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hmm when a young person has a chat with a police officer their life one day click this link below all day you’re going to see a majority of young people and they wear balaclavas really yeah if me stopping to search for someone there’s lots of cid investigators on it [Music] stabbing epidemic there’s been another stabbing last night at food junction there was a stab in in bakersfield as well so everybody’s running around stabbing everyone i’ve got a vest on today have a chat with me and not stab me up well here in stanton um which is the you know the epicenter of knife crime epidemic in nottingham at the moment and i’m with somebody who’s just witnessed a young lad running down this street it’s lindhur street and he said that he witnessed the uh young lad throw a a flick knife on the floor yeah there you go somebody says that if i get him on his camera they’ll kill me that’s ninten that’s snuggled for you hey hey um do you feel safe on the streets yeah can you just talk to the back of the camera for me tell me what you feel like no i don’t feel safe yeah i heard about stabbings recently uh stabbings no but i’ve experienced friends and family that’s been stabbed you know i’ve got a couple of relatives one’s been shot but yeah he made it alive though i think his police are not doing anything do you think stop research is a good idea i think it is a good idea but tell me why you don’t think it is because it’s like especially when you just walk in like you they’ve got no evidences you you just walk in they come and stop and search you for nothing no no no i mean but if you’ve been involved in something like they’ve got evidence but yeah your perception of why they stopping you is your own perfect you mean you think think what you want but the real reason they’re stopping you is for the community’s sake so you know what i mean if somebody bothers you for five minutes here but then your friend don’t get stabbed next week you know what i mean yeah i get yeah you get that and also yeah that’s the good point i know people get mad when the police stop anyone but it’s like the police have got to do that that’s their job anyway i mean if it was your job to protect this shop if your job protect this shop yeah and i came up and i looked a bit dodgy wouldn’t you want to check me before i come in yeah yeah it’s part of our job we acknowledge that it’s quite an intrusive tactic you know for no reason we have to have grounds to do it but if we do have those grounds then we’re going to carry out a stop and search because at the end of the day it’s there to prevent offences yeah yeah yeah if me stopping in search of someone prevents some serious violence then that’s me doing my job into it of course you don’t come to work in the morning yeah thinking you know what i want to go out and bother people today no of course we don’t we don’t yeah so um have you got any comment on the local stubborns um have you got a unit on it or something uh there are many offices on it on this lab so i can tell the community that the police are on this situation obviously our inspector our inspector carl thomas he’s fully on top of the situation he’s got lots of patrol plans in place there’s lots of cid investigators on it and i think you’ll see some progress soon we’re here to try to keep the community safe that’s what we’re doing thank you so much for your time cheers [Music] it should be safe for children it should be safe for for for teenagers you know and people would say oh you know what it’s just it’s just um it’s just uh people targeting other people and i would tend to agree you know they’re not gonna go out there and stab a stranger or anything like that that they don’t know it’s not i wouldn’t say that but but at the same time if we um think about it it doesn’t matter who they stop it doesn’t matter who they start you know just mediate or avoid each other i don’t know what is gained for anyone involved in that over the notoriety you know to get a um like a big street rep or something for stabbing someone or something like that but it only leaves one way you can end up in prison and then in prison there’s a lot like worse people than you there’s people there that have got nothing to lose they’ve got nothing to gain they’ll be there forever and they’re the sort of people that have got real nasty sides to them and you’ll be around those people you’d have to survive and that’s the only place that that knife cram would lead you is to a place where there’s loads of people inside a box and they’re all angry and upset and they’re all massive dangerous criminals if that’s where you want to end up and you want to be around people that are definitely harder than you are definitely scarier than not put a foolish behavior in it and if anything just get get that proof to protect yourself i’m going to put a link below this video of um some good prices and i mean this one that i bought because you don’t know whether the good quality or not the one that i’ve purchased here has got tungsten plates in it so it’s got multiple plates in it all the way across small plates that can’t um that can’t be punctured by by a strong force even so if you want to buy somebody that you care about something that may save their life one day click this link below and just try and find out exactly what on earth is going off we all know what’s going on it’s just teenage lads are beefing or bickering where they’re beefing what they’re beefing about nobody knows you know but these wrong lands are in it for life you know they’re good they’re down to die for their for their cause or for their gang or for their team or for that money or for that position of power or for that girl or whatever the reasons are these lads are obviously not messing around at the moment in nottingham lots and lots of stabbings since about five stabbings in two days what i’m doing right now because it could really endanger my life what are you doing just talking about the stabbings around here are you the bottom yeah i know last night terrible don’t talk about it i look rough right now you can talk towards the camera if you want to talk to me okay yeah your voice so how long have you lived around here for um i don’t actually live in clinton like that i’ve been living with my uncle and my aunt for about three months wicked and what have you seen since you’ve been here do you feel safe um yeah so i feel safe personally myself because of the person that i am but other than that if i was somebody else then i wouldn’t because that’s literally like two stabbings within a week or so apart yeah in the food shop which is literally directly facing my door and then in the shop that i use every single day so and so do you think please stop and search is a good idea or bad idea well i didn’t really mess with the police mess with the police like that so i would say it’s a bad idea but it would stop any events of knife crime it makes sense it makes sense yeah i mean i’m having a hard time like bridging the gather people because i’m from this area i know what it’s like it is better for the area if the police were enforcing stop and search at least then the letters will have to fight out i don’t know yeah but not only that i mean yep yeah that could have been a scrap that could have been a scrap that could have been a scrap they could have worked it out yeah yeah but the other thing you need to stop doing is just pinpointing black people are you sure they’re doing that you do a lot yeah if you’re a policeman yeah and you’re in a predominantly black area yeah how do you not stop black people i understand exactly where you there you go you understand that so i want georgia please too quick because then you’ll justify the police yeah and then you’ve got to give the policeman a chance to give you respect or show them i mean to have the respect bill no for real i hear what you say what’s your name when it comes to telling the truth and being honest with ourselves you know no you don’t have to love the police no you don’t have to [ __ ] like you know be a bootleg or a snitch or anything like you don’t have to do that but what you do have to do in my opinion is whenever you’re vocalizing yourself about the subject is be honest you know do you really think that knifecam’s a good idea no do i want the police running around bothering people i don’t want that either they should mind their own business and solve like really big crimes but if there’s people down on the streets and these people have got mothers then don’t be owe it to those mothers to have people searched anyway i’m here this obvious uh scene in this other crime now i’m just gonna try and get a little bit of a little review here so whatever happened it happened here anyway whatever happened it happened here another another stabbing but anyway i might have a little walking style so we’re here again knots online seems to be an incident happening in town right now [Music] um your organization’s brilliant by the way what’s it called have a look at your name yeah breaking barriers breaking barriers building bridges because there’s been a lot of knife cramming on them wasn’t it that’s what i mean what to do about that like because because obviously we all know what really happens like i don’t know like if you’re a young lad you don’t want to take nothing you’re gonna you’re gonna carry something aren’t you it’s the fear that’s what i’m saying a massive part of it’s fear and if you look now at the balaclava community you’ve seen them everywhere right no people no no okay so today you might not see it so much because there are schools like this so they’re kind of in the areas but you see on the school day you’re gonna see a majority of young people and they wear balaclavas really yeah just in the daytime which schools are where can i go and see that all schools you can come right here in um next week and see that they went by the club is in school in the daytime on buses inside the shops inside the centers is that it’s like the image so that also speaks to what i’m saying about fear they’re hiding yeah of course it’s almost a mask and it makes them feel safer so that’s that’s kind of community we’re dealing with now but i don’t feel i don’t feel like crime gets better or worse yeah of course you feel like it changes yeah yeah of course you know what i’m saying i was just saying that today yeah i was just saying that because it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking oh no it’s this music or whatever else it is but in reality it happens a lot throughout all the ages of time there’s always been lads in pubs with knives and little gangs on the streets pickpocketing or whatever are you doing i agree so crime is just crime isn’t it right but in terms of like in this modern age of the solution like i was talking and talked some last because it’s been a little stupid yeah which is they admit yeah even the guys carrying them yeah don’t admit it to me yeah that this stop and search does work it does work it does work and obviously it’s unfortunate as well because there’s always going to be some collateral getting caught up in the stuff that happens there’s a lot of damage to that person you can kind of make them be like um i hate the police now yeah yeah yeah and where they took one knife on the street they’ve created another enemy yeah so when a young person has a chat of a police officer nine times that is negative now uh because it’s all reactive and not proactive how are we doing okay here we go proactive there we go yeah yeah not afraid of authority yeah it’s also about role models people need appropriate role models if you’ve got more models within uh what is a role model that’s what i mean look at some more models now a lot of them are not a lot of them but some of them can be negative [Music] online right yeah [Music] [Music] do you know how much money it cost him to do that i folded this together i’m not too sure no idea yeah you did yeah most definitely and now for some brighter news all nice and tidy all nice and organized and they’ve even caught the grass brilliant they’ve got nice chairs there for people to come and communicate friends of lyndon grove there you go and these guys are at their own kindness and their you know charity of others and they haven’t got a garden they live in a flat or something or their garden’s not in good condition they can come here and learn and develop their gardening skills [Music]


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