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What is it like living in Nottingham?

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What a Nottingham Night Out is Really Like #student #vlog #ntu #uon

Nottingham University Students Night Out #uon #ntu

okay don’t look at my boobs wait my hand’s really cold for a reason that’s fine you can go over the cold hands it kind of counteracts the like heat from the spot i don’t know oh no i didn’t even [ __ ] like get to it are you joking stop being so dramatic no i’m telling you that really hurts this is a fit for ocean this week this cost me like five quid this case so stupid and it came with a mask i was i’m not wearing that anyway i didn’t even say that our theme is superheroes even though i don’t look like a superhero at a vampire katie’s not obviously coming with us because she’s wearing trackies she’s just our lift capris yeah which is why come on spin you look great no you should like love it [Music] for me [Music] as well marcus this is catwoman yeah what are you yeah catwoman superwoman yeah i love it you should always get a photo it was so hot there like i was dying because that night was the lightest burn on my face on the way to seo how are you feeling girls freezing how are you i’m good are you okay good to know thank you i’m good thank you so we are your first ride yes that’s good luck thank god i’m not alicia because she goes to the toilet like 10 times a night i only go before like twice [Music] [Music] uh see you next time bye i’m holding the camera with two fingers right now everyone’s looking at me like the [ __ ] you do no there are normal people around i’m just like that’s fine how are you feeling absolutely [ __ ] i’m not feeling absolutely [ __ ] i wish i was having to take everything off i don’t know look at me i look like a magician today’s been quite like i don’t know i feel like it’s been a bit dead i don’t actually maybe yeah i don’t know anyways [Music] [Music] is [Music] cause you got me [Music] a single word [Music] [Applause] [Music] cause you got me [Music] huh [Music] hello hey why is it focusing this whole vlog is gonna be unfocused my phone is halfway down here [Music] alicia hey alicia so hi guys i’m gonna be and i’m brushing my hair to be honest because when i get croatian one of the best to have because at least this little monologue is over where’s my lip balm i didn’t know there was a car there didn’t even beep at me look at my square hairline being out i didn’t get with anyone again on ocean wednesday because i’m a lonely bastard yeah no honestly that should be the title i don’t i am a lonely bartender what are we vlogging about we’re vlogging about ocean what do you think wednesdays i mean you can’t get any better strongly recommend it’s a must in your lifetime i have that reaction as well this boy everyone this boy don’t be jealous you never got your chance all right george where i think you’re [ __ ] it’s so funny because she’s like my best friend it’s just funny because he’s just blank [Laughter] how exciting [Applause] yeah it’s his top oh no that doesn’t look like a fit george how are you feeling in my ocean though as always you’re frozen you’re awesome damien enjoy the vlog look at damian alicia’s relationship damian smile [Music] [Music] [Music] we’ve been trying to find andy the host he’s unfindable unfindable we’re talking to damian about it [Music] this boy i got with four weeks ago and he asked me if i was vlogging and then he was like i’ve watched every single one of your videos since i got with you so hi tom if you’re watching love you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if look listen it’s all about don’t give me that weird look it’s all about lando this season yeah exactly it’s about mclaren this season i literally can’t get home my phone’s dead it’s charging in the cloak room there’s no service this is why i always want to leave ocean early because when i actually want to leave i literally can’t leave i’m trapped here please focus please it focus no i don’t even get [ __ ] at this point walking home alone my cheese chips and gravy can you not make noise on vlogging okay hold on my someone just looked at me someone said just stop looking at me my god taxi driver let’s get back to your business i’m doing it anyway i’m gonna end it here because hope you all had a good night even though you weren’t out with me so i don’t know why i said that some random guys coming my way so i’m gonna end it now love you all i’ll see you next thursday yeah yeah yeah yeah coming in

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