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Nottingham Rapper – “That Guy Wipz” #fire



Nottingham Online’s Favourite Notts Rapper Returns!

If you haven’t heard about Wipz over the years, you really don’t know the Nottingham scene, Originally a Grime Mc who pioneered the “do it Yourself” strategy, setting up a community studio on Mansfield Road, allowing notorious artists from Nottingham to Collaborate and express their unique styles, Artists like Shxdxw , Snowy, and many many more.

He , himself has also been busy, whilst maintaining “that Life” Wipz has also managed to record a new album, I have to say IT BANGS! Definitely got on my morning playlist with “what I caused” A very Deep and Sincere Song, Apologizing to whomever he felt it was written for, the raggo flows on tracks like “at ya door” bring back that sharp edge of underground criminality Wipz has always been close to. There are tracks which cater to the R&B crowds and of course the Remix of “at ya door” which is a CLUB twist , my personal favorite on the album.

Wipz has matured and taken great strides to become a power of positivity to many people, and now continues to inspire young and old artists alike… to carry on… and keep it strong!.

If you are looking for genuine and relatable songs, that aren’t full of shit… check it out.. one of the realest out there.. His catalogue is huge, (youtube him) . I am playing “at ya door ” on loop.. haha one of those weeks!! YGM?? best do!.

BEST PLAY THROUGH ALBUM OF 2021 . YES ALREADY…can you knock him off?? send us your album via contact page.

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