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UK Drill Shxdow – Faces of Spaces


UK drill rapper shxdow


Nottingham Drill Artists Shxdow Music Video Visualiser UK Rapper

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G you ain’t ever did it You just imagine metal pinging Roll wid ya knife, bro dats ya life Why? When you ain’t done no chingings Sword down ya trousers wowzers Cowards Drop dat cah you ain’t got to da swinging Powers, Roll to a set No bring in Flowers, don’t ask me what I’m bringing Out of order,their scared of my aura So just imagine if this starts ringing I ain’t ever had no holes in my body Or wounds in my flesh but I heard he’s stinging I don’t really care what anyones thinking Just thank god that his body ain’t stinking Most of these mc’s actors fact is They ain’t ever did it but act like king pin I don’t care who’s the faces of spaces Most man never left curbs all painted Helter skelter even the feds in notts will tell ya Shxdow is dangerous Outrageous cah my heads been heinous Manna old school dats before n-gages If you want beef I’m knowing it now And blowing it down like games on Sega’s When I go sleep I don’t get no peace cah i still got snakes on my head like Medusa My brain just auto tunes like Future Into nightmares like I’m linked wid Krueger I never got no GCSE’s But I still done better cus I ain’t no loser Blood you ain’t got no PTSD Your just one little neek that knows one shooter I ain’t cadell but my bro been wiling Both of us done left blood on tiling Don’t drive round the block n post that ya gliding Badman don’t bring phones when sliding Ya not gliding, sliding ya just driving Wear my red hood when ya aunties riding Wear my own clothes b I don’t need styling Got too many n my tracksuits piling Got no back so I grab those tits And Dig out her head like Afro picks What’s so lame dem man got no game Think your a player but ya mack no chicks Think your a sprayer but ya slapped no sticks And ya think your a opp but ya stabbed no pricks Hilarious can’t tek man serious Ya trap lines piss n ya bandos shit Once upon a time I got took for a mug Then I remembered I’m a fuckin tug Rip out my heart, dash that in the mud I can’t let no gyal try abuse my love Once upon a time I got took for a teacup Fuck that b’s up, hoes down g’s up Bun feelings I gotta get my p’s up Nonna them can’t come round when I’m t’d up It’s a dead rose for those that appose Black blade, black ties, black suits, black crows Did it how they didn’t wanna do it now they do it but I did it but then and that’s how it goes Had weed for ya lungs n snow for ya nose But now I sell flows spit bars make dough Wrist don’t shine but my head is froze Bro I can’t mix with average joes Me I can’t mix with average dudes And I don’t wanna sex no average cooch Used to be mine that’s cool that’s fine but it’s a new day n ya average boo Smashed it, dashed it Blood im way passed it Jezebel Man should of learned from rasket Nuff gyal got nuff man in their basket Me I don’t want no stinking ratchet   If ya wanna get rich stretch ya legs bitch Add to ya sex vids or yam shit in Dubai Reckless ama stress this manna too lie Deathwish get my head twist like moonshine Them manna been doing nothing for years Weird, scared it appears I flew by I could draw my mans gyal in two lines 2’2’s manna gonna hear that she 2 timed Cheat code, manna gonna hear that she cheating Jeet that but I’m gonna say I’m not jeetin Greezy, Believe me, who dya believe in? When you hear that one will you be leaving Reality is tho she’s just a bimbo I’ve had creaming, screaming, bleeding If I get sexual she’ll need healing Your tings rubbed you don’t know that feeling Audio video by Shxdow performing Faces Of Spaces (C) 2023 EBK #FacesOfSpaces

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