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  • fight CCTV Nottingham Knife ATTACK

    Machete Knife wielding criminals set Free in Nottingham

    Is anyone still surpised why children and teenagers carry swords and huge blades around Nottingham? At any given moment it seems that anyone can just whip out a dangerous weapon in the city centre and still be forgiven for not taking a second thought about any perceived consequences….literally. As we have seen such a large…


  • shottingham crime nottingham

    Shottingham City Students Beware!

    Greetings fellow travelers, I am here to inform you of the perilous dangers that lurk within the city of Nottingham, a locale that is not impervious to the nefarious deeds of robbers and violent individuals. Although the city’s prestigious universities, rich history, and cultural attractions are renowned, it is essential to take note of the…


  • knife crime

    Is Studying in Nottingham Dangerous?

    According to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, Nottingham has one of the highest rates of knife crime in the country, with over 700 knife-related incidents recorded in 2020. The majority of these incidents occurred in certain areas of the city, including St. Ann’s, Radford, Sneinton, Meadows and Hyson Green. As a…


  • machete attack nottingham

    Knife Crime – Machete Attack at Nottingham College

    Opinion Piece by Notts.Online Just when you thought that stop & search was a bad idea, here comes another example of the tragic state of affairs when terrifying violence, which is occurring throughout the UK and in our dear city of Nottingham is so commonly ignored. According to the reports from the local marxist rag,…


  • police nottingham city centre photgrapher

    Nottingham Crime Statistics 2022

    Among the 94 England and Wales postcode areas, Nottingham, in Nottinghamshire, England, has the highest crime rate. This is based on 26 crimes reported in October 2022. It is also the second most dangerous town in Nottinghamshire. The rate is 2.6 crimes per 1,000 workday people. It is 144% higher than the national average. The…


  • UED HgY jpg

    Nottingham Red Light District Exposed

    residents of a neighborhood in Nottinghamshire have said that they’re scared to leave their homes due to an influx of sex workers in the area people in height and green have even complained prostitutes have sex up against their homes so could this problem be a symptom of prostitution being forced underground or indeed up…


  • BzIjLiUOZU

    Nottingham Crime History Shooting

    foreign [Music] [Applause] foreign Staples had much in common though not friends they crossed paths amicably in their home City Beau shared a passion for football both were fathers of two young children and according to those close to them both were rarely without a smile on the 25th of May 2009 these two young…


  • nottingham crime history stories documentary ELEkPkPZo

    Nottingham Crime History Stories Documentary

    [Music] [Applause] on the afternoon on the 8th of november three months after the sterling murders a probe was planted inside radford police station as part of operation soul picked up a conversation between dc charles fletcher and jason groscock mr fletcher’s former boss at lymey’s closed door colin gunn was trying to find out…