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  • UK drill rapper shxdow

    UK Drill Shxdow – Faces of Spaces

    Lyrics: G you ain’t ever did it You just imagine metal pinging Roll wid ya knife, bro dats ya life Why? When you ain’t done no chingings Sword down ya trousers wowzers Cowards Drop dat cah you ain’t got to da swinging Powers, Roll to a set No bring in Flowers, don’t ask me what […]


  • nottingham rapper

    Nottingham Rapper – Trippy Blakey – If it ain’t trippy

    you know he had that if it ain’t trippy it ain’t drippy [ __ ] all that [ __ ] all that [ __ ] this beat go perfect with my [Music] [Applause] [Music] show [Music] it ain’t dripping hey trippy is there like any chance you can send me the lyrics to this song because that’s what i’ve just been […]


  • nottingham vlog

    UK #Drill Shxdow x DrllxMtchll – G17 Music Video

    He’s talking alot we should bill him upI’ll slap him up and his affiliate On me, that’s ridiculousHit him up, nigga from young we mischievous Only real niggas aloud in the bandoWhip it up, serve it up quick like it’s Pizza HutLeaking, better clean it up Tell them niggas don’t lack keep the beatertucked Angelo […]


  • uk drill rappers in prison for shooting sentenced rlreeqQ

    UK Drill Rappers in Prison for Shooting Sentenced

    three men have been jailed for their parts in tit-for-sat shootings in nottingham a jury heard how a shooting at a car in tennyson street in redford on the 3rd of august 2018 was reciprocated with the revenge using weeks later in all north street radford on the 21st of august thankfully while causing minor […]


  • nottingham rapper  big grizz  wins wvpOejdH

    Nottingham Rapper – Big Grizz – Wins

    [Music] big [Music] i got people in the streets trying to make a killing grab a brick drop it down that’s the way they’re living trying to keep their belly large shoulder in the kitchen louis hamilton [ __ ] called you really whipping need a clue that fantastic vision trying to be upon your screens like […]