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Nottingham Forest Arsenal Vlog


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A big win tonight, massive to get all 3 points and now we move on to the massive game on Sunday against Liverpool!


ps – apologises for late upload.


Hey there! Ready to dive into the excitement with Arsenal Bunker’s Nottingham vlog? We’ve got a detailed look at Arsenal’s impressive 3-1 victory against Nottingham Forest. Let’s get into it!

So, our Nottingham vlog from Arsenal Bunker kicks off with some lively banter and expert score predictions. Picture this – the anticipation building up for the Nottingham Forest away game. Join the conversation as OD God, Martinelli, and Chris Woods share their insights. It’s all about enhancing that pre-game buzz.




First off, the score predictions. Let’s go, let’s go! What are we thinking? Three goals each? Just once for OD God, once for JCE. Yeah, let’s express our excitement with just one word for the score prediction. M2B – white one. Okay. Now, let’s talk about the starting lineup. Did you see him in the WM? He was a scream! One word to describe it – orgasmic. We’ve got SCS 42 to scorers. Sack up used twice, and we’ve only got it once.

Now, one word for S Ro starting. One word for S starting. Get in the blow, get in the BL. Here is the main man right here. First of all, the score. I wanted to say nil-nil, but I’m confident now. I say one-nil to Arsenal. Who’s scoring? You and, final thing, one word on S Pro starting tonight. One word. Brilliant! Give him a big okay. That’s it. Come on, the Aral! I’m going 3-1 to Arsenal. Martinelli scores two, OD God scores one, and Chris Woods scores for Forest, with Forest starting questionable. Here we go!

Everything’s at home. Here we go. We are back, baby. They’re in red, we’re in yellow. It’s Anfield, it’s OD God, and it’s the worst free-kick I’ve seen in my life. Don’t worry about that. Good ball, but he’s never coming again. Oh, never. Hand, oh yes. Not really anything near, a bit more. Get that. They have a chance, really. Oh, more CH. Come on, man. Oh, God. Is that, you saw? He’s off. Time for half-time. Very deep. Very deep. Second, just kick me. Big second half to go. Simple score up for it

Come on, boys. Shoot. Come on. Where’s the shot? Gabriel, deal with this from our own attack. We needed to shoot. It’s cleared away in the end, but still, someone has a bit more venom. As I said in the first half, pump them up. Come on now. We need two more. Come on, boys. Come on, son. Come on. Good boy. Good boy. Good. Watch his hands. Ah, come on. Do a big corner. Big corner. Come on. Good ball. Yes, the same score. Simple as that. What? Come on, OD God. Good ball. Good ballad. Take the corner. Take the corner. Take the corner. Oh, how can you do it? Saer. Oh, my. Going to move it on one more. Don’t foul in the 63rd minute. Man time. Timing. Time’s ticking. Come on. Yes.

Oh, oner. Turner as a G. Ah, no, he’s not. Bo. Sa 3 already. Oh, no. That is the worst shot I’ve seen in my life. One goal back. All so sudden, just like the Emirates. Two up. Careful. Yeah, I don’t think they will. I don’t think, I don’t think, I don’t think AB. Just by could be in the build. Turn, still loves us. Go to go. Got to be careful, man. How are they still there, boys? Come on. Oh, dear. Chances now. Get out. Get out. Get in the way. Get in the way. Won it. Still got it on the edge. Come on, ref. Come on, ref. You didn’t know it was a corner in the first. Slow him down. It’s silly. Come on. Oh, wow. In the air. In the air. In the air. Sh away. Yes, go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Yes, Leo. Yes, Leo. Yes, Leo. Yes, Leo. Yes, Leo. Yes, Leo. Fantastic. Yes, come on. That’s it. That’s it. 2-1. Take it.


What do we think, boys? Happy with the result? Not really, Dylan? Are you upset? Huh, honestly, we’ll see. Charlie, don’t know what his name is. Put your head in. Put your in. Say you’re happy. I’m so so. Yeah, now.


Waiting. Okay, big result onto Liverpool. Thanks for watching. Like, share, comment, subscribe. Dylan, you going to be at Liverpool? Um, I’ll do my best. See you, Liverpool. You’re going to be at Liverpool? I’m a different see you at Liverpool. Charlie, you’re going to be at Liverpool? See you at Liverpool. Come on.


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