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Nottingham Forest vs Swansea Vlog #doreontour


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is what’s going on people it’s mr love back again with another match day vlog last home game of the season and this time we are home just onesie after force is fantastic win against fulham on tuesday uh it was unbelievable support and um to say that we’re three games away to premier league it’s still unreal to say after what happened for starter season four we’re gonna talk about a big game today against onesie and um if we win africa we’re in a premier league and it’s just unreal to talk about and i’m looking forward to today’s game as you know i’m not dressed up in my voice kit today um i’m in the special box today uh i’m with the legend himself kevin campbell and i spent two days with kev and his last day today and it’s been unreal and spending time with a legend a forest legend in my eyes and it’s been crazy first day at the uh the charity event with him to talk about his time yesterday i got to see ground for my podcast as well um to talk about his time at forest and the first time being back let’s see it grand it was myself dez aldrin and malcolm owen i’ve got a fantastic time but today it’s the last day and um with him and it’s like i say it’s been a great experience for you kevin and i said i want to appreciate the support that he gave me kev and um but yeah it’s been unreal so today’s last day i’m in a box um and it’s been on unreal support for kevin campbell showing love to my channel i do want to apologize as well like i said i won’t see as much fans as much as as can today gets called pictures but craig will be at the ground uh get score predictions as well so thank you very much craig for doing that as well and i say thank you very much for us as well um as well matt as well george for uh let me get in the box do my interviews as well so shout out to them too as well um but yeah i’m dressed up nice i’m going to meet kevin now meet marco meet daz meet lisa um get her time i’ve never been there before but it’s going to be some unreal support um but last but not least like i said it for you a lot as well it’s been a fantastic support for me i just want to appreciate everyone that’s time to watch my channel um it’s been like a mad season but before i had to meet kev one last thing for me if you can i am like saying 300 away from a 7k subscribers if you can please do like hit the red button for me it’s completely free hit the like button as well and as well comment below people what’s been your best home game obviously and and there’s been so many i come back and talk about loads but i’m asking you like what’s been your best home game this season right i better get going meet the lives meet kev and like i said it’s been a been a fantastic it’s been unreal i’ve been on real season first but um i better get to sit around and meet the lads thank you for support people i’ll see you i’ll see you around can we help you trouble [Music] [Applause] so what’s your score position today uh two little forest are we going up yes get it you ready right so what’s your scorpion i reckon [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so what’s your score position three nail breads with score [Music] whole of the following week it’s in our own hands that’s all we could ask for if you asked me six months ago the position window had a laughter here stevie cooper is about to be done right now are we going off to the playhouse of automatic we are going on the way down that he took it he took you through the castle but i’m telling you win today do warm up and then hull win three wins you’re up for us [Music] is what it is [Music] the game’s not started hello [Music] [Music] [Applause] wow come from pit side amazing this is amazing look absolutely amazing you know great memories [Music] don’t worry about them [Music] what’s going on lads [Music] what’s going on the hole nice [Music] as johnson all right little man what do you think i’m confident are we going up yes all right what’s your school prediction i don’t know why it’s nice to see you great but much better looking than door much better presenter than door it’s lovely to see your family i’ve been um i think we’ll pull it out of the bag i know there’s a few injuries i don’t know the team cheat yet so i’m just getting two little voters shots and uh still on come on elvis score prediction johnson and the captain joel all right hello door he’ll be enjoying your posh sheets um i’ve been seeing a team i think i’m gonna go for three nil forest i know you’re gonna fall off your seat when you see this but i think our time we need to try it now so i’ve got sam with me to replace you or do you think some i’m going for three one mate yeah i think we’ll come back from yeah i reckon storage on some stories also dawn before i go i’ve got one thing i’ve got a challenge if door reaches 7k or we get automatic motored by end of the season first away game of next season door needs to dress up as robin hood what do you think people wow are we going up yeah you ready watch his leg i’m gonna go with the very nervy two one i don’t i thought a lovely day pressure man that’s three points olivia what do you think the school will be you’re welcome thank you sir how are you going to win how many girls i wish um last question what’s going on yes or no playoffs or [Music] [Music] this is matt what’s your scope um being able to play football being able to have fantastic fans and you know what take a picture yeah [Music] here we are [Music] the ass to do for us a massive favor unbelievable unbelievable oh i always get it wrong i always get it wrong it’s real this is real forest let’s do this unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable surreal are you feeling kev fantastic come on forrest unbelievable come on [Applause] kate thank almost almost almost one night virus jesus christ almost you’ll get come on hey go fight godzilla oh [ __ ] yeah got yeah good um forrest have had a couple of chances should have probably scored but they don’t want to score too early do you yeah to ease your nerves to creep [Laughter] oh [Applause] forest come on it’s the same way forest caught then that’s right yeah one more good goal for i think he is who scored it michael for [ __ ] yeah good goal oh my god hold it he’d hold him great great savings great save by the way great save great service corner again come on boys good play bro come on hold on who’s getting in there it’s big tents do you know what i think swansea have um done all sorts to try and slow the game down um we’re living there’s only two plates so special guests to get it kevin would you like some dessert no thank you i’m fine then i get special treatments okay yeah i just i just think this game is tailor-made for for forest absolutely yes we’ve seen forests have quite a few chances already i haven’t taken them took one um but i think there’s going to be more chances for forest and they’re going to put them to the sun for sure oh [Music] oh gotta take the chances got to take the chances oh what’s he doing what is he doing he tried he tried he tried he tried to find it didn’t get him trying to find him but he just looked kind of leave it look at it good oh my god depends before it gets kept interestingly and half time foreign um know i’ve started on us come on for us let’s let’s do this [Applause] look at this coming off the back stick that’s it ah unbelievable [Applause] that’s [Applause] [Music] corner [Applause] three one [Applause] [Applause] four well i got it wrong i said three one but you know what come on how you feeling how you feeling [Laughter] how are you feeling i feel i can relax you know it’s amazing that’s amazing just watch the boys see the game out last home game but then we go to tuesday now now we can talk about tuesday [Laughter] marco mayfield top of the wheel ben these boys [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yeah but i’ve got to i’ve got to ask you how are you feeling for tuesday i can’t wait good i can’t wait good morning they’re ready aren’t they ready to see they’re ready we’re ready the boys are ready [Applause] yeah yeah they’ve done lively are you alright [Music] kids come on come on even if we’re losing six now it’s completely fine it’s been an unbelievable day and um driving around wow before we go okay any last words yeah i have actually whatever you do you’ve got to get mr door near you when you’re watching again because it is absolutely lively and brilliant but what a performance by the team mr door what a performance you know what i told you they’re ready they’re more than ready they are more than real i believe now they’re more than ready almost i’m coming for you oh there’s words last words is it the last word yet but yeah there’s still a bit more to go four minutes ago what no what a game what a performance super sam super sam did the business today didn’t it come on second is up never seen a bit just got back from the sit ground and wow five one winners and this feeling again it’s just it’s amazing absolutely amazing on now we want five one except fantastic more than two sam stewart um getting a hat trick as well and i’m happy for alex martin as well um he needed that golf confidence but we got three points and now we head to tuesday it’s going to be the biggest game in 23 years and we’re now born with one as well and there’s no pressure on us there’s no pressure on asking for us as well like we’re heading for tuesday but i’ll be going as well uh going with malcolm and dez as well and that game is the biggest game but is what it is and i can’t wait um but like i said the last few days it’s been amazing now wow i’m from [Music] spent time with kevin campbell um and i did a podcast with here on friday and that’ll be our monday so you can’t miss this one it was me desmond malcolm again um so you can’t miss that and it’s amazing feeling as well uh before i could go people like i said if you did enjoy this vlog i did um please do hit the like button i’m trying to get to 7k i know you can please if you’re watching this just hit the subscribe button get me to 7k subscribe like and subscribe please do it and um [Music] comment below people how are you feeling how are you feeling but go to bournemouth and we need to win if we win against porn myth we’ll win against we’re back in the premier league and get going and i say thank you i say thank you kevin campbell as well for coming for spending three days and it’s just i can’t i don’t know i’m struggling to help tell you how i’m feeling about it the three days i’ve had with him it’s just been an amazing feeling but yeah people are gonna get going thank you for watching and uh i’ll see you at bournemouth away on tuesday come on [Music]

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