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but they asked Lottie not happy wants to leave lingard apparently rumored us all to be going Ember so on his way out in January what is going on in Nottingham Forest and what are all these rumors and stories let’s get into it [Music] good morning good evening or good night wherever in the world you are whatever time of day you are watching this hope you’re having a wonderful day and welcome to your latest Forest news or should I say latest Forest rumors Mill about everything pretty much to do with our defense and a couple of attacking players I’m going to go through a few of the stories today but as always before I do if you’d be kind enough to hit that like button subscribe to the channel if you are new and tonight just a quick shout out to the forest Fan Hub they’ll be doing a forest stream from 7 30. the link for that stream is in the description below so if you want to get in and get some live chat going on please tune in to ESL and Joe as the boys take you through all of the relevant Forest Topics in a live forum tonight guys let’s get into this and let’s talk about bidet so this bidet’s story is it’s quite infuriating if true closed captioning not available [Music] so that he can then go back on loan again to a further club now why is this relevant and important because no player can represent three clubs in a year so had he played for Forest he wouldn’t have been able to be reloaned out to another club to get game time so he’s gonna go back in January and then be loans reload should I say back out following that now I don’t really like this story or the way this is conducted for a couple of reasons reason number one is we bought here well we loaned him and it’s up to us how we do or don’t play him the other thing I don’t like is that we didn’t actually play him so we never got to see what he was like at all but the one that really bugs me is how a forest being held to Ransom about how they um dictate to get how we dictates sorry who gets used on and off our pitch and that for me is not acceptable at all look there’s probably something in the agreement where they said they’d re-pick up his wages so he’s been basically training with Forrest for free for us but um his parent Club has been paying it it just is such a dumb story and it’s such a dumb setup if all is true and from the French sources that I’ve seen it seems quite realistic but bidet’s getting axed ladies and gentlemen so we are not seeing him that then brings you on to the next question of what the hell is the point in him playing these friendlies now that’s the only thing that makes me think maybe there’s a little glimmer of untruth to this because why would we waste a slot on a player who’s not going to be with us in about four weeks time where we could be testing out someone else who could potentially you know have an amazing preseason mid-season preseason thing and so it’s just a complete mess of a story I’m gonna keep on picking this one but I know a lot of you’ve been asking me in the comments just to kind of um explain to you exactly what’s happening in this story but still based on what we said about two or three weeks ago the day is definitely going to be going back to France it would take a miracle for him to be staying and by miracle I mean playing every pre-season clean sheets performances maybe a couple of goals from Scarpa Corners Etc but he’s gone and it just really frustrates me it really does because he’s not the only Defender that’s on his way out in January Ember sews the next one on the list probably going out on a loan move again another person who not just under Cooper to be fair but under even Houghton um was never really given a chance a player does come from PSG does have potential he’s huge he’s built like a brick wall and again he’s been given time in these pre-season matches and I just don’t know if if there’s these agreements in the background where they’re playing them to Showcase them to other clubs like we’re doing with bidet at the moment like bidet we’re almost third party um franchise selling him on by playing him what’s the benefit to us look if he’s going in January go yeah I don’t want him to God rather he played because I think he’s decent but why are we now like reselling the product for someone and we’re not getting a cut from it it’s just it’s just like weird what’s going on at the moment but Amber so is definitely going to be on his way out as well in January um out on loan most likely and then we’ve still got loads of other stories going on the Jesse lingard story is resurfaced about him um being kind of us cutting our losses on him in January I still don’t think there’s enough truth in that for it to happen um and I think we will keep him there’s nothing to be gained by getting rid of him but the big one is Lottie so again more unrest stories let’s talk about this Lottie one Lottie has apparently told um Forrest that he’s not happy at Nottingham Forest and wants to return to either Athletico or go back to his uh to Brazil sorry where to the club that he first started off top of my head I can’t remember which one it is this again is like all from the papers because there’s a few things we’ve got to consider Lottie coming to Forest on loan wasn’t a freebie deal like bidet with the day he’s on loan you pick up X percentage of his wages um and then you play him or you don’t play him whatever and then you can ship him back he had an option to buy claws at the end of it for like 12 mil or something with Lottie we do have an option to buy of I think it’s 25 mil but we’ve already paid a loan fee for him for the whole year of five mil so for Lottie to terminate his loan fee his loan agreement Forest would be stupid to agree to it unless he’s really causing unrest in the club because it’s not like it’s not like you’re going to Tesco’s you know you don’t get 30 day money back guarantee on this once you’ve agreed it that five million pounds has gone to Earth Atletico and Madrid and we won’t see it back so really the Lottie one for me makes no sense for it to happen and I still expect to see Lottie um come January and now that scarpina and shout out to palmyra’s fans Dave by the way guys going forward scarf uh Scarpa needs to be referred to as scarpina that’s his nickname for those of you who are interested so let’s get that message started and trended but yeah um with scarpina now at Forest luddy’s found himself a new friend and by friend I mean someone he can obviously converse with in Portuguese and it’s not just kafu Etc so I just still see Lottie being there maybe I’ve got some Luddy goggles on I know you guys will take the Mick and say that but just think about it logically why would we why would we have wasted the five million it’s just it’s just stupid and we haven’t utilized them enough and we still haven’t even seen the best out of bloody because we’re not playing him um right or in the right games he’s been protecting some pretty tough games so I don’t see that happening and I also see him potentially linking up maybe with scarpina down the left-hand side so we’ll see how that one goes but I don’t buy the bloody one there’s no truth in it for me the other permanent Forest I’ve got is the quote unquote Deadwood that we’ve got within the squad look there’s definitely other stories of players coming into forest or being linked to Forest we’ve brought a few of those to you over the last week or so and there’s a lot more piling up again a lot of it’s paper talk but we’ll bring you the ones that seem to have more weight than others but today’s more about those going out and we’ve still got an absolute bucket list of people that need to go we’ve got uh Lyle Taylor you got hariata who’s just sitting there picking up his paycheck week in week out refusing to terminate his contract as well you got kafu sitting there unregistered and loads of other kind of Fringe players and players out on loan and things like that it’s getting quite bulky forests tend to at the moment have a problem that yes we’ve brought in loads of these players yes there was a lot that left in the summer but there’s still more that needed to go and something Forest needs to prioritize is getting rid of the likes of the Lyle Taylors the cafe use um if he’s not going to be re-registered and then you’ve got some other like Deadwood as I would call it within the squad people like Jack colback needs to go in my opinion I think cook should go because um you know I think there’s better options that we should be looking at as a Premier League team than him again nothing against these players but this is we’ve got to start formulating a squad properly and not just piling players up you know it ends up being like bloody FIFA where you go through your club and you just got hundreds of these bronze cards in there and you just do a quick sell you know but um anyway joking aside these players need to be shipped out my worry about it is that these players maybe showcase during these pre-season friendlies and they have been so far in a lot of these instances um and We’re Not Gonna See Much gelling going on between the actual first 11 players or the first 15 to 20 players who are going to make part of that Squad so it’s a bit it’s a bit of a frustrating video where Everything feels in limbo at the moment and we really need that door opened on the 1st of January so that players can depart and those ones we want to see come in come in so it’s it’s just messy guys it’s messy guys but as far as I’m concerned players that do need to go will be the likes of coleback um will be the likes of Kirk um Arthur kafu potentially even though I do like khafu as a squad player and Lyle Taylor as well as bidet going we’re probably going to deregister biankone even though he will still be a forest player but with the injury being that long term he needs to go but it’s not just you know if we just were to forget the dead Woods for a second and you just look at the registered players if you got rid of bidet and you got rid of bianconi there’s only two slots you’ve made available potentially you know the rumors about Jesse lingard let’s pretend for a second they’re true I don’t believe they are by the way because the club haven’t come out and um confirmed or denied it which kind of makes you think they’re just ignoring it as a story but if you were to get rid of those two that means we can only bring in two players unless of course they’re under the age of 21 which means you compile in as many of those as you want but most of the players Forest are being linked with with the exception of three or four are over the age of 25 let alone 21. so Forest will need to get rid of a few players now I’ll ask you guys this question if you had the option of getting rid of a few players and let’s put the old caveat in before you know the well you you know the type of fans will be that you’re not saying it because you hate them or whatever but if you are being strategic about this which players would you see or move on and they could potentially be players that we have already signed this summer who’ve had very limited air time that maybe need to be moved on so that some better quality players come through like as far as I’m concerned and I’ve said it over the last few weeks in a few of the forums we need to be targeting in my opinion three players but three quality players and that’s where the money should go I would like to see 30 to 40 million spent on a striker we could have had Ramos in the summer for 25 to 30 million now after he’s performed for Portugal you can add 5 million per goal on that I’d like to see a CDM brought in but most importantly for me a Defender a Defender with power and pace is essential who can pair up with near Kate if we are serious about being a premier league Squad then we have to be serious about the types of players we buy and stop with the sentence a sentimentality likes of cook are not good enough likes a whirl although better than cook is not good enough uh Bolly is in his 30s yes he has Prime experience but he’s had a couple of good games but don’t let that mask um you know how good or not he is bear in mind he came from a Premier League club that were ready to let him go so that has to hold some weight as well there’s a lot going on at the moment I just wanted to give you a general overview of the outages if you like rather than those coming in currently but let me know your thoughts about any of the stuff we spoke about today I’d be interested to hear how much of you how much of it you think is true and how much of you you think it’s paper talk AKA BS alright guys hope that helps you hope it clears up a few things for you uh we’ll wrap the video up there please do hit that like button and subscribe and become a member if you’d like to support us on top of that don’t forget to check out es and Joe tonight on the forest Fan Hub the link will be in the description they’ll be kicking off from 7 30 tonight so make sure you tune in I’m sure they’ll cover a few things that we’ve discussed today thank you guys for watching we’ll see you on tomorrow’s video come on you Reds

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