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Alex Belfield Red Letter Day from Prison


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Alex Belfield Red Letter Day From Prison Fan Shares Her Thoughts And Memories from her interactions with convicted

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Red Letter Day for Alex Belfield

hey everyone I don’t normally do lives but I wanted to do something very quickly as it’s Friday and it’s easier just for me to jump on and do this rather than um do a a whole film and edit it and upload it so I’ve just jumped on and I’m just doing a quick live because you will know uh well you may know if you’ve been following my videos that um I was really upset when I heard that Alex belfield had been um put in prison basically and it felt like he’d been silenced and I felt a lot of um I felt a lot of compassion for him I don’t actually know Alex bellfield I’ve never met him but I have followed his work and I know he’s a bit outspoken but I actually quite liked his videos I didn’t agree with everything he said um but then um uh oh what’s her name this it slipped my mind uh yeah there was a video which was inviting us to write to him so I basically wrote to Alex and this morning I got a reply and I don’t feel it’s betraying any confidence as to read his response out because it touched my heart this morning to read to receive this so I thought it might well bring a smile to your day Katie Hopkins was the person who did the video so thank you Katie and thanks Linda B for reminding me yeah Katie Hopkins um was the one who actually shared his his information so here’s the letter I received this morning um and bear in mind I’ve never met Alex so and I just wrote him a letter out of the blue just a letter of solidarity and sort of sisterly support basically so he says dear darling Rachel how amazing to hear from you such an inspiring letter mind-blowing my heart is so full with kindness of people like you I’m truly okay I won’t let them break me I will be back and there’s nothing they can do about it we’re a team it’s so inspiring I agree the world is completely nothing makes sense it’s mind-boggling the insanity they’re treating me very well I have my own room TV phone and walk two hours a day I get the gym three times a week and I just started today in the restaurant kitchen we cooked our own amazing dinner fresh it’s five days a week can’t believe it it’s a holiday Camp if you don’t have anything in your life I’ve filed my appeal I have no faith but it is worth a shot your stuff is so fascinating I can’t wait I can’t wait we’ll watch you when I get out don’t give up we need a lot more people like you thank you so much and please do right again so grateful lots of love Alex so there we go so it’s a really sweet leather that I got today and I just wanted to say um I don’t want to go on for too long but um it is interesting because I obviously I I’m in The Liberation movement and I’m following it closely and it’s it saddens me that there is so much infighting so much name-calling and judgment and oh they’re a shill now he’s a shield or they’re controlled opposition or she did this and he did that and it’s just like people you know we are not one another’s enemy here you know there’s a much bigger scarier more satanic evil energy out there and that’s really if we can unify and come together despite our differences and join forces that’s what we need to be doing now we need to be pulling together rather than tearing one another apart who’s that saying shill yeah I mean who can say and this is the thing it’s like in life isn’t it you have friends and you have relationships with people I mean who among the people you know you 100 agree with like most people you really love you know maybe 60 70 80 of their views and maybe like 10 or 20 you can live with and maybe there’s some things you just really disagree with someone on but it doesn’t mean you just you cut them out of your life you know so this um this you know tolerance and compassion and understanding and you know can we find a way through to that and show a bit of compassion and love and move out of this place of criticism and judgment into a place of love and compassion and understanding and friendship and support you know because these are tough times and I just want to say we’re just going into a very astrologically tough time at the moment or challenging thanks Fran she says you’re doing great work we’re coming into Eclipse season it’s strong I mean I would I would like and what we’re going through astrologically if you’ve ever given birth you’ll know this like those those really strong contractions that you get just before you know in about the half an hour an hour before you actually give birth they’re really strong and they say oh and then if you feel another one coming on it’s like whoa breathe oh my goodness and it’s just like I can’t go I can’t do this I can’t go through with this but you know then you just have to go with the contractions and then boom suddenly the head pops out and pretty much it’s all over like the pain so I just want to say you know it is like we’re birthing through a new era it’s not easy for anyone it’s so it’s really important that we support one another through this rather than tearing one another down so that’s my little message and uh I will be writing again to Alex and um you know just a little just a little ray of light in the darkness for someone who’s going through a tough time you know every little helps this isn’t an ad this isn’t a promo for Tesco but sending you lots of love and have a wonderful weekend okay bye for now

Appeal coming for Belfield?

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