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  • Nottingham Forest – Liverpool – Doreontour! #nffc

    Nottingham Forest – Liverpool – Doreontour! #nffc

    us what’s going on people it’s mr back again with another match day vlog and it’s fa cup time nothing for us v huddersfield and yes the winners get liverpool in the next round we played hospital twice in the league we beat them two nil at their ground and we lost one nil here…


  • Nottingham Panthers Highlights Manchester Storm

    Nottingham Panthers Highlights Manchester Storm

    welcome along to panthers tv live the nottingham panthers against the manchester storm on your sunday afternoon pre-match festivities he’s all finished the ukrainian national anthem ringing out before god save the queen as a mark of solidarity show that the nottingham panthers and everybody to a man inside this building standing with the ukrainian…


  • Forest vs Sheffield United Prep #coyr

    Forest vs Sheffield United Prep #coyr

    The Nottingham Forest Lads are preparing for the match with Sheffield United.


  • #Nottingham Forest Must Beat Preston Preview

    #Nottingham Forest Must Beat Preston Preview

    [Music] hello everybody lot my name is max welcome back to my youtube channel and yet another non-m forest match preview in today’s video we are going to be previewing our away match against preston north end on today the 22nd of february away from home it’s gonna be a tough fixture we’re gonna be…


  • Talk Forest TV Podcast #coyr #nffc

    Talk Forest TV Podcast #coyr #nffc

    [Music] come on [Music] hey guys what’s going on it’s talk fast tv we are back with the latest and tv news ask for you showing your alive as well which is quite nice because obviously we’re all getting quite a few live streams this week so i hope it’s quite nice i’ll see the…