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• Sneinton Tunnel on the Nottingham Suburban Railway In this video, we take a look inside Sneinton Tunnel, one of five Tunnels on the short Nottingham Suburban Railway that has now been closed for more than 70 years. Beginning almost beside where Thorneywood Station was once situated, we take a look at the site around the tunnel with many black & white images to compare back to. Sneinton Tunnel is now enjoying a second life where since 1971 has been a shooting range.

[Music] [Music] so [Music] everyone welcome to another disused railway explorer in nottingham we’re about half a mile out of the city center you’re about how many miles from where you live 86 86 miles from where this guy lives this is andrew from alw research team and you’ve come to join me to have a look inside stenson tunnel 183 yards in length it’s the fourth one along this route of the nottingham suburban railway which had a lake for 3.65 miles so there was ashwell tunnel then there was sherwood tunnel nearby forneywood tunnel so over there we’ve got carlton road you can see the walling of the underbridge now it’s on the right hand side it’s still present on the left-hand side it appears to be gone and stenton tunnel is just a little way over there there’s andrew and that was once 41 station down there opened in 1889 but it only lasted until 1916 when it was closed to passengers and the line closed in 1951 where the station was there was also another tunnel and a short branch coming off and that was to provide access to a brickworks which was locally it’s just a short little stump of railway maybe less than a quarter of a mile in length so i think it’s time to get ourselves over this busy road down into the cutting of the railway and see if we can find snenton railway tunnel so let’s take a little look where we are on so right in the center you have got carlton road that’s going diagonally up left to right on your screen at the top we’ve got the site of the former forneywood station and you can just see a little spur going off to the right hand side where it says peacock healthcare now that is where the fifth tunnel is the one with no official name now if we go further down you’ll see a lot of turquoise lines now this was industrial track work for a brick works which was actually on top of snenton tunnel and the surrounding area just to the left of the tunnel and that is exactly where we’re going today slengthen tunnel let’s see you back down there [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so the blue brick on top of the carlton road x over bridge look it’s got heaven brick company tamworth staffordshire so they’ve come a fair distance maybe about 50 55 miles from where they were manufactured and it’s on every few it’s another one there look that one’s faded and so forth on the other side of carlton road now that’s the other side of the wall so you’ve just seen me walking along the pavement on the other side of that wall and you can see where we are in this filled in section of the track bed we’re at road level roadside level on the other side and look at the ground below so you can see that this would have been quite a cutting on this side and further down that way i think i can see the portal to our snedenton tunnel this is paul anyone recognize him who are you who are you wobbly runner why robbery roller because i do a bit of running and i’m quite wobbly i’m like a tree every year i seem to develop another layer every christmas like a tree is that why you’re exploring branch lines recently yeah that’s amazing i got into it over a lot down so i used to live on bait and junction if anyone knows it up near sheffield so just an absolute slight catnip like catnip is thrilled yeah oh yeah yeah yeah where you get from the uh the rover valley country parking is then viaducts that go over the roads and then you’ve got spin kill tunnel which we’re doing eventually yeah yeah we just gotta wait for the flood to die down yeah anyway he’s gonna make a video on this as well so i’ll put a link down below to his channel and you know give him a like [Music] so we just come from up there carlton road is about a two-minute walk just up there now you can see we’ve come down where the infill is and we look like we’re coming down to track bed level now because if i turn you a bat you can see this great oof just here like making fun of me but at the same time there it is look there’s scent and some are waiting for us so that confirms we’re at track bed level and it’s only a matter of time before we get inside let’s say it’s 183 yards long so we’ve definitely been in longer but i don’t even think it’s gonna be the shortest one we’ve been in what’s the shortest one you think you’ve been in uh it’ll be sugarloaf or weedly yeah yeah so about 100 meters long i think but it’s a first time experience for me i’ve never walked down in my entire life and i’ve lived in nottingham for most of it [Music] [Music] also just outside of math look how high the embankment is this cutting is severely deep it’s very very high it’s only on one side look it’s just a little embankment on the other side and that could have just been put there in recent years now we were just talking we feel this tunnel isn’t deep enough from the arch top in the center just up there right down to ground level it feels as if it’s a bit like it’s partially even filled it doesn’t look high enough it’s not is it no that tunnel that trap bed level must have been further down [Music] [Applause] [Music] a quick look above the portal now look we’ve just come around and it is in pretty good condition nice bit of iron fence in there or steel and you can see the track bed back towards forneywood and sherwood that’s where we were at the very beginning of the film just a little way up there now in the video itself inside the tunnel there probably isn’t going to be a lot of dialogue from myself uh because there are going to be other people in there and there’s lots of other noises that might be intermittently in there as well and plus andrew is just basically he’s just very loud so i don’t want to we don’t want to hear you either do it no no we do really um so i think it’s time to get inside [Music] [Music] [Music] so with our on track we’ve come down around about six feet would you say six seven feet and our theory at the beginning of the video that it was still in filled at the portal let’s get that light out of your face still feel that the portal came to fruition and we are now done onto the lower level exactly where the track would have been the various amount of soot saw the walls look on the side on the archway and little bits on the opposite side too we’re gonna take a slow walk down the tunnel now it’s infilled and if we see anything of interest on the way down i’ll tell you about it [Music] [Music] so we’ve found what would have been a first refuge looks it’s bricked up it’s got an arch top excuse the strobing it’s because there’s some very bright lights in here and you can see it’s got the curved button i was talking about how we believe the portal had been filled in at the beginning hadn’t we so what we’re roughly thinking is about when this white line is of the paint if you follow that all the way along and you’ll see some lights there now that is where the floor is that was on before we step down into the track bed level of the tunnel that we’re in now so he does up firmware suggestion that the teleport is still semi-filled in yep let’s get ourselves a bit further down and see if there’s any more refuges and get ourselves closer to the infill [Music] look we’ve got some shooting targets here it’s been heavily used because it did used to be and it still is a shooting range since 1971 it has been repurposed as a firing range and it’s a club that members can come along too straddle all the way through the tunnel of these railway sleepers that have been repurposed all the way down you can see the strip lighting all the way down that’s where the sleepers and also another infield brittle refuge [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so i found this guy again what are you doing what are you doing it’s in a tunnel do it wrong it is a bit chilly in here yeah the temperature’s dropped and um there’s still quite a bit of evidence in there you know it’s like walking into an abandoned tunnel which isn’t being looked after from purposes such as a shooting range it doesn’t feel like a railway tour i don’t think you know i’ve not got a massive experience definitely yeah yeah i’ll bring the lights you bring the food hey do you want to see to any queen of amazon i’ll show you the difference yeah i got done putting it on because it was blinding everyone [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we’re halfway up the infield now andrew sat at the top look like well king of the castle and it’s very very soft sand that we’ve come up you can see if i put my foot on it it moves around it’s going to get a little bit firmer as we walk up this last bit and also i believe there you go you can see me now when we get to the very furthest point we’ll then see where it’s been infilled we’ll be at the tunnel portal on the other side and we’ll get to see infill which has been scooped in on the opposite side these two here they won’t let me come up can i can i come up or not yeah so this is it this is as far as we could go that’s the tunnel roof that i’m touching just above and there’s a curve just there which is the tunnel mouth just there and on the other side is the infill where the tunnel was filled in that’s remarkable isn’t it let’s get ourselves back down and walk through the other side so we’re gonna make ourselves back down the sandy section and back down to the trap bed level again oh what you’re doing [Music] so [Music] so [Music] so so you may be wondering where the infield portal is above ground well let’s take a look at this very old map now right in the center going from top to bottom you can just make out the railway lines and on the right hand side you can see skipton’s circus now next to skipton circus on the left you notice it is a cutting with all those dashed lines and the railway line going through it just above that you can make out a section which is not a cutting from here and down to here which puts the portal at the very tip of what is known as shelford rise which is just here on the map and if we jump back onto again you can see skipton circus you can see shelford rise and you can even see the turquoise lines which was for the industrial track work above the tunnel and around it for the brickworks on site so that’s 183 yards of totally goodness of snenton tunnel on the former nottingham suburban railway four tunnels along this through route it was closed in 1951 what do you think to that it was brilliant that was that was great well worth coming on a permission visit yeah you know it’s not always about getting into places abandoned because some of the ones that’s even looked after are still worth nosy and because it’s still railway history at the end of the day like subscribe and comment on his video because he’s going to put a similar video to this one on it’ll be well worth a lot we’ll put the links down below and comment below also on this and like and subscribe and any suggestions you’ve got for me or him or him and me whichever way around see you in the next one take care bye-bye bye-bye [Music] you

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