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Walking Around Market Square Vlog Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Market 2022 Nottingham Stalls Square

foreign [Music] I thought I’d show you our Christmas Market probably won’t be able to show you it all because it’s two-sided it goes through [Music] you know you can go this this way or you can go the other side and it accumulates in the Square which has a sky rink which is we always have a skating rink for Christmas but this year and it’s not a traditional it’s um you go around the square up in up in the air that rhymes um that’s one of our little bars but there is a huge bar in the Square as well that’s been erected and you can try and show you in there if I can but I don’t know if they allow filming and try and get past these people okay so yeah um lots of people down there looks like it’s getting quite from Jesse it’s quite it’s only about 10 A.M tree decorations that personalized Santa hats the stockings [Music] oh wow crystals look at them boots here look at that yeah oh my gosh that’ll be Lend Me 2 400 pounds seven amazing lots of stockings tea and ready for tea [Music] can probably hear the front of the fair coming up there is a midwife install which I will be purchasing from this morning there’s our slide huge slide the not quite sure how oh it’s a swinging as well so swing at the front and a slide at the back that’s pretty cool wow look at that so this is the main Square bit we’ve got stalls going off in that direction up there too as well as the opposite side that I’ve just walked from I’ve got a big wheel [Music] thank you [Music] wow look at that [Music] fudge and sweets try and show you the uh Christmas tree Temptations they actually have a proper restaurant in montego’s bar it’s really nice okay so this is the entrance into Nottingham Wonderland the poor cot right so I don’t know if you can see people up in the distance skating around but this is the ice skating rink which goes all the way around the square there’s our tree you can’t see the lights on camera [Music] foreign [Music] this too gosh about three weeks to erect it’s very very sturdy and it’s an amazing bar on the inside it’s such a shame that it’s only up for like six weeks six seven weeks of the year uh hasn’t been here the last couple of years because academic so there’s a smaller ice rink at the bottom here if you don’t want to go up and what the idea is to go on Skyscape and Escape all the way around the square as you can see people up there escaping away oh I’m all dry [Music] isn’t it so in another couple of hours this place will be around I’m hoping I’m not going to get a copyright strike so this is the pull as you can see Okay so lots of eatery places and under the ice rink now a breeze all right you know we’ll go around the other side House of Tweed not House of Tweed for everybody that was in Copper and catch up last week chili sauce put these little guys dogs cheese and chocolates [Music] okay so I’m gonna go around to the other side and get some mulled wine [Music] oh smell of Chinese food [Music] famous Yorkshire pudding wrap it’s peculiar to Nottingham apparently [Music] gorgeous [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] might have to get some cheese [Music] thank you [Music] can’t find the mood wine store uh sorry the meat wine store I think I would say moved Ryan this whole time talking about me twice it’s around here somewhere [Music] there it is magic Mead [Music] okay so I bought some just to finish off the market goes back to where we started the problem there is the other side of the square but it’s pretty much and the same firstly you need wines that I bought I bought a medium-sized in the Christmas this one is a smoking Dragon need and then a traditional foreign [Music] foreign [Music]

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