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Forest Fan TV talks about newcastle loss versus Nottingham Forest, football talks and morale boost!

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in the words of Rachel from Friends it ain’t over till someone says I do good morning good evening or good night wherever in the world you are whatever time of day you’re watching this hope you’re having a fantastic day and welcome so I don’t know what you want to call this just little a little motivational video I guess I feel like everyone needs it I’ve been on Twitter and the timelines are looking very depressing and people are like you know tired I think everyone’s tired I think that’s probably the right word tired downbeat and it just needs a little reality check and that’s what this video is gonna be so if you are tired if you are feeling a little dejected just go and hit that like button it will make you feel better subscribe to the channel if you are new and of course become a member to get all the member perks which include all the goals include backstage passes to grumpy old Reds and just loads of other things and uh one final quick reminder there’s very few tickets left on this framed Morgan Gibbs white signed shirt so if you want it Go and click on the link in the description it’s pinned in the comments as well um I think like a hundred sold yesterday and there’s they’re down to like 49 or 52 or something like that so go grab a bit quickly and remember if you hit ticket number 100 it’s randomly generated you will win automatically a only signed shirt the home kit I’m just going to start rambling so let’s get into it a little bit couple of things I just want to bring into perspective is firstly Newcastle or a fantastic team I know a lot of you think it’s weird I cut down most teams but for some reason I’m quite soft towards Newcastle and it is because I like the way they’ve done their business I like the way that the Saudis came in and overtook them I don’t buy into any of this rhetoric about the uh human rights and all that crap I like that Newcastle are coming in and they’re trying to disrupt this so-called big four big six whatever you want to look at it so I got a lot of time and respect for them and you also have to remember Newcastle is a club that has gone through similar things to Forest being in the championship going through the pain of all that as well when everyone’s telling them they’re too good for that division etc etc so I do have a lot of time and respect for them what I am saying here though is that Newcastle are a good team they are a fantastic team and may end up in the top four look if they beat varchester United after the break that puts them ahead of Rochester United on goal difference and everyone’s been singing seven hags Praises this season but everyone forgets how good Eddie Howe is Eddie Howe has taken them from bottom of the Premier League up to where they are now so there’s a lot of credit that needs to be due there to Newcastle and the fact that yesterday we went Toe to Toe with them now I know the football wasn’t pretty I know that we didn’t play scintillating Prime bastard style football or anything like that but we still we still stood up and were counted it may have felt low block to you but when I do the in-depth analysis um for you guys on Monday I think it is um you will see we weren’t playing as deep as we were there’s still not a cohesion between Felipe and Nia Cate either just remember that that’s their first ever game playing together in a competitive match there are signs huge signs between the two of them look it was heartbreaking to see Nia Cassie handle that ball in the last second and had he had he been a little disciplined like you know he shouldn’t have done it there’s no two ways about it he shouldn’t have done it if Worrell had done that I’d be killing world right now so I can’t really excuse me a cafe who I’ve banged the drum on for but we’ll what I will say is there’s no doubt on who’s the better Defender out of the two is plain to see even a rusty near Cafe coming back with streaks ahead of world so look that mistake happened let’s see what he does in the next game and um you know it is what it is but there’s other things that do need to happen in this team Dennis is a Mainstay for me if you look and when you see it on Monday when I show it to you he creates width down the left hand side which gives us another dimension and that’s exactly what happened in the game yesterday and it wasn’t so one-dimensional going into jono and you have a good Midfield there who with Felipe and Nia Kate able to hold a higher line that will push a Midfield forward which should create more attacking chances the thing I will say about yesterday is had we played like that against Everton with that formation with that setup look I know not all the Personnel would fit and available I guarantee you we would have beaten Everton very comfortably people will always say to you oh these aren’t the games that will Define our season these wins or losses against the top six the big six whatever they called um I don’t agree with that because Liverpool are one of the so-called big six and that game earlier in the season is definitely defining where would we be now without those three points Man City are obviously the big six where would we be without that point um the other week in the draw so don’t get caught up with this rhetoric of beat the teams around us because we’ve been struggling to do that we didn’t beat Everton either time we didn’t we Bournemouth at the time we didn’t Fulham all the time I know they’re a bit higher up in the table but you get the point I’m making so beating those teams in and around us isn’t as simple as it sounds you pick up points and you try to pick up points in whatever game you go into now what does need to change is Cooper’s tactics in terms of substitutions they are becoming very very similar to those tactics he was using in and around um you know that September time or um early season time where they were just all over the place and it’s happening again I and look Yates had to come off because of the injury but it was clear to see froiler wasn’t the right choice him and Shelby can’t play together they don’t have the legs to control a Midfield especially when you’re doing it in a two it was just as soon as that happened the game turned and we were overrun in that Midfield there’s a lot of talk from people all over the place saying we have to play three in the middle because we get overrun with it too I don’t get that rhetoric either because we get overrun with the three I’ve seen it so many times this season three in the middle we’re still getting overrun I just don’t understand it what I will say is the shape of yesterday the 4231 actually look the most balanced for Forest it was surprising that he did do it against Newcastle I’ll Grant you guys that but if you do that against the Wolves if you do that against the Southampton if you do that against you know a palace teams like that we can get more than a point out of the game like one game will change your perspective one win will make you feel a lot better had we won yesterday most of us would be saying right we can now limp our way across the line we’re on 29 Points we’re nearly there we need what six seven more points two wins couple of draws whatever it will be we will get there the points will come but there has to be there just has to be a desire to get those points I fill in the first half Forest played to win the match and I fill in the second half Forest plate not to lose the match when you play not to lose the match more times than not you’re gonna end up losing the match but I still have hope I’m not angry about yesterday I’m really not I’m just disappointed I’m disappointed that we switched off in the 45 plus whatever it was two minutes of injury time and an earcate’s mistake late on in the second half you know yeah you know hindsight’s Wonderful uh butterfly effect and all that but you know had had there only been one minute of injury time we would have gone in one nil up could things have been different it’s all if spots and maybe but football is an absolute humbler and you have to take the result at the end of the day what I don’t want to see any more from the fan base and from Steve Cooper well what I personally don’t want to see I’m not saying you can’t do it is the complaining about referees it’s the ref was shocking but the ref didn’t decide the match the ref did not decide that match it’s the players on the pitch that decide the match and you know we will look at it from our forest goggles Newcastle probably will look at it from there goggles thinking why did VAR screw us over with that legitimate goal I mean I still don’t understand what happened there so whatever way you look at the ref there’s always going to be the uh the bias approach to it from whatever set of goggles you have but I don’t want to hear Cooper going on about refs anymore it’s not really something you want a manager to do especially when they start their statement by saying um I don’t want to talk about the refs but and then you talk about the refs you know is that kind of thing I want to see stop just focus on what you got to do focus on the players focus on the tactics Etc but it’s not over guys the end of the day it may be worse like I’m recording this at 1 30 Saturday afternoon we could be in the bottom three come five o’clock um on Sunday after all the games have been played and then we’re gonna have to sit there for two weeks and mull it over but the season isn’t finished until 38 games have been played so let’s get the games played but let’s focus on what we can control and that’s not to get ourselves to you down we will do a stream tonight we will try and cheer you guys up we will maybe we’ll open it up like we did last week and get a few of your calls on um but I’ll get that set up for some time this evening not sure exactly when it’ll be somewhere near the usual time but just don’t lose hope yet if we lose hope then we got nothing you might as well call it the end of the season there anyway I don’t know if that’s helped any of you feel any different or not don’t get me wrong I’m hurting from the inside but I don’t think it’s over because we don’t put I expected us to lose to Newcastle let’s be straight here most of us probably did now the focus turns to wolves and what’s gonna happen there hope you’ve enjoyed it a little bit of uh of Wolverine therapy there for you please don’t forget to like the video before you leave subscribe to the channel if you’re new to Forest fan TV and we’ll see you tonight on the live stream I’m looking forward to it and hopefully we’ll come together as a community as we always do and even have a bit of fun come on you Reds

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