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you’re watching theme park worldwide where tonight we’re here in Nottingham for goose Fair 2022. I’ve never actually been to Nottingham Goose Fair before I can’t believe it all these years you’ve never been no I’ve not been but this event’s going to be running until Sunday the 9th of October so if you want to come down and check it out yeah you’ve got a few days left to enjoy it and of course in this Vlog we’ll be capturing the atmosphere having a stroll around going on a few different rides uh looking forward to getting on a few things including the Crazy Bowls I’ve got here oh the ball’s always great we’ll show you the ride line up and capture the Vibes of this Fair that’s back for the first time since the pandemic so yeah really looking forward to it and it’s great to see Goose back in Nottingham while Affair is back here on the forest recreation ground in Nottingham and yeah we came here via the tram only about a 20 minute ride down from Hucknall we parked up there on the park and ride that’s actually free and then you can pay contactless to come down on the tram I think it’s like four pounds 70 for a day ticket on the Nottingham trams yeah it’s great and it saves driving around the city center so if you’re doing that I’d recommend using a park and ride for the tram and making your way in you want to get off at the forest stop you don’t need to change or anything like that it’s a direct ride um straight down from that station which is great on the dancing style from Charlotte here already outside Europe’s number one family ride just there run away train oh baby obviously we’ve come into the fair late afternoon into the evening so I mean it’s going to be getting dark shortly all the lights oh it’s gonna be great you can come out of a ride on the Pepsi Max roller coaster as well I actually did this last year I think it was uh elkiston Fair where I won’t talk about oh yeah I’m back from Florida hey thank you I love so there you go um but yeah if you want to ride on the Pepsi Max you can do down here on the simulator they are classic them simulators aren’t they they used to be absolutely everywhere you don’t see them around very often now they always give me like Roller Coaster Tycoon Vibes somebody used to love them in rc2 well yeah what’s great about the setup here is you’ve got this massive straight run just here lots of different sharks lots of juvenile rides down here as well got a fun house obviously the little runaway train coaster down there there’s not loads of big rides down at this end uh this is kind of just like the walking from this side well just literally down the street just having the other one and we got the runaway train Europe’s number one children’s ride this one so we got the number one family ride down there and uh Europe’s number one children’s right just down here oh you gotta love it lots of food around here oh you love mini vegetable spring rolls yeah we might have some treats later on and we’ve already been to the toilets and normally at some of these events the toilets aren’t great however really good lose aren’t they yeah they are good which is nice it’s better going in these proper cabins than the little portaloos like them ones over there yeah these ones are really nice premium and obviously it’s free to come into the event and then your paper ride so a lot of the enjoyment you can get from a fun fair to be honest is just walking around soaking up the atmosphere you don’t need to go on lows and yeah go and do a few rides however we’ve got a whole Fair coming up next week our Hall is absolutely amazing yeah it’s my favorite fair in the UK actually haul so yeah we’ve got that coming up of course winter Wonderland’s up there at the Top If You cast that but in terms of like a normal fun fair and then I would say yeah whole fair is my favorite so we’ve got that coming up next week back to this year a goose Fair tradition you got the traditionally cooked mushy pea stall that’s over here three pound for a pop a nice mushy peas just over there fantastic how’s that sound for you I think so yeah that’s the chips that’s oh you have to get there for another store yeah loads of food down here like look at that it’s full Street for lots of different food all your different candy down here some nice little buildings it’s all the lights that make it I like these wooden Huts actually at the Bavarian style and all the smells as well oh it’s lovely this is gonna be the fanciest looking slushy stall I’ve ever seen look at this got all the moving heads up there all the lights look at that pumping with the slushies all the screens as well fly me that is Advanced for a slushy stall that is yeah loads of food all the way down here quick frying buns that’s the thing is so much more than just the ride sailor Goose Fair loads of stores to look around as well and of course we’ll get around some big machines shortly you can see them just to the other side here now this is all like the food section we’ll take a right shortly that’s a good shot there some of the big rides going around we’ve got the Mach 5 just there we’ve got a couple of Star Flyers as well yeah definitely got one of the tour rides probably do the ferris wheel actually give you a nice aerial perspective I think it’s always nice going on a big wheel at a fair like this just to kind of look over it all and see it from above especially when all the lights are coming on we actually started our Vlog down at the back of the event because we walked down there first have a look at the food options however this is the tram start so it’s literally right out the front this is the forest stop and then you walk straight into the fair just over there so yeah it’s nice and easy to get the tram down here to the event there we go then back inside and we’re going to have a look around some of the bigger rides now then we’ve got limbo dancer just over here for Miami we’ve got another booster off to the right just here as well walls are down there another Extreme Dodge owns lots of rides I’ve seen all the lights yeah it’s really pretty to look at it so that’s the thing at a big bear like this you’re always going to get lots of repeat right as well that’s the thing they need them especially with how busy it just get we had a little bit of rain earlier on so I think that’s probably why it’s a little bit quieter than usual at the moment well I’ve been to a lot of funfairs over the years but I’ve never seen this before and you know what I’m gonna make this for first attraction of the night spooky tower haunted houses here three pound fifty per head bodies Go free oh I see there you go it’s a pretty little fun well this little animatronic out this idea on the rocking chair or not I’ll go and investigate here the whole way down see what it’s like yeah what wait you’re starting I’ve never seen this before it I don’t know what I thought I don’t know we’re gonna have a spiral staircase you know me I look dark right and supportive walkthroughs no one’s got some spooky hand prints just not bad nice deeper there already look at this oh this is quite creepy actually it feels like it’s been built in someone’s back Garden there’s going to be some sensor activated stuff in here maybe not him oh the floor is vibrating that’s downstairs though oh look at him he’s spooky oh I recognize these Jewel anyone however probably not for long with all the work they’re doing too over winter but yeah whoa still got me well the portraits down we found a dual Alton Towers yeah these are just generic stock ones that you can get online oh that’s creepy oh my God look at this massive hole has just gone off I didn’t get it on camera look at her shaking down there oh did you wear that hole man oh downstairs we go no scares on the stairs please that horn was loud oh creepy enough what a creepy way to start the night no I said audio off oh look at him that’s even creepier without the music oh body parts and limbs right there there we go that’s it that’s the haunted house that was good well sometimes these haunted attractions and ghost trains and fun bears look amazing from the outside such as that and aren’t very good on the inside but however I thought that was okay it was pretty atmospheric some nice animatronics throughout there as well yeah I enjoyed it was a nice way to start the night that is for the view there to the Mach 5 booster just here as well good to see fighter down here we know voids here as well void’s fantastic we have a go on there later on with the lighting package oh good old waltzer over here as well you got a lot of Walters yeah I’ve done mac5 before I think it’s okay but it’s not one of my favorite boosters but I do really like Lily our tiny just here it looks cool in home I hope so anyway here we go then up next I’m going on high roller just here with another thing I’ve done this before anywhere I thought I had it first but yeah just thinking about it I don’t believe that I have here we go then four bounce a ride I don’t really know what to expect from High Roller this thing trying to say I’m pretty sure I’m not done this before it looks a bit like a Super Bowl that’s been retrofitted to be honest and then it maybe it used to be here we go looking forward to this shot is going to get a few off-road shots as well I’ll be in action on here nice hit him for it now okay about rain but hopefully we’re gonna be okay as she is through it oh look at the lights that’s the great thing about these pairs oh October it doesn’t just mean Halloween it also means funfair season as well which is great it’s good it’s smooth it’s like it’s business Central piece there behind me this is forceful it’s good I like it oh the levels are getting just good enough to go on that big wheel now you don’t want to go on when it’s pitch black oh the views good then too but I like it just when the you know behind me it’s really weird Force but it’s very much like a Super Bowl got a lot smoother it feels a lot safer with the over the shoulder restraints as well it’s good I like it is probably quite comfortable we just got the roller oh there we go that’s high roller let’s be honest that was pretty good about a five minute cycle on there as well yeah some really good forces I think you know the cycle was just long enough uh anymore it starts getting a little bit boring I think just doing the same rotations oh yeah it was good I enjoyed it very smooth comfortable ride and yeah pretty intense as well on to the next I used to love these when I was a kid these little train riders that go around your circle used to be my favorite that he did ringing the bell got a fun house just there as well two for one half the hour going on there you go he’s got the Same album oh is that what it is it’s not oh that’s sneaky that is intense Oh I thought it was two for one does it mean you could go on for one price there you go lots of juvenile rides then for the children down here at Nottingham Goose Fair also has he got balloons how the scouters carousels Ferris wheels you name it we’ve got it yeah lots of typical games that you get as well next stop Disneyland on that coach just there there you go another dog Jim say to the left great lighting package actually on that one love all the Chaser lights on there they’re making our way down towards the big wheel have a ride on there perfect time for that now with all the lights been on we’ve got some great views across the fair oh they got a Kate Warriors here as well there you go another classic down here at goose yeah there’s a big wheel you’ve got two but this one’s bigger I think by the looks of it they look very similar though yeah I’ll give this one a go another star flyer is here as well now straight from Fantasy Island down here two Goose Fair fun fact for you about Fantasy Island obviously it’s owned by the malice group and yeah Mellows are from Nottingham their yard is actually only a couple of miles down the road from the park and ride in Hook Knoll so when you drive into that you may just run into the malice yard you see it we actually just saw Ice Mountain all the theming packed up didn’t we for that there you go the one and only Ice Mountain there we go and here’s the spinning coaster itself just over here there you go Magic Mouse yeah another big wheel just there I love fun fairs I don’t know right now look at this yeah classic spinning Mouse coaster there’s one down the other end actually as well now and it was only five pounds okay we got a great view from up here as well it’s one of the spinny ones as well just there I won’t spin it too much though Charlotte don’t worry we want to appreciate the views there we go oh we’ve barely left the ground and look at this awesome view already not to get Goose Fair back for 2022. this is magical look at those wow look at that so this is why I say it’s the best time to come on to get all the lights but it’s not Pitch Black yet either wow what a view Starfire just uh both of them wow all across Nottingham what do you need to that here’s all the lights magical look at all the trailers down there as well all the Caravans yeah we started down in that corner with the Vlog people down for the structure looks like he’s going to be getting busy look at all the cars coming in wow wow okay really do you realize the scale of this event it was a big loss for Nottingham in the past couple of years not having goose wow that is amazing what a way to this capture the ambience the atmosphere the sights and the smells of the bumper well it might be a bit windy but we’re stocked up here now right at the top a big panoramic view now all across the fair absolutely amazing just to come almost and see it all obviously you see it from the Star Flyers as well however there’s nothing quite alike coming on a big wheel and seeing this and what a perfect place to stop as well or maybe have a little spin what do you think laughs oh fantastic yeah I just down there we’ve seen void in the distance we’ve got the Crazy Balls that we’re looking forward to yeah there’s no tiger though unfortunately Shame about that it’s always so lovely ride there on the ferris wheel not belonging to Cycles we only went around twice however we didn’t stop at the top really especially the massive ones like this you’re going something like that and you just appreciate the side scale of the events absolutely brilliant it really is right we’re gonna have a stroll now around aboard the ride and got some more attraction awesome lighting package over here on the Storm yeah I got the moving head shining all down there yeah they look great today Super Bowl just down here as well so yeah obviously the ride that went on earlier made me feel like it was actually a Super Bowl before I don’t know if it was or not but just the way it was it kind of felt like a different version of the classic Super Bowl that you can see just here actually has all that’s different with this you’re actually sitting of course in a different vehicle but it does the same kind of thing just spinning side to side so you can see just here extreme just over here we’ve seen quite a few of these I think there’s at least three of The Avengers lots of repeat rides when you come down here to Goosebumps another gym just over here as well hello Jones yeah we’re going to stroll down the left-hand side now because I’m in the crazy balls are down here the Boyd is also in this direction as well here we go Drop Zone Miami another one down there we all look different with different lighting packages on there as well yeah the Mig wheel was great I’d 100 recommend going on there lots of juvenile rides down here look at the big monster trucks there oh look at the big octopus just uh absolutely massive he’s bigger than you Charlotte oh the side of him he’s got a massive head just now oh look what we got just over here then a Sean favorite a nice Mountain Home ride epic lighting package it’s Ice jet just down here as well you fancy this Charlotte you’ve been on before yeah look at this absolutely incredible that’s the beat with a machine like this though you can just stand off here watch it in action yeah lasers and everything right I’m gonna get on let’s go and have a ride I’ll take you on with the POV hi look at the steps as well what’s the baby look at those oh yeah that’s what we’re talking about viewers look at this here we go then on Ice sketch and there’s always start out with a bit of a film just appreciate the awesome lighting package foreign foreign foreign package that’s what it’s all about there tonight I’m a fan it’s pumping now you can always rely on Ice yet to get the party going absolutely fantastic I love that brilliant best rid of the night so far it’ll take a look to something about one experience fantastic foreign the one around that one absolutely amazing experience that was getting the crowds and off right that looks amazing and everybody looked amazing that’s the beauty of something like that it’s a showpiece yeah like it does surprise me that a lot of showmen Don’t Go full with the lighting because it really brings people in waiting to get on the next one it goes to show what you can do with some smoke machines and lights absolutely fantastic but I tell you what we’ve got something coming up now that I absolutely love it’s just here on the right hand side around this corner it’s the crazy Bowl uh ride the ball I’m looking forward to this it’s coming up we can just see the flags for it you see just there in the distance just behind the Booter there over the falls there we go we’ve got the roller coaster just over here goes train three pound fifteen we’ve got the Slingshot bungee there as well some more juvenile rides and the king Crazy circus over there as well come on Eileen blast it out from there Charlotte’s fish bumping Not to Come On Eileen there we got some dance trance music or something playing over here we go on the frogs you like the frogs don’t you hey there he is I like how he’s got his hand in the air he’s like yeah I am the Crazy Frog there we go yeah this should be good down here it’s always got a good atmosphere on the Crazy Bowls and we’re going to check it out all right I’ll tell you what this is a good section we got Infinity just over there another great lighting package on that view too moving ahead to the top as well we’ve got New York New York over there I’m just over here ride them all ride the ball the crazy balls and yeah these are absolutely hilarious with these get going I already sits in a line and the ball shakes like mad here we go and then people go flying off falling over each other oh they didn’t last long are you ready for this Charlotte are you gonna come and ride the ball can you wear him on the PA as I ride the ball ride the ball ride the ball stay on the ball and ride the ball brilliant right let’s go shaking the question is how long are you gonna last Charlotte come on hey Paul bounce arrived and here we go it’s time to ride the ball oh my God she’s down already you guys try and ride it try and go opposite are you okay Charlotte ride the ball here we go I sent everybody back up okay Cowboys are you ready something else oh my God I’ll throw my glasses off survival oh yeah there we go thank you that’s why I take my glasses off it’s not too bad when there’s just two of you on here oh my God ah oh my gosh oh my God ride the ball ride the ball that was so much fun now I’ll tell you what we don’t need these big coats on tonight now oh amazing you was up really early on there you were really confident like oh I’m gonna be fine but it’s good you got a whole one with one hand as well you gotta get a good grip oh that was awesome that was and to tell you what it says the lighting packages infinity looks amazing I’ve been on this before but yeah the lighting looks amazing so I’m gonna give this a go now and tell you one with a POV you got it with that awesome lighting and that’s the thing with all the rides around in this area do we all look the same and also boys all have got epic lighting packages and that draws me in wow oh here we go then five pounds a ride looking forward to this for the awesome lion loads of smoke bumping out as well that’s what we like here we go oh what a lion package what a show okay oh nice looking against people watching our fries and then people come on and spend money yeah loads of Lies loads of lasers oh boy it looks amazing oh yeah boy looks so good with the latest there as well as the booster wow look at that fantastic foreign stay in the fair upside down over there Gotta Give point a go we’re gonna give New York a New York again wow that lion looks great from up here we’re not the longest cycle man however really appreciate how much effort they put him with the lighting and the smoke and also as well it was nice and intense with some epic views nah I don’t feel like that yeah outward facing as well quite unique actually but yeah as you can see down here right at the bottom now bottom left we’ve got the dragon coast of us down here and there’s another spinning coaster just here as well obviously you’ve got another one down that end and then there’s one here as well we have the layout very similar to how it’s been before and yeah I’ve almost found it quite interesting with you so they don’t have a pathway leading and connected to that end because when we started the Vlog was actually all the way over there and a bit further down so yeah this is a bit weird really how they don’t connect it up I mean I know you’ve got all the Caravans here and that’s probably why however even just creating a path through the middle and spreading some more stalls out just to make it you know a big Square in my opinion will be better but you got the spinning Mouse coaches just down here this is all just past them crazy rides that we’ve just done I love the balls that was amazing that was yeah what a great event amazing to see this back for 2022 as well yeah like I said we’ve got New York New York down here I’ve not done that for quite a while actually they’ve got loads of great lighting so I’m going to take you on there for a ride now turn New York New York okay you’re gonna come on there Charlotte yeah you’ll be all right on these yeah nice fun ride starts spread in the news time to go to New York New York baby that’s really good oh we got the snow machines off I Wanna Know oh my God what a great taxi ride I like I went straight in back with that there’s a Statue of Liberty in the middle really well theme right this one Spreading the News Friday oh I got it wrong that was a problem fail for me that was uh it’s the instrumental version that’s why smoke please those wow look at this it’s snowing in New York oh my God he’s crazy on there look at that oh look at the track Music Go Baby Go Baby Go Go Baby Go baby go let me go baby girl okay oh my God oh that was inside one trip around New York oh wow coming up Charlotte’s not coming on man it’s boys all the boys look at this package oh it depends wow lasers let’s go oh try him with that intensity wow oh he’s got such a cake to it this is how all right so long foreign shots okay who’s first 20 22. oh yes such an awkward position that your head just as new quite a way to go wow look at this epic wow this is Boyd are you enjoying that hey she’s loving it wow oh my God wow oh that is amazing oh my God that is so intense yeah wow amazing absolutely amazing man well that’s how you won’t avoid was absolutely amazing there one of the best and most intense traveling rides anywhere in the country the lighting package the smoke the cycle on there absolutely brilliant and Charlotte got some awesome off-road shots on there as well what an excellent attraction I love that so much as well normally with those yeah they start off with a bit of build up not on that one straight into it full on absolutely amazing I’ve done some great rides down here tonight at goose well they wanted me a visit to a fun fair we have some nice hot sugar donuts just uh four pound before and then Charlotte over here it’s got a crap how much was that oh there you go oh it looks nice that does oh are you enjoying your evening what a great atmosphere oh fantastic oh well they were absolutely lovely delicious snack down here at the fair tonight but yeah you’re gonna have a stroll around now see if there’s any other rides that are fancy doing but like I say we have got a whole Fair coming up next week so looking forward to that let’s have a little stroll around got a nice fun house just on the left there camels on there as well yeah much busier now always a great atmosphere down here at Goose yeah brilliant event look at the size of it as well so much to say foreign with all the lighting all the roads running around brilliant atmosphere whoa look at this the first half hour is still really busy wow look at the key for the magpie booster over there all the way out some more upright shots there have a variety of different machines here at Nottingham Goose Fair 2022. we’ve been here about four hours we’ve done quite a lot of rides captured the atmosphere but yeah that area around there was absolutely heavy injured great to see people coming out here having a good time making the most of it they are gravity just over here as well it’s quite a unique sticky ball because yeah you can actually see inside yeah that’s really interesting out there yeah there you go I don’t think it’s probably the best idea going on after a crap though well that’s cool it’s never just been like a wooden tube that you sat in I like that atmosphere just over here as well and that’s something that this event certainly has a buzzing atmosphere but even there they’ve added more lighting really good to see the showman adding more equipment it really draws people in like look at that it looks so much better just then four moving heads up there really adds to it modified well one absolutely incredible afternoon and evening we’ve had here at Nottingham Goose Fair really enjoyed it yeah first time coming for you as well I can’t wait to come back next year yeah that’s the thing it’s always kind of making the motorcycle because we’re only about 45 minutes away it’s a local event and the size of this bear I’ve missed it so much during covert I’ve really enjoyed home for the first time yeah it’s a shape we couldn’t go ahead last year however it’s back it’s bigger and better they’ve got loads here and we’ve got a lot of juvenile rides however as you’ve seen we’ve got some Big Thrill attractions here as well I feel like they could do with even some more big Phil rides looking at the crowd give off your own quite a lot of family rides but there’s something for everyone yeah that’s the thing it’s a family fun fair at the end of the day and you’ve got things like the big wheel which are great to go on uh like you saw in the footage earlier on the big wheel was fantastic on one of the highlights but I think for me that ride on void is going to take it along without the balls are awesome right all right in the ball and along with that as well of course the stunning Ice jet but to be honest never disappoints but there’s some fantastic machines here come down here get on the ride support the showman support Nottingham it’s running through until this Sunday and of course it’ll be back next year and every year now here in Nottingham we’ve got a whole Fair coming up next week wait I’ve never done that one either yeah it’s a big one I do it last year after wanting to do it for so long and it was amazing uh one of my favorite Vlogs I’ve ever filmed so I’m looking forward to that that’s the thing with these fun fairs the atmosphere is just like I said just all the showmen that I’ve got the more smoke machines and lasers and lighting makes different it brings people in there’s a few rides tonight that I may not have done if they didn’t have that it’s not just about the ride Hardware it’s about the full package the complete experience and it’s great to see more of that now even more to come we did some great fun bears in the Netherlands and we’d like to do more next year like Germany and other areas but you know what they’ve got a lot of light in and it’s good to see it here now too well there we go thanks for joining us that are here on FIFA worldwide and that leads us with one final thing to say get out there and keep on riding see you all in the next video thank you

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