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Nottingham Crime Statistics 2022


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Nottingham Has a Very HIGH CRIME RATE 2022 police arrest protesters uk stand up vlcsnap 2021 01 07 19h41m55s385 police arrest protesters uk stand up

Among the 94 England and Wales postcode areas, Nottingham, in Nottinghamshire, England, has the highest crime rate. This is based on 26 crimes reported in October 2022. It is also the second most dangerous town in Nottinghamshire. The rate is 2.6 crimes per 1,000 workday people. It is 144% higher than the national average.

The crimes were classified into six categories. These included Drugs, Public Disorder, Weapons, Theft, Criminal Damage and Arson. There were about 3,0k “other crimes” reported in October 2022. These crimes were an 11.2% increase year over year in November 2021 to October 2022.

The majority of the crimes occurred on or near Woodview. In addition, most crimes were recorded within a one-mile radius of NG12 3JG. Other crime accounted for 2.3% of all crimes in the Nottingham postcode area. In September 2011, this was split into six categories: Drugs, Public Disorder, Weapons, CrimeTheft, Criminal Damage and Arson, and Possession of Weapons.

Crime is tracked by the FBI through a report known as the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The report is based on data provided by nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program is based on the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. It was developed in 1929 to provide uniform crime statistics that would be reliable. It is still used to track crimes today.

The crime map shows the approximate location of the crimes, as well as the type of offence, and the investigation result. You can move the map by pinching and zooming down to street level. If the coordinates are over 20 km away, they are not shown. You can also find a list of task force groups. You can get involved with these groups, and have a voice in your neighborhood.

The Crime Map also shows how many crimes were reported in the city in February 2022. The number of crimes has increased by a significant amount, which is a major concern for Nottingham.

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