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UK Drill Rappers in Prison for Shooting Sentenced


uk drill rappers in prison for shooting sentenced rlreeqQ



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three men have been jailed for their parts in tit-for-sat shootings in nottingham a jury heard how a shooting at a car in tennyson street in redford on the 3rd of august 2018 was reciprocated with the revenge using weeks later in all north street radford on the 21st of august thankfully while causing minor damage both shots missed their targets incidents form parts of operation snapper a complex investigation into the supply distribution management of firearms relating to a gang grounded in the saiyans area of nottingham members of the gang were feuding with several rival gangs from across the city one of these rival gangs operated from the radford area and the tension between them led to a string of vicious incidents involving guns and knives in april 2019 four people were jailed for their involvement in the second revenge shooting in november 2019 three others were jailed for a further foil plot from march 2019 it can now be reported that two men richard bernard and traquam lambert were recently jailed at nottingham crown court but assisting those who carried out the all north streets using as well as for their involvement in the march 2009 plot sentences took place on the 19th of may but they were reporting restrictions which have now been lifted bernard of hmp nottingham was sentenced 24 years after a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to wounded intent to cause gbh conspiracy to possess a firearm with an intent to cause fear of violence and three counts of possession of an offensive weapon in a public place lambert of hmp nottingham was sentenced to 18 years after the same jury found him guilty of the same offences as richard burnett the judge said he was satisfied richard burnett was a ringleader and that lambert had played a lesser role and this was reflected in their respective sentencing third defendant rudy burnett was also sentenced for his part in the march 2019 incident 30 year old was sentenced to 11 years after a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence it will also have two-thirds of their sentence in prison and the rest unlicense delivering the sentences judge stephen cooper said the revenge shooting involving richard burnett and lambert had been a terrifying incident that created a real risk of injury or worse he added the foil plot from march 2019 in which all three defenders armed themselves and knives a truncheon and a loaded pistol went looking for a rival gang members in a van the judge said you drove around looking for people it was just look that you missed them i have no doubt that had you found them these people would have been attacked by your group wearing balaclavas and using these weapons following the sentences specter mark adder said this was a complex investigation undertaken by a large regional team into a tit-for-tat gang rivalry that culminated in the use of guns on nottinghamshire streets it was only a matter of time before a bullet was going to make contact with a person intended target or not and no doubt resulted in very serious harm or even death organized criminal gangs should be under no doubt that the police possess significant specialist investigative capabilities that will use them to break up their activities and keep the community safe guys that’s a story coming from nottingham let me know what you think it’s your boy gc keep it locked to keep it real

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