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Stapleford Bar Altercation Ends in Horrific Face Slashing: Police Launch Manhunt.



Ryan Middleton’s night out turned into a nightmare when an altercation at Larry’s Bar in Stapleford escalated into a brutal attack. Engaged in a heated dispute with an unidentified assailant who targeted a friend’s son, Middleton found himself suddenly slashed across the face with a Stanley knife.

The consequences were grave: a gaping six-inch wound to his head and a thumb laceration. Doctors revealed the chilling reality that the slash was perilously close to his skull, with potentially fatal consequences if just an inch off-target. Middleton now faces an uncertain future, indefinitely sidelined from work due to his injuries.

Ryan Middleton, who is in the the victim of the stabbing, said: “He’s put me out of work – that’s my main concern. I can’t work now until my hand’s healed, at least, because dust will get in there otherwise. The stitches in my head should be out by the weekend but God knows how long my hand will take.” Facing an uncertain recovery and unable to work due to his injuries, Middleton reflects on the incident with shock and concern for his future.

Describing the harrowing ordeal, Middleton recounts the chaotic moments leading up to the attack, highlighting the suddenness and severity of the assault. Despite the swift response of pub-goers and emergency services, the assailant remains at large, prompting a police manhunt.

Nottinghamshire Police are actively investigating the incident, reassuring the public of their safety while urging anyone with information to come forward. As Middleton grapples with the physical and emotional aftermath, the community remains on edge, grappling with the repercussions of this alarming act of violence.”

Near Fatal Pub Altercation: Long Eaton Man’s Face Slashed in Terrifying Nottinghamshire Bar Encounter

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