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Guru Nanak’s Helping Local Community Meals


Working with Guru Nanak’s Mission to feed Nottingham’s children

so we have collaborated before with the nautical forest community trust the idea there is to make sure that our communities are looked after kids because during holidays they don’t get the free meals from school the idea is to make sure the kids don’t go hungry importance of kids having here because it’s important for them to know and understand the compassionate side of things and also that to show that they’re aware that there are people out there who are in much more of a need for meals the gruner’s mission is cooking over 500 meals for normal forest community trust we started at 8am this morning cooked all fresh put into containers and then for a lovely gentleman to come along pick them up and take them to the children who are taking part in various sports and activities as an organization we’re seeing more and more people relying on help from organizations like us wherever we can help we will it’s good to see the whole helping cycle it’s good to pay back from a secret perspective that we do this selflessly to help others we’ve given food out to people and they’ve come back the next day and said thank you for the food here’s a donation so that there’s such a full circle of stories that we’ve heard it’s quite heartwarming once we give out food for anybody it makes a massive difference we’ve been making 500 meals today we’ve decided to make a vegetarian chili with spaghetti it looks really colorful i’m hoping that when they receive this meal that it’s going to be something that they want to enjoy to eat the greenland expression is based on the teaching and learning of guru nanak who was the founder of the sikh faith back in the 1400s his mission was that nobody went without and we’ve kept with that ethos i have continued to make sure that nobody goes hungry that we are not eliminating poverty but we are trying to help towards that

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