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Notts County Vs Nottingham Forest #magpies


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Notts County TV Vlogger reports on Sports News football Match Notts County vs Nottingham Forest latest friendly 2022

Notts County TV Vlog vs Forest Draw Match day Sport News

Ross County tour it’s Match Day first

time I’ve ever vlogger friendly but it’s

the forest friendly at home first time

back at medley since the uh disaster

against Grimsby so

um a lot has changed since then an awful

lot we’ve talked about a lot on the

channel Luke Williams a lot of signings

Carl Roberts has just gone I’ll talk

about that a little later but um yeah

big big rush now so back from work it is

six o’clock gotta go and pick Jordan up

I’ve seen James at the game so

um I’ll catch up with you when we get

there interesting one no sets of fans

want to lose no sets of fans want to

lose this one

um if I was to put the line apart early

or their squad for tonight it’s not the

strongest surridge in there might turn a

couple of others but far from their

first team no Jesse lingard

unfortunately for Carl Cameron’s pocket

um disappointing

but yeah it’s one of those where I

really like to win this game but also

I’m more bothered about the opening game

of the season against meeting that so

yeah it’s one of them love to love to

beat it for us though shirt on food

eaten just leaving the house

um looking forward to the team news I

want to see as many players as possible

get a few minutes hopefully Austin I’m

not sure if he’s um if he’s injured or

not so yeah it’ll be interesting to see

uh to see how we line up who’s join me

lovely lard score prediction

it’s busy in it it’s busy yeah it is

very busy it’s very busy about so

Jordan’s going to to seeing the forest

line up might come back to bite me I’m


two one knots I think

um should be an interesting one

obviously very busy I’m not sure as a

forest fan and I paid 15 pounds for my

ticket would you be happy with the team

that put out probably not but it’s

pre-season you got to expect sometimes

that that might happen yeah we’ll have

to see no no Mighty Palmer for knots

some people are saying that’s a sign is


um I’m very much hoping it’s like this

in it’s an injury because if we were to

lose Roberts and Palmer in the space of

a couple of days

disaster pretty much so the momentum

building up for the season just goes

doesn’t it so yeah and that would really

put a damage on the start of the season

for me but we’ll see how it goes I’ll

keep you posted throughout the game

still kick off

um I’ve seen so many Forest runs in the

Homer I don’t understand that uh just

like I wouldn’t want to see not

expansive in another home

being a you’re not sure in the Forest

Lane I don’t really see that I know it’s

not a massive rivalry but still anyway

not until kickoff

last night to see

making a lot of lot and so yeah it

should be a really good one I said two

or three minutes till kickoff it’s now

been delayed at 8pm

I’m really busy so

so another


are very very even not explaining it

around all right

no one’s watching this

as Ruben Rodriguez will be getting

started based on the first 30 minutes

unbelievable performance so far inside

almost made it one nil

um playing really really well Ruben best

player final so far it should have been

one deal though Corner tonight

we’re looking really good to be fair and

I know it’s not the forest Thursday but

there’s some decent players in there


again really really good I think so

we’ve asked him Ben’s a shot and I think

they’ll keep us towards me it was pretty

well to uh

another corner for an artist uh not sure

who’s taking it possibly Francis

swings it in it’s a low one not a great

one but it’s come back out to

Francis again can you put it in and

clean away well that’s really impressive

really really impressive they look

really good

I want another free kick before it’s

getting a bit frustrated that’s clear

though there’s some like really good

point I play as you can see the higher



there’s our motor finally I was talking

about storage gets a chance Ben’s in

pretty good finish to be honest not

going straight down the other end of

deflection and it’s hit the post Reuben

taking a couple of touches too many just

needs to hit it but let’s have another

Corner must be

we go short again

um not really making the most of these


Reuben’s just playing Havoc isn’t he

he’s drifting the ball in Great Wall and

another corner but not it’s really

really good play but it’s not very

quality it is it’s uh

all right



assume from the opposition of Medellin

Direction goal uh

like a really good finish

do well to get back into it but two more


2-2 now second horse been really really



they’re really good

thank you

that’s brilliant balls through from uh

Cameron it falls in the Box Lang staff

challenges thank you for Smith and it

falls to Austin takes a long long time

something we would in the last season

and just skied it he’s taking his time

and he’s put it in well again this has

been two two still taking on towards 80

minutes Reuben’s just had a shot saved

and then Austin I think it is to put

over we’ve won the ball back again

pressing High seven Scott’s got it in

the corner running his mind gets the

ball in

is pretty decent

um Smith so 2-2 Anything could happen

it’s sort of end to end now it’s really

been given man of the match

unsurprisingly this video is not to try

and uh get people enticed them to buy

Ruben but he’s been absolutely

unbelievable like the best bet on the

pitch by Empire

um his progression since it’s been a

knot has been staggering how much he’s

he’s progressed so man of the match 87th

minute uh this is not I would not be

surprised for a late Forest winner

um but yeah regardless it’s been a

really enjoyable game

just got in from the game really really

enjoyable one from a Knot’s perspective

yes Forest weren’t at full strength by

any means they still had a few decent

players on Martin Suraj uh loud Taylor I

thought the goalkeeper was decent not

heard of him before but from a Knot’s

perspective it says actually I wanted to


um teams that they’re just gonna battle

against everyone play really really well

some massive standout performances in

there Ruben langstaff Austin was

fantastic I thought Baldwin was

fantastic but drawing me good when it

came on chicks and his use yourself

Cameron good I could go through the

whole list

um and it was just a it was very very

encouraging for Knox point of view it

did nothing to dampen my excitement for

this season and I’m still going with

knots to win the league

um just Pippin wrexham based on on that

performance as well so I think massive

positives for me I can’t wait for the

maidenhead game get that York one out of

the way hopefully you don’t pick up any

injuries touch Warden and keep it going

two things we need to work on some


pretty good


but his kicking needs to improve

where they will look to to build on that

I don’t know whether sign in and the

other is Corners I don’t think we have a

set piece Corner taker that we’re really

trusting the main took some Francis took

some Vincent so it’ll be interesting to

see how we saw that before the start of

the season but massively impressive this

preseason so far one more game to go if

you have enjoyed the video please don’t

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the game and what you thought

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