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Alex Belfield Comments on his latest issue


alex belfield comments on his latest issue TgnplVjeUU
Nottingham Celebrity Radio Alex Belfield Talks about Court

live from las vegas this is the voice of reason for a monday it is a month today until i finally get my dream of 11 years of getting into court with people who i believe have lied and cheated to create one of the biggest witch hunts in the history of the media that led to five arrests three raids without warrants and the bomb squad sticking a finger up my bottom and a tongue down my ear we get into court on the fourth of july but will we we still don’t have a reply to the defense which was meant to be given three weeks ago they said in court at the last hearing with uh high justice sani one of the most prestigious judges in the country who has been chauffeur driven to nottingham to oversee this case they promised it would be with us by the end of play that day couldn’t be with us that morning because it would have meant that we’d have been able to read whether or not they were going to continue remember the cps are there to decide whether it’s in the public interest we know they’ve spent over a million already and are about to spend another million at trial over a man who sent group emails and indeed made youtube videos there is no accusation to underscore of any violence whatsoever nothing has been alleged that caused any physical harm it is simply words so this is an issue of free speech and where is the line where is the line drawn as to what you can say and what you can’t say and what can people do to stop you saying what they don’t want you to say can they use in collusion maybe the police with the bbc two government bodies already corrupt barrister who’s already ended her career we know jobs have gone at the bbc we know people have gone off air we know that there’s lots of shenanigans afoot including at the police who have admitted by totally innocent mistake they extended my bail three times and overruled a judge you can’t make a totally innocent mistake yet dc percival is still there doing her job we know when i wanted to out this the first instinct of the chief constable of nottingham craig guilford was to tell people do not comment do not share do not get involved which was another attempt to sushi shushi so just to let you know in four weeks time i finally get my dream come true to out the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to stop the rumors to put on the table and expose to the world what really happened and what people are really upset about and how words can be violent stalking or stalking with fear of violence as they’ve called it at the police we know that the charges have been dropped from 12 to 8 already we know nottingham police have made a lot of totally innocent mistakes like overruling judges extending bail changing witness statements changing the word from hello to help for example massive in the eyes of a court because of course it has to be beyond reasonable doubt i was asked whether i wanted the magistrates because there’s no violence involved you can do that you can either go to the max or to the crown court i wanted the crown for a very good reason and thank god i did but lest we forget the real price of this two years of hell trying to destroy my life in korea and then of course the price 315 000 pounds so far another 10 000 signed off just last week to now get to court which is going to cost what another 40 000 even though i’m representing myself the bundles the paperwork they still won’t reveal the body-worn cameras they say it’s of no relevance to the case what that you broke the law by taking off caller numbers for example raiding a man’s house without a warrant going in on a bomb threat even though you knew there wasn’t a bomb you weren’t wearing bomb materials it’s fascinating isn’t it this is really interesting to see how they’re going to work all of this out well that’s what the court’s there for cost 30 grand a day in the crown court and we’re scheduled to be there for seven weeks and i can’t wait they’re saying that i can’t cross-examine the witnesses or nottingham police they’re in fear of me so in fear this will be extraordinary we have a hearing scheduled for the week after next to find out what judge sani is going to rule on this how could the police be in fear of a man who speaks and not a man who is violent or is accused of any violence going near anyone i haven’t been outside anybody’s door i haven’t been to anybody’s home i haven’t got a weapon yet they’re too scared of me they’re scared of me because of the truth and they will be outed we already know we’ve got documents that are going to blow people’s minds we can already prove that one of the arrests was based on a man who wrote to himself we’re going to name this guy we’re going to get him in court and i’m going to sue him i’m going to have no choice and remember the bigger thing the whole reason this happened was because i threatened to sue people who would lied and defend me in a johnny depp style and guess what the police did prevent me from suing people in the civil court yet dc percival herself threatens to sue me in the high court for defamation for ruining her career because i pointed out that she’s a liar who overrules a judge she says it was a totally innocent mistake i don’t think a court can be part of that do you we shall see i can’t wait this is the moment i’ve been waiting for they tried to destroy me they tried to ruin my life and they made me a star they wanted me gone and silenced and buried they wanted me to be completely exercised from show business well guess what i’m now selling 3000 tickets over a weekend in blackpool are selling out venues all over the country this has not gone very well and now it gets very real because in four weeks time i’m able to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth representing myself i’m not paying another 200 000 for a barrister in qc i don’t believe wearing a wig will make me innocent any more than i believe representing myself will not give me the best possible chance to prove my innocence exonerate myself and prove these people to be liars through proven written evidence some of which the police have disclosed and some of which the police continue to refuse to disclose which of course is another manipulation it’s all a game but who picks up the bill at the end when i sue all these people including the police you the public and that’s what’s disgusting who’s going to pick up the bill when i sue the bbc for having a corrupt barrister that signs documents on behalf of judges that continued this witch hunt for 10 years to prevent my justice yeah you you pick up the bill and that can’t be right well they’ve made their bed now they’re going to lie in it and as i told johnny depp regarding amber turd they started it now we finish it and if that means ending people’s careers which has already happened if that means suing them and they lose their house well so be it that’s what they wanted from me they wanted me to be dead buried penniless and gone vanished exercised four weeks to go i can’t wait thank you for your support without you i wouldn’t be here without your donations in the beginning and some people say he still keeps asking for money i haven’t asked for money in over a year i’m doing quite fine thank you to keep continuing to pay these ten thousands here 25 grand there 50 grand here it’s obscene but without your help in the beginning i’d be [ __ ] and when i sue these people and win and we know you can’t lose over the bomb threat they knew that witch hunt smashing down the door they knew that coming in for a bomb that didn’t exist and then strip searching me was illegal and they’ll have to pay and i’m going to give the money back every penny you donated i’ve never had a penny of it and i never will it will be donated to charity which is a great karma great solace but just remember they wanted me dead but in a month’s time we will get to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth have a wonderful rest of your day i’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am with 10 brand new videos at the secret voice club the home of free speech the only uncensored unregulated and no-nonsense channel in the uk the biggest free speech network they created they made me a star imagine how that must feel when they want to be dead [Music]

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