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foreign we venture back to the 1885 back Valley stormwater culvert there’s a micro on the micro geocaches running for two miles underneath the center of Nottingham no way from the set of airpods knives down the toilet we discovered the Mysteries and hidden secrets in this back system it’s going to be a moist one this one I accidentally come across it when I went past on the narrowboat on the trench which the river Trent is over there big moist thing now hey viewers so we’re down on the riverbank now that’s the river Trent behind me and this is the beginning of the Culvert whoa here we go it’s a bit slippy it’s a curve so watch it it is a curve in the middle it’s flat there he goes no the base of this is quite curved and where it curves it’s really slippery so I’m gonna walk down the center line and then we go getting the benefit of pants death ray behind us you could only uh the moisture that is yeah just feel a little deeper you can see on the tide marks it’s been up to head height before bed up ahead on the roof somewhere take it apart there it is that’s on the right I thought it was a bat it’s not it’s like a little bird can you see that viewers oh yeah yeah we try and get past it that is what gets scared and go deeper in you can see a ball the supports going across this 1800s tunnel were a couple of hundred yards in now and the water level has dropped it’s just a top of leg height now which I’ve just had Harry say it’s found a geocache so there’s a geocache in there yeah yeah oh yeah there you go viewers the center of the screen now that is a geocache so someone would have after lift the manhole to get to that or come in the way we have so if you’re looking for a geocache in the Nottingham area down in this whereabouts are we in town still by the river Trent really it’s uh Dell Side Road is the next Road nearest Hillside Rod there you go if you’re looking for a geocache there it is all right dude Donnie was just Donnie was just telling me off camera that he can hear someone clear the down the tunnel um that’s Harry just up ahead but beyond that nearly like Cutlery or like metal worked in bang the bowl oh yeah interesting the water level is quite constant at the minute but it’s very clear got various little drains that it must be storm drains that intercept and come down here yeah I feel it’s quite clean is it just why the water’s still is bad yeah yeah still and it could be minerals I’m pretty sure you can see there like yeah you can see there light through that little tunnel work yeah done is an experienced Carver by the way so you do have underground underwater experience with us I’m not just going in as a web so we know what we’re doing and Danny’s got a full gas detector on him so there is any nasty gases down here we’ll know but the minute all the readings on that are good thank you so coming up to a little Junction in this tunnel is the main tunnel turned to the right we’ve got this smaller tunnel to the left where Dany is recommend going in there because it’s not knee deep in some right so it’s a little offshoot but we’ll be exploring today gonna stay on this main channel here you can actually see the brickwork and it’s art underneath the Arches so it’s not a circle because the walls are flat but the bottom is art very similar to the ceiling just to the left there Danny has found another little tunnel try and light off a bit better for you just out pretty good in there all right look at the architecture here it’s gone in to allowing that little pop bite to come through that’s like a four inch pot pipe and the roof structure that starts to be created to allow that to come in at that level quite a staggering really the water level is dropping quite considerably now because we’ve got a little side cover here it’s a ground’s quite slippery and it’s going for it down there site sort of Die Hard get your right burst on yeah So Beautiful to this Interceptor here which seems to separate the tunnel and add support for above you’ve got a hatch there short that’s four so I’m gonna while I was gonna pour Harry because then this side is the part of the same tunnel These Bricks look like engineering bricks that have been added after the original tunnel and then there’s concrete above to support it all and of even a little further up the concrete line the roof section as we get to the railway I think that’s the railway that flat section yes we did here just off camera I just hear a trim go over rather a friend or a trump yeah this uh deviation in the floor there this part is actually concrete the brick stops it goes to concrete but that side to all our viewers as we get to another pillar with concrete support shuts of concrete and steel so this has all been added another look at the side somewhere foreign that’s where water has got Behind the Bricks somehow and it’s making its way out there there’s Donnie’s found something what have you found Danny another geocache gosh he is in this in this storm drain so uh oh yeah just fabulous there’s a micro one a micro geocache and so on unfortunately I don’t have a pentas on it we made a very small pan yeah yeah have you seen into Adam before no no I’ve never done geocaches love it so you get like little notes inside and you’re gonna sign them with your um username and it’s worldwide it’s again that you can put like a treasure hunter you’ve ever heard of it yeah like grown-ups wearing a Pokemon um I suppose in a sense yeah a lot on grown ups Playbook I I’ll be honest I play Roblox on Minecraft with Thomas uh check out Thomas Thomas’s gaming Adventures Link in the description box that’s my son is eight and he’s got a YouTube channel so I’d appreciate if you check that out viewers as Danny is checking out that geocache micro geocache right there oh it’s called the BET Valley storm water colder there’s that’s what it’s called can you see that yeah I think so so that’s that’s this geocaching now that we’ve just found oh have you got the geocache app yeah yeah so you’re completing your little geocaching yeah yeah there’s quite a lot of light coming in through there yeah it’s a bit of a mission isn’t it really to um pull all the drains up to fandom yeah I thought it was like Librarians and stuff that did geocaches yeah as well wow oh okay there we go an airbag says he’s basically me Urban exploration uh but explorers which is what we are in that right um but I’m saying yeah yeah just agree to it micro geocache yeah and we’re underneath that Valley roundabout or something I’ve probably said that completely wrong no you found it on Google Maps I don’t know some roundabout and we’re underneath it I went past the railway yeah probably not I had a train there I thought I did it was just going down but what’s all this extra support for them but the valley roundabout is the other side of the Railway we turned right on it and um well I am that’s manifestation so I’ve watched from the river up to here so we’ve just gone under that road that’s what that concrete flat section is yeah I’m guessing it follows us all the way around here is it I don’t know so that’s the railway there all right okay so we haven’t met the railway yet we’re gonna get there obviously soon echoed down doesn’t it yeah slippery so just come off onto a shelf of silk here you seen that dummy treasure treasure that is the handle of a knife a murder weapon yeah it’s just the handle not the blade foreign yes we’ve got Nottingham spring now look foreign [Music] [Music] it’s a shank it’s like the majority of somebody’s Cutlery draw down here yeah I did say yeah you did yeah it’s a phantom Cutlery person where Harry is now with carrot oh yeah I’m not hungry though so according to a strengthened section in the tunnel now and this is where the railway line crosses at 90 degrees over this drag we’ve got a manhole there no geocaching that one but here we can see where it’s all been strengthened we’ve got Steels coming across where the tunnel’s been intercepted large concrete section in the middle and then we’ve got the Steels here drop it up the railway above so if you’ve traveled through the Nottingham Newark and Lincoln line you will look on over the Drone where we are now right above this section here foreign quite a tight curve here looking back at the railway section there in the center of the screen now we’re turning about 30 degrees to the left another night bank cards all right that’s crazy so we’ve got knives scissors and bank cards [Music] that’s quite the modern curve as well you found that Harry airpods no way for the set of airpods those are full set as well isn’t it oh dear just left there set of airpods great for those that don’t know our wireless headphones to rest now up ahead I don’t know if you can see on this GoPro footage viewers the tunnel goes from this section like an arch with black sides it looks like there’s a circular section up ahead looks really photogenic some very large pipes here and what they’re for a very large diameter pipes [Applause] I’m on return balls there so it’s Stern and car London depth forward Dartford Hmm this is where the trouble goes very close organic indeed oh my gosh yeah come on so we’re now looking back towards how we got in which is that way and that’s where the different shapes all makes is circular tunnel which we’re now in we’re setting off this where that’s and up ahead the forward here is quite slippery this is like the layer of silt on top of the bricks and that makes for a slippery on the foot experience as we head off this way Please Subscribe and share why not watch the video on screen now and I’ll see you next week at Thursday at 4pm UK time for the next installments of this Beck tunnel explore bye bye for now

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