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  • trippy blakey rapper uk nottingham

    Trippy Blakey – Trapper Of The Year

    AI generated Transcipt Lyrics , may be innacurrate 3.38 – 38.92 lord, correlations, knowin’ that Uh So I don’t care You Professional ads Man I Do it No, I won’t share I ain’t lyin’ in my raps, N*, see my Louis Dastay How did I get a pin when I was trapper of the year,…


  • drill music nottingham artist DrllxMitchll

    DrllxMtchll – Fast Car (ft. BDubz & DW1)

    Lyrics: Nigga we just waiting on your reup, That’s our next pack But pussy I ain’t paying for that shit, We gone finesse that Steady talking tough up in my comments, That ain’t get back I had that baddie sucking on my bone, Come get your ex back My youngen just got out HMP, He’s…


  • Trippy Blakey Nottingham Rapper

    Nottingham Rapper Trippy Blakey – Couple Doobies

    Nottingham Rap Artist Trippy Blakey drops another track for the summer 23′ called : “Couple Doobies” He has also Collaborated with USA Artists, going by his M.O of “England boy with American Drip” his versatile style of rapping, has been evolving for many years in the Nottingham Rap Scene, having released many songs on youtube…


  • nottingham drill music video a.d blue demon

    Nottingham Drill – A.D Blue Demon

    Nottingham Drill Artist A.D music video


  • nottingham dnb dancehall persona spyda zapya

    Nottingham DnB – Zapya x Spyda x Persona – Pon Mi Side

    Another Summer Banger From Nottingham’s Most Active Dancehall Star “Persona“, this time collaborating with living legend in the DnB Scene “Spyda” collaborating with DnB producer “Zapya“


  • UK drill rapper shxdow

    UK Drill Shxdow – Faces of Spaces

    Lyrics: G you ain’t ever did it You just imagine metal pinging Roll wid ya knife, bro dats ya life Why? When you ain’t done no chingings Sword down ya trousers wowzers Cowards Drop dat cah you ain’t got to da swinging Powers, Roll to a set No bring in Flowers, don’t ask me what…


  • nottingham rapper

    Nottingham Rapper – Trippy Blakey – If it ain’t trippy

    you know he had that if it ain’t trippy it ain’t drippy [ __ ] all that [ __ ] all that [ __ ] this beat go perfect with my [Music] [Applause] [Music] show [Music] it ain’t dripping hey trippy is there like any chance you can send me the lyrics to this song because that’s what i’ve just been…