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ian uh i’ve looked at the weather forecast in dover tomorrow and it’s not great uh has there been any contact initially with dover about what the state of the state pitched tomorrow potentially uh not that i’m aware of but i think we’ll have some contact with them but um yeah the weather doesn’t look good i’m sure we’ll speak to them later but there’s nothing that they can tell us before tomorrow anyway uh but i would assume if it’s not good in the morning we’ll there’ll be an inspection like there was against halifax and we’ll see how it is but i’m very hopeful that the game’s gonna be on uh we’ve heard nothing else if if we get to that position are you confident that dover would have the early pitch inspection that they would be more transparent than they were last time no idea we’ll see um we have to see how the the pitch is i mean we’ll we’ll take contact with them later and find out um where the land lies with that but yeah obviously there was some mistakes last time hopefully the the same mistakes don’t happen again there was uncertainty of course before the halifax game before that was declared on i mean how difficult for you as a head coach is it to prepare for games when you’re constantly having this thought at the back of your mind um it’s it’s not ideal but like we when we got to halifax we knew there was a pitch inspection at one and normally when we’re at the hotel we were gonna leave at one so therefore we go through a lot of tactical things at court to one and the team and a lot of information um and it was strange like quarter to one doing that and then knowing well in 15 minutes i might get called that says it’s off but we just prepare as if the game is on that’s all we can do um so that today’s training was geared towards that everything tomorrow will be geared towards that and then yeah if it’s if it’s off it’s off we can’t do anything about it but uh very hopeful that it’s not the case tomorrow and we’re preparing for a game how pleased were you with that performance on saturday given the uncertainty before the game the fact that you made quite a few changes and the way that knots went about that yeah i mean halifax have been excellent this year a really good team certainly at home not an easy place to go pitch was not great um and i thought that we we dealt with it well we didn’t change too much how we want to play um i think you see even the last goal is like 85 minutes and it’s a build up from sam uh both center halfs are on the ball before we play through and then jaden drives through so i think we’re still playing the way that we wanted to play and we were brave to do that on that pitch um and it helped us win the game so i was happy with that and uh really happy that we changed seven players that players that haven’t had that many minutes get to come in against a very good team and show what they’re capable of which just makes my job harder but obviously it’s a great position to be with so many good players that want to play that must be really encouraging that you’re seeing that type of performance on that type of pitch especially with a game at a place like dover tomorrow yeah i think you do have to adapt a little bit we know that the ball doesn’t run as well and you need those extra touches and in some games we haven’t adapted as well like bromley away he was a little bit slow tempo on that astro turf and um but i thought we adapted really well and and um we still played to the the way that we wanted to do but we adapted well fewer touches and when we got the chance to to play through them we did um and and like ourselves i was happy it was a strong away performance i just spoke with with jaden richardson who was very modest about his speed uh and in comparison to other members of the not squad is he the quickest member of the squad do you think and how impressive you’ve been with him over the last you know few weeks and months especially given the build up for that second goal oh he’s been excellent he’s been excellent i mean he’s coming and he’s uh really embraced the role that we’ve given him he knows that in our way of playing he gets to bomb forwards and and i think that’s where he’s certainly at his best is when he gets to utilize his pace and go forwards quickest in the squad probably but we’ve got a few quick ones as well i know aaron the main off the mark is is really quick um so it’d be interesting to see i’m sure i’m sure we’ve got it somewhere on the gps recorded who’s the quickest um but yeah there’s a few in there to compete with that but jane’s certainly up there david tomorrow then a couple of home games and then we’re heading into march it really feels that that’s going to be a month that would almost define the season given the opposition that you’re playing such a short space of time as well probably um but i think you have to we have to be ready for every game um and if we’re not you know we’ve we’ve seen where we’ve had uh slip-ups in games that maybe we should take points and we haven’t um certainly away from home so it’s not only about the big games we’ve got to make sure that we’re prepared for dover away eastly home and and not get too far ahead of ourselves those games will come and they’ll all be i’m sure we’ll as each game gets ticked off we’ll talk about how important this game is and then that game will go and the they will have the same conversation for the next game so they’re all going to be very very important games and um you know we we i think we got we hopefully go into it very well prepared knowing that we play some of the the teams at the top end of the table but i think we we had a similar kind of run we had those three losses in a row and then we had a similar kind of run where we played stockport solio dagenham grimsby all in a short space of time and we did really well out of those games so um i think we we enjoy that challenge well davis form speaks for itself doesn’t it but you know at home they’re not being turned over every single game they’re having tight games you’re expecting something similar tomorrow yeah i mean you look at it i think if i’m right and you can correct me but i think i think chesterfield drew down there i think wrexham won one nil in the 80th minute eight fourth minute uh they only lost one nil with ten men away at stockport the other week so like you say they’re of course their league position is not good and they’re they they don’t have a great uh results this season but at the same time they haven’t been immense in some games but in many games have been tight games and very difficult games for the opposition so um i think it’s one that you you really despite the league position uh you’d be deaf to underestimate because you see in in some of the games like if i use stockport away i mean how good have stockport been lately and dover went away there and only got beat one nil and they had 10 men for about 60 minutes of that so clearly not a team that is just lying down they’re not doing that they’re competing in the games so we absolutely have to be ready for that

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