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Chaos On Clumber Street Sunday #notts

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Chaos as witnesses film alledged crime in action Nottingham clumber street vlog december 27th 2020 crazy #notts

Has Covid-19 Driven everyone to chaos?

I was meaning to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse in town late on Sunday evening,

My friend was also collecting his printer from argos, so we decided to take some night shots of busy-shopping’ at chrimbo kinda’ b-roll in Nottingham – when after a half an hour walking around with some standard tripodless shooting, we casually conversed on and catching the action for real video as it happens in Nottingham City Centre, when whilst already recording, ……we stumbled upon a group of onlookers who, at first seemed like a riot was brewing.

Alledgedly a man had broken a windows on clumber street, damaging and entering the Three Mobile phone store, not appearing to attempt any robbery, or escape, maybe this is the first symptons to rabid zombies roaming on hockley? (joke) who knows? I will surely hope you are all safe and sound this Monday morning.

Look out for more regular filming and vlogs!

Happy New Year!

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