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hello and welcome to broad marsh one of the caves underneath it as you see there’s a few different things know big old pipe works some car batteries obviously for the lighting at some point i can’t believe i just found this this is under the old broad marsh on the old lamps absolutely brilliant wow [Music] hello and this is another part of broad marsh cave in the system they must have been going through bricked it all up some initials but just there you’ve got initials and 1887 by looks at that wow some more there i wonder if that was the people that was digging it ah get my son out of there hey [Music] more initials looks like there was going to go through that way change the mind i wonder if there’s any dates actually why i’m here can’t see on that hope you got that guys it’s quite good for what it were another part of the caving system at broadmoor unseen a lot of steps to walk down brighten the place up three two one some kind of fire pits looks like that shelving on both sorry if you’re getting condensation trying not to so stop another one someone’s been in there tidying up by looks a bit it’s one of the old lightings this must get used because there is lighting down here but only in certain bits look at this that is a master carving warning people what could have been down here trying to stay out of the way of the war staying in the bunker it’s got fire alarms light in okay [Music] oh yeah i wonder if they’re still digging this up or some up because there’s a lot of like bones here this must have been a weigh-in at one point as well from the old broad marsh some kind of generator more bones look at this that is some mold off that nice timber i hope you enjoy my videos people please like subscribe give us a bit of a heads up that you’re watching

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