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Nottingham Rapper – Trippy Blakey – If it ain’t trippy


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Nottingham Rapper Trippy Blakey Music Video Grime Daily

Nottingham Rapper Trippy Blakey Music Video Grime Daily

you know he had that if it ain’t trippy it ain’t drippy [ __ ] all that [ __ ] all that [ __ ] this beat go perfect with my [Music] [Applause] [Music] show [Music] it ain’t dripping hey trippy is there like any chance you can send me the lyrics to this song because that’s what i’ve just been listening to for the last half an hour and i swear there’s some i can’t get absolutely not i need a kelly pack or that we need to put the crap i just finished one night now i need another pack double up and run it back go over my shorty’s house sex all right i’m cuddled by trippy got a new chain show me where the summer’s at i just got a money back trippy never took a nap but stop me i’m busting back give a [ __ ] a heart attack wash around my bear man i don’t see the art in that man oh man i get my [ __ ] hell i swear that’s so hard to learn

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