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When is Nottingham allowed to be open again?

Here is what i gathered …

29th March we will be allowed to mix OUTDOORS with two households or up to six people

Outdoor leisure and sports activities Outdoor will be open

And then on April 12th (if gov tests are met)

Indoor leisure settings will be allowed to open

Outdoor atrractions will be allowed to open

Personal Care Services will be allowed to open

Retail will be allowed to open

Outdoor hospitality venues will be allowed to open

If this is the case we all have a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

The previous status quo has been almost forgotten, a relic of nostalgic tourism, yet it was only last year, we were still free! Its hard to think if it continues, that there will be an entire generation, who never experienced a pre-covid world.

I think personally, that with so much to lose either way, our freedoms are being disturbingly destroyed.

With myself included, there are people acting in ways we would normally deem as ‘strange’, its been funny but difficult. With public outrage at maximum, people are being forced indoors for long periods and even wearing a mask is restrictive to your breathing, added with the only outlet being an intense and confined journey being sanitised for patronage at every turn. What a NightMAre.

When there are only eyes and no facial clues as to a stranger’s state of mind. I’ve witnessed arguments and heated exchanges, heard domestic situations boiling over, left right and centre.

It has been an especially hard time for public facing staff and people who are not allowed back to work.

In general I imagine, there isn’t many of us who can say they feel better with being locked down…who kn0Wzs?

I live alone, and I miss visiting people or having a guest round for a coffee and a chat more than anything commercial.

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Its a funny old world….but now…NOONE IS LAUGHING.

What is your COVID RESPONSE?

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