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What is it like living in Nottingham?

#Lawless #Nottingham City Center is not Safe


lawless nottingham city center is not safe TjMODo


Teen Gangs #Nottingham Street Fighting stealing laughing and abuse of power oppression

With the recent stabbings, unprovoked attacks, some ending in death, we have to ask ?

Is Nottingham Safe at night?

I would say, based on my experiences over the last few years, it is the most dangerous city center in the UK, if not Europe!

We do not feel so sure about the supposed progress being made in social standards or public safety, when even at work at 9pm on a Sunday Summer evening, you can expect to be intimidated or threatened by 50 youths whilst at work who, by all accounts, were fairly confident, casual and brazen with their abuse of power..this shows the incremental steps these teens and young adults have accrued in their journey to chaos, the police have no powers to reprimand anyone,

Teachers are more like Radical Communist recruiters and condone tearing the “oppressive” system in the UK and other countries, forgetting, they of course, rely on those systems for security and other life focusing priorities.. Kids know, they scream the loudest they are swept off their feet by over zealous reporters paid to slander the whole of the entire UK,

….ironically the “youths” pictured in the videos had their identities protected and their actions defended in every comment section in sight.. oppressing the staff and the public…by force….and stealing….. because the weaker staff had no choice, couldn’t fight back or defend themselves, ideal for the type of individual who acts like this…using threats of violence.. .. see video as evidence for these summaries.

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