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What is it like living in Nottingham?

Welcome To Shottingham Film Intro


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Short Film about Nottingham aka Shottingham, by Roadman TV

RoadMan – Short Film Intro (Welcome To Shottingham) Part 1 #nottingham

yo guys what if you may recognize this CEO it’s a place called Nottingham he’s too cold so you sound about this place it’s an absolute [ _ ] see you back in the day well it was about was pulling out your friends tsunami you’ll get the odd fight but it was all about playing out having a good time riding bikes popping wheelies with your friends nowadays you can’t go on the streets without trouble I’m dropping in this city early in my money straight away and then I’ll be there in it yeah see nothing all right cool cool all right let’s go all right bless sirens on that anyways man you all know [ _ ] Columbus Street Salem I’ve got McDonald’s got all sorts of other places like JD Sports Direct it’s a beautiful city but like I say there’s too much action on this street day by day all you see is fries drunks knitties goes on or at the end of the day I guess that’s why it’s called Nottingham we used to be called shotgun but you’ll see why boom let’s go I don’t even know how long it’s gonna be telling me it’s gonna be here but I feel like he’s a chat anymore I don’t know yo I’m playing you know Batman my pee it’s gonna get a long time what’s this what do you mean what’s this bro bro [Music] I’m talking to you like a man you start touching me he calls me to follow along can you buy Wednesday the next time we don’t run that back to the shit’s on foreign all right foreign [Music] [Music] everybody [Music] [Music] it’s not people man you’re right bro no somebody’s gonna jump like this come off the training into knots upon me trying to [ _ ] harass me and [ _ ] swear yeah man this might still went I think it went up that way or somewhere like that in it but yo listen I need to get out of the city man well I’ve just got I just came to the city I’m supposed to live here from I can’t believe for the night if I had any contacts of places where you could say I’d let you stay so you know I’ve seen that I know listen I’m just gonna beat off here anyway thanks for helping me out there yeah that night it started to take a long walk just to like kind of like refresh my mind and figure out what was going on since I totally see not too good it’s not the worst city but it’s not the best but it’s a city that we can meet better and that’s what I’m just going to be bringing in the content for you guys let’s get nuts back on the map let’s see what nuts is really like if you want to be part of any videos just hit me up let’s do this guys let’s do this for nuts so yo sweet TV guys TV guy no come back a bit go back again come back walk with everyone in stock go TV guys let’s do it all right now pretend I’m still there okay all right all right on TV guys so yo your tick tock’s a [ _ ] man and everyone just laughs thank you I respond to that respond to that but look here yeah don’t look at the camera yeah don’t look at the camera everyone stop behind us I go look straight all right ready all right go go we’re the best artist yeah best I am make sure these girls top tier do you understand you looking at me can you look at me I’m telling you looking at me yeah you don’t gotta run me down now yeah you’re still talking to me yeah should we [ _ ] you yes [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right

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