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chances in Nottingham she also said the wage we earn for what we do is ridiculous I’ve stopped going out and buying makeup I had to borrow money from my friend’s Granddad the other day with food bills and rent the pay is just not enough these are just a few examples of numerous residents of the city who are not happy about their City these have aired their opinion in the media some of them even used awful expressions what the council is doing even if the authorities in

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foreign [Music] poorest cities in the UK Nottingham oh my Nottingham so we wish to exclaim alas salvos being fired from both sides of the Divide hasn’t given us a cause for exaltation in Nottingham can you count the number of times Nottingham has been named the poorest city in the UK within seven years there is definitely some requiring attention in and about this city oh you who dislike Nottingham please know that you haven’t found support in this video and you enthusiastic admirers of this city we’re not out here now to increase your fan base as usual we would look at the available facts regardless of fervent rebuffs of figures by the city officials and serve you nothing but the truth figures in public domain let’s peep into what available data reveals about Nottingham’s situation we start with figures from the office for National statistics the ons Nottingham’s gross disposable household income gdhi is the lowest in the UK according to the last available figures the average yearly after tax earnings in the city is 12 445 pounds with that amount residents of Nottingham residence earnings are over seven thousand pounds less than the national average those who consider this alone will be justified in their assertion that Nottingham is one of the poorest cities the employment rate also doesn’t bode well for the city according to the last available figures only 57 percent of all Nottingham’s 16 to 64 year olds are at work this is the lowest employment rate of all major cities in the United Kingdom just one of the reasons the city is the poorest of 179 areas across the country but when you look at the overall scores Nottingham isn’t just at the bottom it’s so far behind the rest as expected this breeds crime the rate of which has increased across the region we all know that there’s a close link between deprivation and poverty and crime while explaining his decision to establish the Nottingham School of boxing in the city Marcellus baz of sneinton a repentant gang member said that he saw that there were many areas of deprivation in the city and he wanted to get the youth there to work council’s rejection this is to be a kind of indictment of the city council we therefore understand it keeps rejecting the ranking giving a lot of reasons well this is not an isolated response this has always been the position of Nottingham’s Council one of the reasons given by the council is that it has many affluent suburbs that aren’t captured in the figures as part of the city’s official boundaries for that reason the results they said have been skewed by geography the council further states that based on its own calculation the figure that would truly represent the city’s situation is sixteen thousand pounds per person once affluent suburbs like West bridgford and Beeston have been included the council believes that Nottingham would move up to the 56th position of the UK districts if the places where people have more disposable income are included in the city figures it claims that more than half of the people employed in Nottingham City live in surrounding districts also the city council always blamed the unusually high student in the city for the low ranking as usual the council says the city’s apparent poor economic performance is a result of 46 000 students who are less likely to be in full-time or well-paid forms of employment according to the council the figures of these people have diluted those of the individuals in well-paid and highly skilled jobs who live in more prosperous adjoining boroughs commenting on what statistics say about Nottingham City Council leader councilor David Mellon objected we know that our City’s tied boundaries and High student population make statistics like this present Nottingham in a much worse life than is actually the case he however unwittingly conceded what the council was contesting by adding but we also know that people are facing very real challenges in their everyday lives he declined the decade of government austerity and Welfare reforms and a lack of action to rebalance the national economy such that attention will be given to other cities Beyond London residents real life experiences the council appears to be alone in their denial of what is obvious as many people in this city are still struggling with poverty residences have bitter experiences to relate regarding living standards in their City one of them is David Adkins a 58 year old man who has been unemployed for 19 years due to health reasons he is now living on employment and support allowance Esa he feels terribly isolated because he has no money within one year he accumulates debt of up to two thousand pounds now he has to cut back seriously to pay it off we don’t know whether this isn’t a bit exaggerated he said he sometimes goes a day or two without eating and he may have to rely on his friends for weeks because he has absolutely nothing consider also the case of 53 year old Maria Fern a regular visitor to the food bank she confessed to having rifled through Supermarket bins so that she could feed herself and her son to make the matter worse for her her disability living allowance and benefits she depends on to care for her son were cut both of them now had to live on about 145 pounds a week she lamented I feel embarrassed I can’t provide for my son or by his shoes or uniform it’s bad yet another Paul retiree is Michael McHale a 65 year old walking past the food bank having lived in Nottingham all his life he said he felt sorry for the generation of younger people now looking for jobs in this city he lamented how much industry the city has lost such as the lace Market where they used to make famous lace which has now turned into just bars and Residences now firms like Raleigh bikes manufacturer and a cigarette factory who were paying good wages back in those days have left Nottingham he concluded by asking what are the young people going to do there’s no work for them and finally on this consider the case of a younger Melissa levers the 29 year old mother of one from The Meadows said she wasn’t so surprised by the figures she complained about how Bloody hard it is to find a well-paying job in the city adding that those without a degree and those looking for a part-time job have very limited chances in Nottingham she also said the wage we earn for what we do is ridiculous I’ve stopped going out and buying makeup I had to borrow money from my friend’s Granddad the other day with food bills and rent the pay is just not enough these are just a few examples of numerous residents of the city who are not happy about their City these have aired their opinion in the media some of them even used awful expressions what the council is doing even if the authorities in Nottingham challenge the findings they admit that all is not well with their City economically and they are working out many things they believe that one of the solutions is good support in the early years they cite the example of the excellent work of small steps big changes a lottery funded program to improve the outcomes for zero to three-year-olds they also believe that good education will allow children to be creative and productive in the future in fact they already have many Local Schools rated good and outstanding by ofsted more than the national average and this is a good sign of great progress the council boss said they are focused on ensuring that Nottingham residents benefit from the opportunities presented newly by investment and development that they have just attracted to the city he reiterated their comment to creating 15 000 new jobs for local people within the next four years according to him the council has continued funding welfare support and its debt advice Services he said further that the council has carried out extensive and pervasive improvements to homes while setting up Robin Hood energy with the view to reducing bills on energy the council has also supported employment and is embarking on Training Services and job fairs while appreciating the longtime and unwavering support and dedication of the city’s Partners in progress the council boss said they are working with them to provide the necessary safety net for anyone facing homelessness in the council’s usual fashion he considered the presence of food banks in the city a terrible indictment of modern British Society instead seeing it as evidence of poverty in the city at this point no sincere person would doubt that Nottingham is a city in the tight grip of poverty however is it among the poorest cities in the United Kingdom please tell us in the comment section what would be your position thank you for watching this video please don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification Bell this is learning canteen

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