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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: My name’s etienne and i’m with extinct rebellion nottingham

brilliant and um what is your goal here today so basically we’re here we’ve got um our messages along the the road here a lot of yesterday lots of messages here wildfires we bring people’s awareness of the climate ecological emergency and we’ve got the sign over there saying cop 26 last chance okay and this is basically to say you know we have the the cop 26 united nations all the nations of the world coming together in glasgow in a few weeks time to try and make a plan a viable sensible plan that’s actually going to work to save our planet for future generations and we’re making sure that people know about it because not sure everyone knows about it and also you know to manage their expectations because there’s been 26 of these and none of them have actually delivered what we need to to to to save our planet so we’re kind of trying to get a very noble cause i mean i i really admire the way that you approach your joints i’m here to do i mean it’s really unbiased i mean as objective as i can even though i do hold strong opinions against you but i do believe that um that if you do have a plan it’s worth listening to yeah so what would the world look like host this discussion and your actions get put get implemented what are the actions are you personally not your whole group personally what do you think would be the sort of subtle first step to to eliminating these problems for future generations yeah well so that’s the interesting question so i’m not a climate scientist or an engineer no but i suspect what we need to do is we need to change our food systems you know we all need to be moving towards let’s just stop you there before we go any further every single piece we’re going to go through i want to just know on a practical level how can we supply the whole country with 100 million eggs every morning without doing battery cages yeah well perhaps we need to have less than 100 million eggs per week or whatever you said so this is a plant-based foods i bought it i’ve got to interrupt today because all the solutions that i do here they are like i would wish that that we could implement some sort of system where every every side of the part is happy where people get cheap cheap eggs for cheap prices and also they don’t have um hens and cage in cages but at the same time we can’t have both no no so no i’m talking about moving away entirely from plant-based uh in the towards a plant-based food system you know where we have you know people may and still want to eat okay society okay how do we plow and how do we um you know um process this food without oil and without without petrol without the capitalist system how do we package these products how do we label these products how do we deliver these products without a capitalist system well i’m not going to say about whether or not it’s a circular economy that we need one that’s imbalanced within the planetary boundaries a book that i really found really influential was called donut economics by kate rayworth yeah and you’ve got to listen to people listen to the experts don’t need to listen to me you know i don’t have obviously i don’t have all the answers to all your questions but these are the things that i probably see is there everybody who’s got a problem with the way the current society is run okay which is fair enough because no one said it’s perfect loads of monopolies loads of corruption there’s a proper puppeteering genetically modified food i’m against the whole sort of stuff i’m i was originally very leftist until i i sort of got into a state of mind where when it comes to a practical pragmatic level the way that the society has been built up is through incrementation of solutions nobody’s decided to put ken’s in cages no one decided to to to pave them everywhere it’s only been done as a convenience and a um a better quality of life for human beings but now you claim now you claim that if we change this society human life will be saved by the climate but in my argument against it human life as a whole will go back to the dark ages because you want us to form our own food no it’s not necessarily no so no let’s let’s just say so again just coming back to it my solution is to put these decisions in the hands of ordinary people like you who don’t know what they’re talking about no offense no yeah but informed by experts on these things and there’s lots and lots of information out there there’s lots of ideas about circular economy about different methods there’s more than one there’s more than one way of running an economy than neo-liberal economics and to be frank let me be really really clear about this yeah all of what you’ve said you may argue is true but it’s going to kill us in the end we have to find alternatives and that is why we will find innovative ways to avoid the consequences as we have done in the past yeah but the consequences will be uneven disproportionately impacting people who have not caused it so the solutions have to be accounting for fairness and kindness okay to all people and also to all life right now okay so you so you you want justice for every um living human being on the planet so no one’s allowed to die no one’s allowed to have a bad day because people are gonna i’m saying people are gonna suffer no matter where you do good concern about confidence because you’re you’re leveraging people’s potential loss against people’s potential loss because either way people will die either way people will suffer there’s a huge disproportionate impact on different people and a different contribution you know and so this is the thing is to share that out more evenly you know for all the black and brown people in the world who are suffering right now you haven’t got it doesn’t matter what color a human being is whether they’re suffering a suffering there’s lots of other people suffering it doesn’t there’s no need to focus on race is there no no it’s to do with parts of the world but why did you mention the color of this skin well because it does disproportionately impact black and brown people what climate change yes it does yes okay absolutely how um in well in the global south give me an example in south america in africa well we have for example and i really must stop so i’ve got to be here today tell me an example of how climate change has affected somebody just because they’re brown well it’s not just because they’re about it’s where they live yeah it’s where they live and their extractivist why did you select that particular group of people against anyone in iceland who’s having problems with it oh yeah there were of course there’s people out there why did you select that no because what i’m saying is because why did you think that was relevant to the conversation right why did you think it was relevant to the conversation to make sure somebody’s calling over this school because this climate emergency is founded on a basis of extractivism yeah and extracting uh you know labor and resources from parts of the world that are not ours yeah and that is that that is not ours so you believe in ownership there no no absolutely not no that’s the whole point that’s what colonialism has done it’s spread all around the world it’s taken stuff taken people away from what we’re saying so clonely so colonialism was only negative then say that again so colonialism was only negative then what do you mean you’re saying that colonialism was only negative on everyone well it seems like a very bad impact on a lot of people let’s face it i would disagree and i would say i would suggest that you know um they were definitely taking resources they were definitely manipulating the government they were definitely taking from countries but as a side problem as a side product of that india’s got the best railway in the world and there’s lots of education and and systematic structures put in place in these countries that were never there there’s no libraries there there’s no schools there’s no police stations there yeah exactly so um you you seem to choose to only choose them to to view the negative aspects of everything with capitalism and not not not view the positives of capitalism you’re sitting here right now in a nice quality clothing that somebody in malaysia made somebody who’s a child slave made your trainers and yet you’re in the city center in this metropolis telling me that you’ve been that’s terrible but you’re an example of somebody who’s a hypocrite do you say that people in other countries that are black brown and white or are creating and suffering from colonialism but yeah you’re the you’re the source provider of these clothes that they’re waiting in the system there’s no doubt so what are you doing there etienne well i’m trying to ask for people to change it i want to change why don’t you change it well i’m trying to change why didn’t you where to wear nothing no moccasins go and weave your own clothes right i’m going to go on thank you very much for your time thank you what’s your name philippo and what’s where’s that all this is john do you want a card yeah have your cards here it’s just getting silly thank you very much you know just because we are part of this system doesn’t mean we shouldnt say i want something different and i want a future for people change starts at home of course it does change for yourself change yourself the world will change < YOUTUBE GENERATED

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