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Forest Vs Sheffield United Vlog – Doreontour


forest vs sheffield united vlog  doreontour KHPtCWSo
Forest Vlogger Doreontour Sheffield Match Review Loss

oh what’s going on people it’s mr dove back again with another match day vlog i hope everyone’s fit and well big game for nazi forest the playoffs has arrived cannot wait for this game um foreign i’m confident i’m so confident that we can get a result today and um i’ve said all week that we can get a freedom win um i’m still going for it i’m still going for the three no win and i’m excited i’m so excited i’m not nervous um and i’m buzzing for this game no no do i am i’m in sheffield i’m supporting mr du daily des alden on this park run so everyone make sure i subscribe to two daily um there’s quite a few separate iphones as well this is a bit of boo when i saw the badge but i don’t care come to wreck the nottingham forest and um yeah it’s gonna be a crazy day um but yeah before i head to chef united make sure everyone subscribe to the channel thank you everyone that has subscribed because i’ve reached the 7k and um my next target is 8k so if you can please support mr daw on getting ak i can’t wait i’m looking forward to it and um and everyone’s picture score predictions as well um but i’m excited but come on forest first leg let’s do this there’s dad just finished his part run he’s luckily as hell everyone subscribe to do daily but i’m trying to get some pictures from sheffield fans all right so i’ve got a shift united fan and robert big game what’s your prediction for today one one one one yeah i want one oh don’t get me up the first games are always tight yeah so you can do it do what we’re in first leg my second leg you can win we can draw we can lose it so i’ve got the chef knight fan called steve how you feeling today confident you’re confident oh yeah what’s your score two one or three two device no no oh you’ve got quite a lot of players missing today um there’s a lot of forwards out but um we’ve been playing uh gibbs white and yeah and burger king’s wife don’t need a striker i’m more scared of them last but not least we’ve got as good a chance as any yeah we’ve got as good a chance as any you know it uh i think i think it is fairly even you know all the teams that are left in there and playoffs have got a chance i think if we’ve got two goal advantage after today yeah i’m confident yeah left block up the reds not the blades so it is lee goodburn what what’s the score prediction lee uh one nil foreign in truth or expand style i will be watching it on my phone while the survey is going on that is shocking up the reds all right ben uh greetings from tenerife uh it’s about 45 minutes before kickoff and we’re going down to the pub to watch the match um it’s been a tough one i think the blades were screwing really put lost under a lot of pressure and we’ll score 85th minute onwards uh go on a free cake top corner yes [Music] welcome to my stock predictions gary what’s pitching me okay three one today three one yeah i feel confident today yeah i’m moving it real quick quick quick quick question was that you wouldn’t win this morning and you didn’t i did one nil forest samsuage take the lead back to the city behind beat them six nil sheffield get back to you every time we play jeffy you’ll get batted what’s yours what’s yours uh definitely two one or two nil definitely taking that let’s see what yes yeah everyone’s confident everyone’s confident uh the legend this one what’s your prediction three one loving it lovely little loving it the man the legend i’m gonna go against everyone one-on-one right what do you just ask me what the score is okay okay i’ll take that and i’m saying and some guy just comes along for something i was saying steve i could see you’re being tight you’re three nearly ridiculous why is that right i’m conquering because they’ve got the second best home record in league i think you’ll be i think it’ll be a tight game here i think it’ll be one one that’s a three-nil forest everyone thinks i’m not confident but i i think i’m going for it 3-1 forest time we can do it i’ve got the legend foxy she looks like a parking people everyone head says one one heart says we’ll win two one i’m gonna make it clear i said if forests get promoted yeah i’ll dye my hair purple get rid of the grace we know you’re doing it you are doing it clear watching the advantage for tuesday and then tuesday i mean she get even more cold and then we’ll just win you make sense [Music] because i made um garner and johnson i’ll be going off that’s the problem yes we’re going to wembley and then and then it’s a one-off game are we going on never said yeah are we going on that’s because never say are we going up second back dreamers very nice do you think we should do it up okay come on boys what did jason say about okay all right [Applause] [Applause] yeah on oh come on come on [Applause] come on [Applause] oh [Applause] football oh that’s how you’re feeling come on [Music] [Applause] one [Applause] yes [Applause] oh now that’s five minutes [ __ ] wow a little bit about the wrath of russell their keeper is [Applause] call back um we haven’t tested properly it’s just sometimes his inconsistencies his movement at times by the time he pulled off to make the same mother’s running johnson but if it held his run i just created a different angle for a pass we could have been through but um you know all around they’re all doing well there’s a solid back fans of bay and sandwich and brush stuff he doesn’t need to rush this yeah if he rushes all right come on [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] shocking um [Applause] [Applause] one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh a long way to go oh baby no way to go yes because the game is [Music] three oh having it on support unbelievable [Applause] oh [Applause] hello we get the first goal we get the first goal on tuesday night his ass yeah you can always take a victory we don’t win so to win now grandma lane get in there all right so like i said back to you on tuesday i can’t wait i can’t wait if you enjoyed this vlog people please do hit the like button subscribe if you’re new if you can get two i don’t know my target it’s one of those 8k before if yeah and remember first away gamer next season we’ve got robin hood over here here we go if we do if we do get to emily and he gets to 8k by then maybe he’ll switch it up to made marion if you get that if we if i get to 8k before i’ll get to wembley then he’ll switch it to main marriage i’ll switch to me marion we’ll get to 8k [ __ ] right thank you love people and i’ll see you on tuesday bye [Music]

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