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    Nottingham driverless Taxi Innovation

    Nottingham University’s Groundbreaking Driverless Taxi Technology Study: Revolutionizing Urban Transportation Welcome to the exciting world of transportation innovation! In Nottingham University, an exceptional team of researchers and engineers is making waves with their groundbreaking driverless taxi technology study. This cutting-edge research is poised to transform urban transportation, benefiting commuters, the environment, and the overall efficiency…


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    Is Nottingham a Good Place to Study?

    Nestled in the heart of England, Nottingham offers an exceptional learning environment for those seeking academic excellence. The city boasts two world-class universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, both of which have an exceptional reputation for their academic programs and research initiatives. The University of Nottingham is a globally recognized research powerhouse,…


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    #Nottingham #Student #ntu #uon #Vlog

    Nottingham University Students Night Out #uon #ntu okay don’t look at my boobs wait my hand’s really cold for a reason that’s fine you can go over the cold hands it kind of counteracts the like heat from the spot i don’t know oh no i didn’t even [ __ ] like get to it…


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    Litter, Fights, Students no surprise.

    Is Everyone still Environment Concerned? (hypocrisy of the left) This is certainly my opinion article of the week, based on personal experiences, but, these absolute morons, how could they? The amount of litter left behind ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY…. WAS shameful! These new generation Paper-Protesters , Pretend Puritans, I’m sure that 90% of these people…


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    Driving Sim At UON


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    Driving Sim at #uon