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Batman of Notts!


Nottinghamshire Bat Group #notts

Now we have Batman & Robin!

What a great video by Anna Campbell for her Project at University!

This is in operation in Colwick Park, which is close to where I live, I do recall when I first moved here ( a long time ago)

the high pitched cherping sound of bats often zooming past the balcony in the summer evenings, feasting on the clouds of mosquitos that used to haunt colwick on rare evenings during the summer season, I dont know whether its the new birds of prey that have been introduced or as the video hinted at maybe cats being a factor.

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To help out by joining the team as a volunteer or as a member,

here are the details below

Visit their Website Donations / Membership : Paypal (send money to [email protected])

Also if you see any bats that need saving in Nottingham or anywhere nationwide the number is below;

National Bat Helpline: 0345 1300 228

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