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foreign [Music] so i’m finally out about having a little paint today i’ve made it down to the uh nottingham city center just outside the bbc about to up over the wall i’m going smoke joints in the perimeter oh yes managed to get one rolled up this stuff’s [ __ ] potent as well let’s spark it up and see if we don’t get [ __ ] transported off the property i know i’m only slightly on the property but i did have to climb a fence at least come on so far so good uninterrupted carrot boy hitting up a bin this sad face thing is pretty good as well it appears that they’ve removed all the boards around the graffiti shop we’re going to just go bowl around and knock on for a bit try to find some spots and if not we’ll hop on a train to raleigh stun go paint over there i think we’re going over there anyway but it depends what i get into while i’m in the city don’t it just been in the shop asked to sort me out with a load of stickers man that one’s pretty sweet in it the green one i’ve got you shiny bad boys i’ll stick them about i’ve got loads of them a couple blacks grey white turquoise and a yellow mate for a little gold chain on the [ __ ] gym you gotta feel this yeah so that’s like a castle yeah turned on its side turned into a [ __ ] t-shirt then we’ve got geez’s arm he’s even got some tattoos and [ __ ] he’s got some fingertips then he’s holding the stuff that’s a [ __ ] crow spitting out another castle that turns into a crown with wings jesus christ and you got this next little [ __ ] sandwich by kid 3d he does some mint [ __ ] man just thought i’d show you that i need to go get myself a nice liquid drink because i’m thirsty as a [ __ ] it’s a little bit of a sticky bun this one but i’ll come across this wall nottingham city center it’s already been perfect i think i’m just gonna add to it yeah it’ll paint the doors man the first line is done i’m going for the uh piece on russian with the big hat ak-47 and a spliff of course the [ __ ] banging spot right next to the carrot man [Applause] that’s what we did russian with the peace saw and it came out pretty [ __ ] saying that though it’s close enough now people know what’s going in don’t they russian man saying peace another law and i need to do quit at the scene this is it after this finito [Music] next spot gonna squeeze a little something in here be rude not to looks derelict just banging this one out quick that’s what i’ve done with the gray put the fat cap on this burn off all my water i might go get another can of white before i leave nuts but yeah i’ll jump back in a bit i’m recording when i’m painting another bit about work done in nottingham city center right next to that [ __ ] looking pretty [ __ ] fresh i must say i’m gonna go get a drink before i get arrested cause i’m thirsty as [ __ ] yeah happy with them too little spots mate very good work good to be out here doing my thing just having a quick little smoke up in some graveyard in nottingham not technically in the graveyard i’m on the perimeter so i’m not a six foot let’s pop in geezers yeah so i’ll just come down onto the canal there’s some boards here there i had a painting on a while back it looks like they’ve all been pimped up now it’s all looking a bit swanky i’ll show you yeah it’s all been done out nicely see if there’s any way i can squeeze one in but if it is technically a leg all this so not take out monopoly man turn him into a [ __ ] gym that would be that piece is pretty sick oh yeah oh bringing out the owl what’s on the corner right here now i won’t do it i like the smiley man no i’m very [ __ ] tempted i’m going over this one here though why not man you’re rude not to excuse me young dogs i’m just gonna step in the corner right here so a little progress report for you got me outlined done but stick some black on so all right it’s another piece don’t have a little step back dude in the [ __ ] [Music] devil hornage finish off with a little attack and we’ll call it a day yeah that’s it anyway i’m calling it a day i always consider getting free thesis done a success anyway i was gonna stop off at a town called rolliston on the way home but we’ll save that that’s what’s coming next next couple of days we’ll head over there and get a little paint on the go so keep your eyes out for that but yeah it’s your host for the most stick of the dumb two hoodies one coat no car but we know we’re gonna go far oh yes take it easy

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