boots in the world potentially potentially maybe it was the first one we might have our facts from [Music] thank you [Music] so [Music] nothing won’t be lost you’ll change [Music] they won’t be lost [Music] I love it when cities do this fake on use space and make it into skating parks [Music] these fabric ones are clear [Music] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] it’s just vibrating around everywhere so this is Old Market Square foreign as close as we can get to the castle [Music] [Music] so the trust that was looking after the castle went into liquidation and they haven’t found the funds to reopen it yet but hopefully they do soon [Music] probably is storage probably [Music] being real typical tourists today [Music] oldest Inn in England if anyone wants to fact check that [Music] so is it the city’s got the largest network of caves underneath it in all of Britain very intrigued about this [Music] [Music] this just made us jump so much as we turned around the corner Kelly you told me about it as well and then I still have been to the city caves what do you think it was good it was really interesting to see how people were living in the air raid shelters as well like in in the war and you just can’t imagine like doing it now it’s a whole other world yeah it’s very strange it’s definitely worth a visit I couldn’t film that much because he told me not to film we have some cool photos we have some cool photos I might put that in [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] there’s lots of squirrels here lots of gray squirrels I don’t know if you can see them [Music] I like running about up there I think they’ll have birds in there yeah we did it was like Oh I thought the real version was like wait what they’re not oh cocky sulfur Krusty cocksu died Asia 140. successful it was very impressive it’s just one really loud one the tree must have obviously like started to drop and there’s just a big metal post holding it up so it doesn’t fall on anybody’s head [Applause] [Music] thank you a bit of standoff going here why aren’t we staying there Justin it was out of our price range I love old buildings like this what are they called bandstands I wonder if it’s still used probably in some other part [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh thank you [Music] start the cherry blossoms thank you [Music] foreign [Music] so a bit of a bump in the road as you will on the way home from Nottingham we’ve currently broke down on the M1 service station and yeah somebody’s gonna come and get us but it could be up to three and a half hours so I’m currently stuck here which is a a great end to the weekend but I had a great time otherwise and yeah I just wanted to kind of keep you updated you know we like to give you the behind the scenes it’s not all pretty pictures on Instagram these things happen but hopefully it’s a Sunday so hopefully they come out pretty soon and then we can get home so three and a half hours in at waiting at the service station the RAC has been out told me that the engine has actually completely broken which I could have told them considering the awful racket it was making coming off the motorway um and now I am potentially waiting for another three hours for a tow truck to take me home it’s gonna be a long long day I just can’t wait to get home now so hopefully it’s soon so it is now 9 00 p.m I am finally being a rescue they’ve just learned and said that they are five minutes away which is very exciting it has been a very long seven hours in total in this service station and I don’t want to see it again for a very long time it’s quite a nice services and I did find somewhere to sit and I had luckily I had my phone charger with me it’s not been too bad my baby’s been taken away off to the garage to be fixed and now I can go home [Music] freezing and I’ve been here for seven and a half hours and I’m very tired rest in peace car [Music]

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