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Video Nottingham Castle November 2023 Vlog Cat and Sam Walking Explore the City History and Royal Buildings Public attractions for Tourists and Visitors.

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Morning, welcome to the channel where we are going today, Nottingham Castle. Nottingham Castle I’m going to take a look around Robin Hood’s territory. Explore the caves under the castle. Yeah, we’ve booked into them because Nottingham Castle is not as big as people perceive. Obviously, from the Robin OD films, it looks a lot bigger, but it isn’t that big, so it’s just opened again this year, isn’t it? Yeah, June 23, so we’re going to have a little look around that, but we’ve booked The Caves I can’t remember what they’re called now, but yeah, we’ll make our way there. Let’s click. Are we ready? Yeah, there you go. Here we are. [Music] Alled, pretty underwhelming really is it.

You think, well, not really. No, we’re here. Well, we’re here. Yeah, it’s not underwhelming. It’s just this is the entrance. This is the end. This is the end, so we’ve got a bit that goes around the bottom. Do you want to? We’re going to have to go in because we’re late again as per usual, so we need to try and get on the cave tour. All right, the cave tour’s gone. It’s at 12:00, yeah, and it’s half past. We’ll see what’s going on. Yeah, yeah, let’s get in another lot. This is all new, apparently. Let’s get another. What do you want? Then I’m all right. Oh, look, they’ve got them there. You go, my favourite. Very good. Very nice. Just as soon as you said that, it got faster. It’s definitely not going to rain. It’s definitely not going to rain, what? definitely not going to rain right if you don’t shut up what we got here. What’s this it’s telling you about going from timber to stone? It’s come Rusty from all the rain, it’s not Rusty; that’s the new look. It’s telling you about going from timber to stone. Timber to Stone Yeah, when did it do that? It doesn’t say do, but over time, it was rebuilt instead of wonderful, wonderful history documentation. We’re going to get lost here. I think that’s the museums and all that sort of stuff up there. There’s a lot. Yeah, yeah, should we go up there?

No, we’re going up there. Oh yeah, but what’s around here? I don’t know, but we’re going to see an Afghan war memorial, an Afghan war memorial right erected in honour of the men from the 59th Regiment of Foot who died in Afghanistan, an invasion force seeking to Cil R an influence in the region during the second Anglo-Afghan war. You got your hold up rom 187/8 tto 1880.

Oh, that’s the yeah, not the more recent Afghan war, then these people died of disease. Imagine going to war without getting shot and dying of a disease. That’d be pretty annoying. It’s the view of the castle grounds. Let’s carry on up here. So this is the mediaeval curtain wall. There you go, dear. There’s no entry, but then they’ve got steps up. Don’t understand that a mediaeval curtain wall. So we got some shields. Lots of shields. They seem to be behind this green tent thing. Here’s what’s in the tent. what’s in the tent more shields and stuff they clearly do some enactments of some they’ve been doing some aren’t they some big dominoes here look this is a one of them things that throws things look can’t

remember what they’re called but that’s what Richard III came back with when he held Siege to notam Castle it’s not going to rain she said in Ling it’s not hey boo you know your name I’m thinking this is the museums I’m not sure these uh there the view of the city this is the most highest point of yeah yeah you don’t realise the how high it is when you when you come in it’s kind of like we haven’t really walked up this High have we another Cafe in there that’s that’s where what was Yeah, so we went under there. Did we go into the city of caves? Yeah, which was a previous video. Click the link up here. Oh my God, it’s proper raining now. Let’s get inside. Why why it not going to rain? I was just looking at Lincoln, you plunker. We got galleries there, look, so we’ll go in this one. So what is celebrating reg music? No reg carabines. 75 years in the

Caribbean in the UK [Music] see [Music] [Music] I’m going to start listening to what might calm me down a bit. What do you think there’s any chance of [music] that Desmond [Music] Remember, Desmond used to be one of my favourite programmes. [Music] that comes for [music] I’m filming dresses; they joke about what you do with them; you drink out. I don’t think you drink out the SN. Church worship is that the Sor is that the uh, what’s he giving you it bread as it’s going of Christ give me some have that changing channel on the Telly yeah it [Music] say it’s quite impressive for a minute. Good, interesting name. Very interesting name.

Yeah, I said it’s a very impressive room. I thought you said it’s a very depressive room. You’re [music]. depressive pumpkin, do not touch, so you know no hands off spider, no one knows people. portraits Unknown people of unknown people, yeah, but they’re very good portraits of unknown people or portraits of people by unknown artists. Yeah, she’s sewing. It’s a long thread she’s got on there, isn’t it? I just would not have survived years ago. I have no talent for sewing or cooking. You got some talent. Yeah, I’d have been executed for that. [Music] [Applause] [Music] just [Music] [Music] joast lot of interactive [Music] stuff: lots of interactive games aren’t there? Yeah, there is.

[Music] Yeah, lots of interactive stuff. It’s hard to get through here. Yeah, you’re going to get dressed up and look like kids. [Music] [Music] You get woman, get you. What do you mean? Don’t get it, St. Yeah, this is the robin. Ood thing the tunnel what on about this is the way we should have come in really I’m not entirely sure it’s ever been that impressive is it what’s this over here look statue of Captain Albert Ball not the Albert Hall why is it we’ve come outside and it started raining again is it he gave the most conspicuous and gallant service to his country and was killed in action passing gloriously aged 20 years old yeah he fought gloriously he fought gloriously he fought gloriously did like how I said that yeah yes let’s go and have a look at this what’s this in here like a Bandstand thing but it’s enclosed you just go with what I say yeah and then blame me when it’s wrong Yeah, so I think this is, uh, I know, looks like a band stand. What oh, I see the windows.

Then, when they’re using it, they’ve got like lift-up things. Look, that’s nice, isn’t it? Unfortunately, they’re not going to let us in there today though, and it’s raining. It’s a kids adventure thing over here. Look, should we have a look at that? There we go. Look at his play area. That’s right away. Look at this drop. It’s quite a concrete jungle. Yeah, so you get out in the suburbs a bit into the suburbs of Suburbia, but that over there with the green is what used to be broad. Marsh Broadmar shopping centre, and we’ve been under that because that’s the city of caves under there, isn’t it? Yeah, I hate nting him. I don’t hate nting him. I hate driving in.

Nottingham [Music] [Music] there [Music] [Music] Now where down the bottom? No, we need to be heading up for our tour. Let’s head up for the tour then. So we’re going down the hole, sis M’s hole, right, mtim mtim, then we go. Then it’s not slipping. You said you wanted some gloves. [Music] be able to see very [Music] [Music] very brewham [Music] Museum hold on you getting dressed up no no I think them kitchens would be quite cozy when evening yeah well I think that’s the heating on the warer that’s no but can you imagine if there was a fire on it yeah I think these the kitchens were quite communal really wer they it was nice I think that’d be nice anyway cozy you going to sit down got a dark room it is dark room yeah that’s the downside it’s been quite gloomy night at night time it in the winter the p p clap clap clap they just threw a fire in the corner of the room really didn’t didn’t they it’s on the floor look piz r there you go grab a bit of that meat while you’re up there yeah I’m sandwich it’s what cave cave cell wild balls that what the kep in here while BS storage Yeah, so like an old style garage with no entrance, that would have gone so long everywhere, a huge chimley to the sky, think that was a big Miner in there, me too. What’s this? I think they chained people up in there. You know, they did not chain people. I think they did. I think they did. If I had somewhere like that, you’d be chained up in there. Moving on. Hey, mean me nothing. Just mean there you go. Who’s that? James Wood, 1951. For the other, I think that’s prob. You reckon the artist who’s these layabouts; they look like they’ve been on the beer don’t [music]. Just laid out looking, shooting his last arrow. How do they know I don’t either? There are some butresses. Mar and he joined the hands yeah married him yeah so who captured him then she did say I can’t remember yeah and why would they capture him if he was married to to the Lady Marian who is Lady Marian the king’s niece anyway these fools let’s going another a picture with Robin OD yeah that’ll do you I’ll do you come in here look he kept moving around I did did you no I didn’t know it’s the box of the thing so that’s it Nottingham Castle and Castle it’s uh yeah it’s okay it’s all right was it some good uh interactive games and stuff yeah it’s good for kids definitely yeah but that was it and the cave tour we missed the first cave tour when was late arriving again but we went down uh who’s who’s o was it Mortimer mortimer’s o and uh yeah that was all right it was very interesting it was yeah it was good but that’s it for Nottingham Castle that’s not actually a castle it’s not actually destroyed it is it’s a palace it’s a palace now on the top but yeah um anyway if you like that video give it a thumbs up consider subscribing if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you in the next one you on the next one goodbye goodbye

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