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Police Make Arrests and Seizures Following Routine Car Stop.



In a routine patrol through Radford, officers stumbled upon a scene that would unravel into a significant drug bust. It all began when their attention was snagged by a car with a faulty headlight, sparking their suspicions.

Initiating a standard stop, the officers activated their blue lights, signaling the driver to halt. Yet, instead of compliance, the vehicle sped off, weaving dangerously through the streets. The pursuit ensued, with the officers trailing the erratic Toyota Yaris until it reached a dead end, forcing it to a stop.

As the dust settled, one occupant bolted from the car, igniting a brief but intense foot chase. The fleeing passenger was swiftly apprehended, his backpack revealing a startling cache – a stash of cannabis, neatly packaged into approximately 100 deal bags, alongside a BB gun.

Meanwhile, the driver, now cornered, faced the consequences of their reckless flight. A roadside drug test confirmed their consumption of cocaine and cannabis, sealing their fate with a set of handcuffs.

But the tale didn’t end there. Fuelled by tenacity and astute investigative prowess, officers expanded their search to the suspects’ residences. There, hidden within the confines of their homes, lay further evidence of their illicit activities – more cannabis, meticulously prepared for distribution, and a sizable sum of cash.

In the aftermath, a 19-year-old man found himself in custody, facing charges ranging from drug possession with intent to supply to possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit a crime. Similarly, a 46-year-old individual faced a litany of offenses, including dangerous driving, drug-related charges, and possession of an imitation firearm in a public space.

This operation not only highlights the vigilance of law enforcement in combating drug-related crime but also underscores the perils of attempting to evade justice. With these arrests, a significant blow has been dealt to the illicit drug trade in Radford, serving as a stern warning to those who seek to profit from its dangers.

Routine Car Stop unraveled into a significant drug bust.

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