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Nottingham Forest – Liverpool – Doreontour! #nffc


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us what’s going on people it’s mr back again with another match day vlog and it’s fa cup time nothing for us v huddersfield and yes the winners get liverpool in the next round we played hospital twice in the league we beat them two nil at their ground and we lost one nil here we bust them so much but it’s epic up and like i said the winners get liverpool and i really want liverpool next because i’ve got so many loop mates and we’ve not played loophole for so many years and to beat hustfield and to get them wow thoughts we need to get past on the field you’re on great form and um don’t beat it in having how many games uh the second in the league but it’s not gonna be easy before i get to the ground you can do one thing for me if you are new to the channel please do hit the like button if you’re new to the channel as well subscribe if you know it’s completely free and yes come on forest and last but not least i forgot um i said thursday the 28th of april i am doing the kevin campbell event and if you want tickets message me on twitter instagram the link is before the description for all my links there so please it’s gonna be a crazy event and if you can’t come to event i’m gonna do it live on my youtube channel as well so it’s gonna be a great night i’m gonna meet the lights now um and get people’s small pictures for this massive game so yes come on forest let’s do this [Music] okay adding two wheels to forest i’m gonna say keenan davis south side come on yes it’s as big as the other two man come on do this what’s going to do daily subscribe i recommend nails yeah [Music] so [Music] [Music] uh don’t know you don’t know you’re losing um just get a little they’re playing well 19 games unbeaten so it’s not going to be easy at all so come on boys i’m just waiting for this guy craig yeah but we’ll see in a minute [Applause] is ah [Applause] people [Music] [Applause] come on [Applause] come on come on [Applause] against obviously this was an end-to-end game in it okay for a neutral because it is a good game without advertising the championship okay yeah what turn around ryan yates ryan yates we were slacking him off for him he was like ryan yates off whole season what again oh just like him nothing to say but yeah you can see that um [Applause] rhodes jordy makes it great because remember last time what created that comment [Applause] come on come on [Applause] oh it was amazing for me nervous it’s five minutes to go five minutes to go wow come on hold on please corner christmas corner go to the corner [Applause] that’s it singing pull up [Music] [Music] again wow and my guy right yates scoring a head up and i yet again a man of the match performance from ryan yates now we can talk about liverpool it’s been so long been in 23 years since we played them and i’m buzzing people comments how are you feeling about this game it’s next week i forget and this game all my loot friends out there you know who you are we’re coming for you and it’s amazing to see now what performance like to fail still there wasn’t a bad time as well but fox had to do it and um yeah another fantastic result and like i said bring on liverpool if you enjoyed this vlog make sure you do hit the like button and if you are new to a channel please do subscribe to my channel i’m trying to get to 7k before the season finishes and comment below how are you feeling like now i’ve been quite finals now we’ve got liverpool how are you feeling thank you for watching everyone bring our liverpool [Music] you

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