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[Music] so today you find me in staplefoot that is part of nottingham and this is the cemetery ground of stapleford cemetery and it’s been since 1880 so that’s 142 years old and it is absolutely beautiful and it was a gift from a gentleman called joseph fairfield esquire i grew up around this area and i never actually knew this was here and it is absolutely stunning i knew it was worth a visit and i thought i’d pop by and i was expecting to see what wasn’t expected to even see a building of any sort i was expecting to see the cemetery but this is beautiful made out of stone and red brick and look at those windows obviously a lot of the glass is missing but you can see at the top there the art deco is absolutely beautiful now i’ve not only just come to have a look at this i’ve also come to have a look at something called bob’s rock and yeah what a name that is bob’s rock i’m hoping it’s at the top of the hill at the peak of the cemetery which you can see is just through here and what a gorgeously inviting entrance and the hillside and pathway that is as we walk through this is nice too isn’t it look at that lovely clean stonework and the archways there’s even a hatch at the top so clearly there’s an upper floor section should you have access to those doors which i’m sure those that look after this building who do a very good job of it by the appearance of it do have access themselves and look at the back it’s absolutely lovely isn’t it that archway and that tower but there’s a few pigeons live up there that is absolutely stunning isn’t it so if i tell you about that’s where i’m gonna head up and what a beautiful walk it actually looks so [Music] so there’s another former entrance look that has been plastered up bricked up and unable to access through that way but i suppose there’s no need anymore i love the sky today it absolutely does this building justice it’s a little bit windy today though and i’m trying to avoid that as best as i can as another former entrance or still an entrance for those that keep the upkeep of this building but i’m doing my best to stay out of the wind and there are also castle workers mowing the lawns on the far side [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] a little over halfway up and this place is absolutely beautiful just look at that view back down towards the cemetery building gorgeous place it’s absolutely lovely it’s well looked after and manicured plenty of room plenty of sunshine and aside from the lawn mowers plenty of peace and quiet and tranquility in the sound of bird song so i’m almost at the top i’m not sure what we’re going to see the other side i think it’s just going to be plenty of fields but that’ll still be really nice won’t it and i’ll show you the view from the top looking back down when we get there and this is the view at the top let me spin you around get you a bit higher look at that that’s lovely isn’t it still windy got some memorial gardens over there and if i take you over here we’ll see briefly that it really is just a lot of flowing feels one absolutely gorgeous location and this is what it looks like on the other side of the hedgerow at the top end of the cemetery i have a standard i can even see radcliffe sort of power station in the distance over there and over there i could just you would not say i don’t think but just there is the spire to the church in the village of bramkat the next village over that way is bramker and that is where i incidentally i went to school brampton hills comprehensive but the next thing to do now we’re at the top of here another quick pan around to see how beautiful it is i want to try and find bob’s rock and also who the heck is bob let’s go and find out [Music] [Music] this is really eerie although it’s really really sunny it’s quite dark it’s very very dense this is a beautiful woodland leading up to where hopefully we’re gonna find bob’s rock bob’s rock it dates back around about a thousand years i believe i do hope we find it because it could be something absolutely astonishingly ancient if we do now which way now i’m gonna push on and go forwards [Music] so this is like a kind of viewing platform of some sort surely people don’t come down here on bmx’s and stuff and fly off the end and carry on down there it’s almost like there’s an archaeological dick going off down there it looks like there’s a campfire of some sort where people sit this is really really eerie quite mysterious let’s see if i can get down there [Music] so this is what looks like a kind of a furnace or kiln area it’s really peculiar it’s been dug out look if we pop around here you can just make out where tall marks were from when this was all carved out there’s some old steps going up there so we’ll have a little meander up there in a little while and there’s a bit of a fire pit going off just here look it doesn’t look like it’s excessively used it looks like there’s a supermarket charlie hanging from the tree over there that’s what we’ve come to see look there’s bob’s rock this is almost like a trench has been dug out it’s really really weird and some random pipes coming from somewhere ah over here we’ve got these i’m assuming they use it for or they did use it for maybe bmx biking or there’s quite a few tire tread marks down there and they go on down there like an old golf course flag okay i think it’s time to go see if bob’s home isn’t it [Music] [Music] so the name bob’s rock it comes from an 11th century gentleman a landowner called robert doris and there are three recesses on the south side this is the south side looking in that direction you can see how they’ve been carved out maybe just for the purposes of shelter back in the day and this one too but the main one is this one isn’t it but we could actually get inside and it looks like there’s a bit of a makeshift bench there look you can sit in there shelter from the rain what an extraordinary thing isn’t it and to think it’s ancient to think of all the people that would have sheltered here from bad weather from the cold even the workforce because that was also a small brickyard at one time out there where was just walking around there was a brickyard there at one time and that could explain a lot of the trenches and the way the land is laid out the way it is and there was also quite a few bricks there’s a whole pile of bricks and rocks here look which has been used as a makeshift fire and these could have been made on site couldn’t they i’ll get my shadow out of there these could be made on site absolutely fantastic i believe if we get around to the north side there is also another recess but we’ll pop around to the north side when we get up top i could happily sit here on a clear summer’s evening have a little barbecue doesn’t matter that it’s untidy it’s such a tranquil location you could easily even have a wild camper i think wouldn’t you if you knew that nobody was going to turn up and spoil your evening i like the way that tree it’s erected itself at the top there and splits in two different ways centuries and centuries of history on this out crop of rock is staple for nottingham actually put a couple of cities aside may as we make use of the facilities there’s the view out look take time have myself a banana what a lovely view though isn’t it look at the shape of that it’s almost you put it at an angle it’s like a heart look at that so this has been wonderful looking at this it is also apparently the third largest stone in nottinghamshire wonder what the first and second are i perhaps need to have a look at that but yeah what beautiful sandstone carved out structure this is it’s lovely isn’t it let’s get up top and see if we can see anything else let’s see if we can see any of these panoramic views that apparently look over the erawash [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] i’m stood directly atop now down there look that’s where we were and we went in just underneath that’s where the free recesses are i’m not really sure about views as such because i expect it makes it more difficult now the trees are fully leave just over there i could see certain helmets church of stapleford i can’t see a very long way if you really look you can see so down there we may have something else to look at now i’m at the top i can see there’s our entrance to bob’s rock down there that appears to be worn down could be nothing there could be something let’s get down and find out so i’m gonna pop back down but i’m gonna go down the other side now walk around the back of bob’s rock and see if there’s anything to be seen there and any possible recesses around this side oh yeah look look at that so that’s been carved out on the northern edge nice little shelter should it have been needed back in the day you can see again all the lines from where it’s been carved or worn away or weathered that’s good isn’t it to even get around onto the western side by the looks of it quite a few faults and breaks and cracks on this side look but still a few random bricks if i can read that bottley the buttery brick works that’s where that bricks come from and i imagine a few of the others have and around the other side [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so i’m choosing to follow these makeshift steps this soily staircase going up there not sure where it goes there’s bob’s rock there goodbye bob’s rock let’s carry on up here and see where these go there we go welcome to bob’s rock i believe this is quite literally just taking us back to the cemetery now a different way to the way i came in i do hope you really enjoyed this visit to the staple but cemetery and of course bob’s rock you got any more suggestions places like this places i could go to then please drop them in the comments below thank you very much if you like what you see please subscribe you can even help me out on patreon if you wish i’ll put the link at the bottom should you wish to take a look at that you can like subscribe please do comment below let’s get some more places like this that was absolutely fascinating never knew either the cemetery especially bob’s rock never knew anything about it that is absolutely brilliant take care i’ll see in the next one bye [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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