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  • Shottingham City Students Beware!

    Shottingham City Students Beware!

    Greetings fellow travelers, I am here to inform you of the perilous dangers that lurk within the city of Nottingham, a locale that is not impervious to the nefarious deeds of robbers and violent individuals. Although the city’s prestigious universities, rich history, and cultural attractions are renowned, it is essential to take note of the…


  • Nottingham’s Best Rated Burger Place? Frankster’s

    Nottingham’s Best Rated Burger Place? Frankster’s

    Frankster’s Burger Takeaway Best Rated Angus in Nottingham Open Now Radford, Alfreton Road. Lovely Staff and funky fresh flavours.. hope you like the review, 10/10 ZERO POINTS REMOVED SPEED , HYGENE, FLAVOUR, HEAT, QUALITY, COOK, STAFF, MATERIALS, PRICE, OVERALL. TOP MARKS! Yorkshire’s popular Halal burger and peri-peri chicken restaurant Frankster’s has launched in Nottingham. Located…


  • #Nottingham #Student #ntu #uon #Vlog

    #Nottingham #Student #ntu #uon #Vlog

    Nottingham University Students Night Out #uon #ntu okay don’t look at my boobs wait my hand’s really cold for a reason that’s fine you can go over the cold hands it kind of counteracts the like heat from the spot i don’t know oh no i didn’t even [ __ ] like get to it…


  • Litter, Fights, Students no surprise.

    Litter, Fights, Students no surprise.

    Is Everyone still Environment Concerned? (hypocrisy of the left) This is certainly my opinion article of the week, based on personal experiences, but, these absolute morons, how could they? The amount of litter left behind ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY…. WAS shameful! These new generation Paper-Protesters , Pretend Puritans, I’m sure that 90% of these people…