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According to recent reports, the state of Nottingham, a city in the East Midlands of England, has been deteriorating in recent years. While it has always been known for its free-spirited, artistic residents, the current reality is far from idyllic. The city’s streets are dirty, and uncollected bins are a common sight. There are frequent reports of violent attacks and stabbings in the city center. Despite this, local media outlets have painted a positive image of the city.

The city is home to numerous charities, many of which are government and council-supported. However, these charities often contribute to a revolving door of accommodation, prison, repeat offending, and more free accommodation, creating a cycle of repeat offenders without providing real solutions to their problems.

This year’s local elections in Nottingham have brought about a call to action. The Labour party, which has held a majority of the seats in all Nottingham districts for many years, has been criticized for championing radical activism and identity/tribal themes that have infiltrated every aspect of life in Nottingham. The party has abandoned the principles of equality, instead advocating for equity, which is a divisive and exclusionary approach, usually discriminating who gets help based on their skin colour.

Socialist Labour MPs like Nadia Whittome have been accused of supporting Marxism and promoting socialist radical race-oriented propaganda. Whittome is hyper-focused on racial prejudice and green energy, ignoring crime victims, and instead focusing on people who get annoyed for 20 mins during a stop and search, which protects the community, or the potential consequences of stopping the use of oil and the short sighted approaches to police and force businesses to be carbon taxed by the global elite.

Many “woke” Labour party supporters and members are deeply entrenched in communism beliefs and have a vision of subjective emotional based victimhood with witchunts into British history, for punitive retroactive modern Justice for everyone except the British people, evidently.

The city’s reputation for being a welcoming place has attracted homeless people and drug addicts, who flock to the city center, causing chaos and mayhem.

Graffiti is rampant, and rowdy groups of teenage boys in balaclavas intimidate the public with impunity. Public Service’s staff are often abused, and the drug trade thrives, with students being pushed drugs or worse; being a primary target of physical attacks and robberies to fund drug habits.

The county lines trafficking of drugs is a significant issue in Nottingham, with numerous children being used for this purpose. Furthermore, significant gangs of school kids are invincible to the current laws and can be willfully abusive on the trams, buses, and streets, while the police are helpless to interfere due to zealous attempts by the local media to portray them as racist or incompetent.

The council’s corruption and willful neglect of its property portfolio have wreaked havoc on the city’s housing situation.

Just Google Robin Hood Energy Failings to see the eye watering MILLIONS of shares they bought in their own failing business which was already 24 million or so behind the bills!

All for and by the WOKE PARTY of Nottingham = Labour!

The council’s preference to support refugee housing has left thousands waiting on the housing list, while migrant influxes have been granted access to brand new, swanky apartments and security-fenced premises. The council’s continued support of such policies has left many local residents feeling abandoned and ignored, and potentially in danger as police are frequently called out to city centre hotels as illegal immigrants have sexually assaulted another poor teenage girl.

It is clear that Nottingham is a city facing numerous challenges, with many of its residents feeling unheard and neglected. It is time for the council and local politicians to listen to the concerns of the people and take action to address the problems facing the city.

this opinion piece summarises one persons view upon the world in Nottingham in 2023.

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