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[Music] i think for three years kate for four years so i’ve done every top security every special unit everyone in the country i’ve done absolutely every every one of them and you know violence on all of them robert moore’s laid down by kenny noye catwalk kev kevlame curtis warren all of them killed someone with a single punch at outside boots in nottingham city centre what three and a half years for that for a manslaughter [Music] it’s not a murder mate let me beat him so i bit his eyelids off and his lips off and swallowed him but that that’s what i had to do because he’s caught my daughter’s eyes i thought i’m going to score you for life me [Music] i used to have one of those koshers up my sleeve with gassing who said hell this who are you gassing i’m putting back on the sleeve [Music] i’ll have to find out who’s done it tech them round weigh them in get the people to tread on the reds and all that or smash their hands in with hammers and that’s the sort of thing that went off [Music] because was all iris catesy so you’re strapped up in pursuits and with prisoner on the back and there’s helicopters cars guns all around the courts guns are drawn if they’d have found you guilty how much time would you got i died in prison i did my brother got a 35 out of got the same today we have got a massive story loads of viewers have requested this one over the years and if you have seen any of the news stories about the best wood cartel and the gun brothers then this is the one you’ve been waiting for but the thing is a lot of journalists authors click baiters have run with this and there’s all kinds of myths exaggerated stories and dave gunn is going to put those to rest today when he tells his story and his brother is serving 36 35 35 35 rape life yeah and and and dave himself has done over 20 years i’ve done about 23 yeah i’ve done i’ve done 11 out of the last 15 it’s just for nonsense mate but johnny good of you is just the idea of the prisons you’ve been for um on the last sentence i did i was iris kate for three years cutting for four years so i’ve done every top security every special unit everyone in the country i’ve done absolutely every every one of them and you know violence on all of them with staff and you know but it make up for the man that’s why i say he’s and you just have to roll with it but some bad times some good times some good people in there but i’ve actually done lots and lots of different jails and 16 on remand which has caused so they can upset you your routine and then it takes three months for your paperwork to follow you so you can’t study your murder cases because they’ve got it for three months then it follows you it lands on you they move you again and again and again and it’s just non-stop and who are some of the more well-known characters you’ve served time with i’ve done it i’ve been on the special unit with charlie robert mosley done by mckennie noye catwalk kev kevlain curtis warren all of them everybody all the top security leads and your brother then um colin he’s been cat aid for how many years collins now is still high-risk catty but he’s been is the longest one in british history he’s been doing it for 17 years now and he’s been exceptional three times as well uh where you get removed to the unit on ten-man unlock at belmarsh and um it’s just you’re out on your own there was just even bieber and curtis there at one stage but yeah he’s been high risk cutting for 17 years he’s trying to come off it but not much hope of it with the way the police are going on and everything and the silliness they say all right before we get to all that then let’s just go back to you guys growing up what was that like yeah we had rough times you know with single parents and never really had much very clean but my mom had to work every hour god sent just to feeders and everything so you start to thieving and and trying to earn money for the family and you know you’re doing all that to look after the family but growing up it was a it was a good time brilliant but got very handy with the fists and you know just throw your weight about and as children but as you grow up and get older you want bigger and better things don’t you so you just progress into you go from from burglaries robbing robbing garages and things like that and then finally you’re into drugs and that’s where that’s where the money was at the time what about the rave scene did that chill you’re right the 18 were brilliant yeah it was brilliant what was your first race because we came down to we didn’t get down to nottingham we went to birmingham rag market we went to coventry the eclipse yeah stoke and sheffield they had them all up there and they had the first massive one was that 25 000 people won at fantasia at castle i was a brilliant rape when spoonie and top buzz and all that was on yeah brilliant rave absolutely the flyers for all they’re from 89 90 and then the cops seized them and used them as evidence again did they yeah bastards yeah so what was it like taking ecstasy for you and i’ve never really bothered with drugs you know in in them days i mean before obviously it was called ease then it was then white and white was called yeah and and there was all selling there’s one for 25 quid a pill and i said to our kid let’s get into this mate what’s going on how come these wankers are getting all the dope yeah but so obviously you try and you try your own you’re only young 19 and 20 but you get knocked back and that you get a bit angry and but it was great there was good buzz though it was a good buzz he had a good time on him because a lot of like the violence like reduced because liverpool versus manchester they were scared for each other’s cities so animate them both but then they get under ease and they’re all hugging and kissing you you can eat you can eat them one minute and half hour later you’ll be sticking lips on them mental so school then for you what was that like school was good school was great you know no exams are nothing i just dropped out of everything just just just doing my own thing and i was working in old people zones and all that as a child but after school that’s when it all started you’re fighting and meet fighting other gangs and you know you know as children that’s what you did but school was good we had a good a proper good upbringing and my man my mom was busy crackers when the copper’s ready for us she’d be eating them with shoes and also [Laughter] 98 00:06:37,918 –> 00:06:41,279 [Laughter] yeah you said it was gangs what were the games back then well there was there was a best woodlot you know it was known as the best for us there’s only 15 and 16 it’s you know tosses really but you you think the big men don’t get that then he was fighting edwards lane arnold you’re just going around all different schools fighting them just to sit just to show you’re the cop of the schools in that you know that’s how it was and what were you on a path for you were never going to have a straight career well i did i worked i worked for the council as a gardener then i set my own car business up but you you’re constantly trying to do better and earn more and and you know you stop you just start dipping into things and that’s better than this and that gets put on the lead by and you move ahead with this one and you know it’s been a it’s been horrific but it’s been brilliant it’s been a good ride yeah but would i do it again i don’t think i would know you all right to just elaborate on the ride because going from like being in your late teens the news reports were saying this cartel had like hundreds of people work from all this stuff yeah how does it go from that teenager well from from say i was married at 19 me and my wife have been together since was nine years old so we’re married at 19 and then obviously i did in the 80s i was forever doing boast all sentences yp sentences for doing what i do in town fighting and that then you know i killed someone with a single punch at outside boots in nottingham city centre about three and a half years for that for a manslaughter started on you yes my wife just got married and someone’s tried to grope her and and he just went outside i smacked her meetings out on the curb and i got nick for that remanded for that that was the first one and then there’s quite a few guys in prison there’s enough of things like that someone’s got set ups and behind there behind your ear is the weakest part of your school and if you land on it you’re a gunner right because it shoots into your brain right that’s what happens bloody hell were you surprised um was it like you know going to court for all that and stuff was it upset you know well it was part part of the course for me but when you’re young it’s upsetting but as you get older you just get bitter and bitterer and you know it’s hard for your family so when you’re in the jail you get you get drugs in don’t you sell the drugs to to feed your family and everybody was doing it in the 90s that’s how it was you just got visits you shoved it all over your arse and job done no cameras are in days so you knew everybody inside yeah everybody yeah yeah because was prominent at 19 and 20 you know it was well known but so when you got out on that sentence then what was your life like it was good that’s what that that’s when i went back to work and with the council and things was nice and then you need more money than they can pay so and that you get people on your estate at the time who are selling drugs they’re absolute honors and you’re thinking what what what what these earning all this you know driving around in the day it was exile free eyes and that relates to that but if yeah i said to our kid what he’s doing these wankers that’s lovely so we just took it off and yeah and started doing it ourselves that’s how it’s been but i’ll talk about it because i’ve done the jail for it so yeah you know but you’ve got to fill the cupboards or call by crook at that age your family need feeding i have four children yeah so calling them back then was he in and out of the boston as well yeah colin did a few but colin colin used to be known as knuckles because because he’s got massive hands there he just used to snore him yeah just used to put him to sleep in one punch at that so no no one to talk to him when they had problems with colin needs to come and talk to me dave can you sort this out because it’s good to him you’ll just pull the face and bow yeah that’s how it’s always been blessing yeah but it’s good stuff colleen man but they’ve just proper gone to town this time stitched him up yeah yeah we’re gonna get to that then yeah all right so you decide to take over and does that mean like you taxed the local people that were doing it already or no no just we just told them they’re not doing it no more we’re doing it and you’re off the scene and only people sell this around here is us this is our firm’s job and anybody else does it there’s going to be serious consequences so you know and obviously serious consequences happened are you able to elaborate on that well people people got serious beatings and people was put in hospital you know but as far as i i can’t really elaborate anything did you get convicted of stuff around that time yeah i was always locked up yeah i was like not the man of thought i was so what was your next sentence after the one that one um what did i get then i’ve done 15 months three years i’ve done a four and a half eight and a half so was that all drug related no no only the last one was drug related i’ve never been nick for drugs just the last one but the major one is where my daughter was nine years old in a bar she’s having a sunday lunch with my wife and the children and a man’s failing to the table not the coca-cola or whatever she’s she jumps up screaming he’s belted her in the eye so i’ve got a phone call i’ve gone down in me my paul’s got one of them and it’s not a murder mate let me just beat him so i bit his eyelids off and his lips off and swallowed him but that that’s what i had to do because he’s caught my daughter’s eye so far i’m going to score you for life mate he’s bashed all her eyelid open yeah and then as we’ve gone in the boys like that at the bar to my family so i thought you’re going to sleep here mate and then i’m going to go talk to i’m going to go to town on you and that’s what i did i just i just ended him mate with some some fists and feet and then bit him just let him know what what time it is drunk drunk drunk drop a drunk one of them bashing nine-year-olds nine-year-old daughters yeah me nine-year-old child holy like it can’t happen can it it can’t happen don’t happen i got four year nine month for it yeah you should have got a medal yeah and you come and give evidence as well i can’t believe it he was locked up at the time always the way is in these cowards but he’s dead now i seen his wife the other day i said what’s happened to that wanker where is he now i said he’s dead david said for that piece of absolutely yeah but he were locked up during the two years because he battered the bird he was wifey amadeus he obviously stuck him in and then he’s come from shrewsbury because he couldn’t be placed in the midlands because of our connections so he was in jail and shrewsbury come and give evidence he got me four year nine months but you know so does a woman be a kid beat on a snitch and a snake yeah no good cunning i’m glad he’s dead what was the next sentence after that one after that i think i got a three for a violent disorder what led to that it was a new year’s eve party and one of the lads have been through out by the by the host so they’ve come and woke me up i said dave this bloke threw his eyes punched on the nose so we all went around with baseball bats and stoved him in but you know that was the days in them days yeah that’s what happened humiliating people you went to sleep so all these prison sentences so far in the story that you’ve described was it just plain sailing for you because you knew everybody yeah plain sailing you know it just took you on the chin you dealt at the end you play the undone you and you do your best while you’re in jail treat people with respect if they want it they can have it and it’s like that but no one wants it you don’t really want it because you want to get out but you’ve just got to show yourself as somebody who’s not bothered and let’s have it then what about run-ins with the guards yeah i’ve always got on with them to be fair there’s a there’s a i’ve had a few runnings i’ve had a few runnings with them but especially on the special units but in them sea cats and that as a young kid you get on with them all because they all want to smoke me off so the run-ins were later on later on yeah yeah what was the next sentence then after the three would have been what did i get about 27 one for someone for another daft abh punching someone in the eye socket in a club i was always pissed off hitting people not bullying but in my head there’s a reason no no no it wasn’t yeah that’s all you know and you know because i i i’ve always had medication for schizophrenia and all that sort of stuff so in my head i think i’m right and and it’s these come first and i’ll unload a few of them and then after when you realize you know to say i’ll come at me and before you know you’re getting led away in cuffs oh what’s that my big wild woman she’s got like a tumor on part of her brain and she goes from zero to psychosic without so many seconds i know yeah you can do that yeah it’s easy mate yeah so you got you got a string of these offenses then yeah and then what led up to the bigger one that what which one the eight and half one yeah um i had a massive had a massive conspiracy to supply in england the whales with amphetamine heroin and cocaine but never doubt in class as it was only an amphetamine i’m not minimizing it it’s drugs you know he’s banging out of the border but i was dealing in amphetamine earning good money i was earning about 18 grand a week off it so i was having probably out of it but then when we all got bossed could what they done that we had a special branch an mi5 on us right because we was getting that that big all over the country but with all the other lads doing what they’re doing and everything so the beoguard my workers they both with their asses and stole all the jewelry in that but why they was in there they put cameras in the televisions so these there’s videos of them with the misses on the seti and you know the private private videos and there’s like there’s loads of them and they’re they’re talking saying oh yeah dave said to this and dave said to this and it but it brings down the conspiracy didn’t it and then they bugged me car at the ed response the stereo but uh bugged it that was all did you notice the stereo was bugged well i was on my way to york one day and um the person with me i’ll say i said look that’s a different stereo dave that that’s got a big scratching yours had a big scratching this is brand new no it’s not it’s it’s my stereo it’s my cd he said no look it’s gone so i pulled over on the label on the a1 ripped out and launched it and i thought i’m going to sell this car when i go back when i had shush but but by that time the damage had already been done because my powers have been sat there mate doggy saying 22 years i’ve been dealing drugs mate and he got a five year for that just for the car being bugged it falls just admission yeah one admission yeah i got in five years and it it locked me up had the kids working for me they was all bugged and when they got raided i got raided i got arrested in a bistro in in bull in a place called bulwar by on police i sat there with my friend who’s passed away now and they’re coming guns drawn you’re under arrest david i thought it was for them m chargers but it won’t and they come in and nick me for drugs i said what are you all about me anyway that they did have a lot mate so i was i was cathayed for nine kilogram amphetamine went to wakefield prison had two nights there then five in the morning west off to manchester to strange ways on e-wing near the cate unit so i was there for about two and a half months then i got neat for the murders they took me to lao police station um in armed escort helicopter and all that all on please then they brought me back and i realized that was iris cathy and then obviously i’m there that i’m iris kate so let’s crack on with it but it’s a big fight on and so you’ve got to roll your sleeves on and get ready for it so you’ve covered a lot of ground now let’s go back a bit um so you had two days in monster mansion yeah yeah on b wing what was that like great no nonsense on b wings there is on b wing but wakefield roman units just specifically for cate prisoners and obviously there’s a lot of lads who will watch this who know about it who’s been there you know so it’s the last 18 cells on the land and there’s a there was bars there at the time but they had all these nonces there in wheelchairs and that and used to go in the shower i was in with with uh jammer shaw you know the bradford cop killers for the travel agent ones i was locked up with them so because we’re in the showers one day i’ve seen this little nonce in his wheelchair with his leg going knee going up and down scratching his balls out watching us in the shower so it says to jammer go and boil the kettle mate and put some sugar in it so he’s gone on board it brought it back in the shower says come here mate balacar once it’s coming i him straight in his face so he’s going around in his chair bent her foot i thought you dirty bastard people playing with scott watching men in the showers i scolded him but after that it all got sealed off they put thick plastic up all around the wing because they knew we weren’t having that yeah you know and there was all the all the sydney called he married a 21 year old scars fellow there and they married him in the jail just pure homosexuality in there was this before or was i was after paul sykes was this yes sightseeing died by then sexy died by then yeah yeah so good stuff i was in full sun with his son yeah yeah he’s good stuff how did he get left off yeah i think he got life off in the end yeah but he got the the the the the coloured people in there served him up in the showers cut him up yeah served him up but good kid he was wha what was um what was he like then he said he likes his son yeah you’re great he was odd could have a good mate hey he could swing his face he was a unit yeah you know but you know in them in them places everybody who’s been in them will know exactly what i’m saying the the parent paranoid breeders like in the morning you’ll see them coming out screw-faced and they’ll say morning and if you don’t say morning back at dinner it’s going to be on you because they think you’ve got a vengeance with them so they’ll come and knife you in the back of the neck that’s how there was there’s two or three a week in there yeah drive me two murders in there while i was there i was in there with a kid called damien from northampton yeah right and he said dave i’m going on the numbers i’m going to do a nonce i said leave it demo right i mean i’m not going to say his last name i can tell you his last name but anyway he’s going on the numbers he’s killed a nonce called hatch got him up choked him out stabbed him and when the screws have gone to the door he’s barricaded up and this says to him under the door hatch and he had his ambiance they’re saying can’t like talking about his mouth moving so in the end of fourth century and the fella’s dead wow yeah killed him but he said he just he just wanted the notoriety he did lovely kid he’s only doing a seven of summer right but then you’ve got i think you’ve got 25 for it 25 l plates yeah and it comes with life for some people yeah yeah yeah the other one some people like the notoriety don’t they yeah but but you know in general you get the notoriety for a week then you forgot about it somebody else has it and then the thing is if you’re the toughest someone else wants to make them someone else will make a name of you and they’re right as life goes on and carries on you’re getting older and older and older so people think i’ll have a pop at this con and yeah you know they always do that that’s life i’ve done it myself yeah i’ll snore this fella and you just knock them out and obviously it happens all the time so you’ve got to be ready for it yes on our recent tour of the north a lot of people were telling us stories about lee duffy and possibly yeah yeah don’t fake did you hear anything about it yeah i knew a lot about duffy through the newcastle list because sunderland lag weren’t he yeah but orders nails south bank yeah orders nails yeah yeah all the sunderlands loved him still talk about him to this day i think there’s gonna be a movie or something about it yeah there wants to be as well odd as nails maybe that fella was and there’s a book about him in the book about him and fifth graham because with graham yeah well i got a prison he gave me that boy gotta read it mate brilliant book yeah but you know in them days there’s no tvs in in the jail so you just sat there engulfed in books i’m reading in that and when i when i read that one viv graham rated him proper rated him but someone could shot him near his cosworth didn’t they and done it wanker and they got duffy as well yeah got duffer you got me you got end yeah yeah bless him but he could have a go in the only young kid as well we could throw his weight about maybe he didn’t have two folks did they oh the bouncers would just lock the doors yeah yeah they weren’t telling me he couldn’t commit his bolts off yeah vote them all off yeah yeah yes if you’re interested if you’re watching this um we have done the audio books the duffy audio box holder the moon there’s a whole series of them on amazon if you wanna viewers wanna listen to the ozone hopefully we’ll get your book out sometimes all right so two days in monster mansion what was the next one the next one was manchester i went on e-wing there was there about two and a half months got arrested for the murders strange ways to change what was this this was in 2005. because we’ve interviewed loads of people have been in strange ways yeah changeways went to badger you know you know but that’s the man’s home bad people are they imagine what’s that like because manchester liverpool there was a lot of yeah the lot of beef always has been because of the football and that but i’ve gone there and i’ve turned up about half seven in the morning because i’ve gone from wakefield street they’re no court case room says i’ve got all my stone island on and everything i’ve gone bowling down the stairs with my blanket and they’re all like saying who’s this 34 00:22:52,79 –> 00:22:55,119 normally so i got talking to a scarce fellow well two of them two brothers porky and willie become really good powers of mine right and that they’ve said who are you mates i’ve told him he says hang on i made a phone call and he said yeah yeah got his gold good this lad’s got his gold and i was in for drugs and all that obviously they found somebody who’s in the know from liverpool and knows us in nottingham yeah so we got i got accepted then without paperwork and that and then i just cracked on then but made it made made the right meal of it and got knuckled down there’s some good lads there that made some proper good poles did you ever sell me in when you when you just standard cat a on that unit they like to put you in in a cell with someone and i went in with another because i’m diabetic i went to a cell with a kid called stuart granger absolute brilliant kid he’s doing life and that but fantastic kid and he’s about to art now as well so proper brilliant kid love him to be so with proper good close powers and next bumped into him in full sun when i was doing the tours of the top securities and then it made a fuss of me and when you get somewhere sean they take all your stuff off you and you don’t get it for two or three weeks so you hit the wing with nothing and then obviously people know you because people have already earned then people who know you as well and they come and bring bags of theirs food you’re on a meal tonight dave because you cook all your own food in them but your steak and chips and that tonight are you okay for i said yes mate sand you know and just just live that’s what you’ve got to do went up to 21 stone come out 21 stone i did massive but no training just eating fat as they come so he said he was a diabetic was he a diabetic diabetic 34 year old so at that point in your life had you had that coma situation yeah no i had the coma 2000 yeah 2004 i’d had it yeah let’s go back to that then what what happened around there well i i i you know i was a heavy drinker in them days and i’d gone on the session i was having a hey all not food and i’ve gone to bed one night and my brother and i had to break in in the morning because i’m i’m unresponsive so they broke in they booted the door off they’ve come upstairs and um i’ve got i’ve got up swinging so he’s knocked me out just put one on my chin and knocked me clean out phoned an ambulance carried me to the in the back of the ambulance and then followed it in in his range rover got to the hospital and you know i still i was asleep for six days not because of the punch because of my blood sugars went below two millimoles and i went in a coma had you had a corner before that no that’s the first one i had the first one yes but i i didn’t know i was in it and when i woke up right um i’ve come round on that i didn’t know where i was and i didn’t know who was who all i could remember is my mom and colin didn’t know didn’t know my wife sandy didn’t know my children didn’t know nobody horrendous so how long is the rehabilitation from that getting your memory back well he’s still in fully back now and that was 2006 no no my short-term memory is crap long-term i can remember years ago but short-term like what we’ve said up there i don’t remember so we’ll have to write things down so when you got took home from the hospital are you thinking where am i going really who’s this in the car with me i didn’t know and then and then i ended up walking around dead confused i thought i’ll go for a walk because i like a walk i used to have one of those koshers up my sleeve with gas in people say hello dave will you gussom and put it back on the sleeve the lunatic didn’t know what they were doing proper added gun but slowly but surely it was coming back and i could remember things that you just click one more and you think ah this happened and then you say to him he says you know can remember this they said yeah that happened dave and all that but it’s mad because you got an interesting legal situation didn’t you work by because of your memory it was part of your defense defender did you have to talk about that one yeah yes i made what what was the crime the crime was i had uh two murders two i had a normal murder charge for the thing in scotland but totally innocent like every one of us was but the way that the way they did it and i deceitfully was and how they’ve done it you know they ended up convicting three people they got convicted ten to two i was acquitted twelve to none you know everyone believed me but i believe on murder trials and things like that if you’re not willing to take the stand and tell them what’s happened and what’s happened with you and everything who’s going to believe what your embarrassed is saying you’ve got you’ve got to talk about it you’ve got to be open and honest and talk about it that’s what you have to do me so i did all i was in the dock for four days under constant attack but i swallowed it and i answered every question because i went i weren’t lying you see i was telling the gods on his truth and out in the end i was acquitted but i was still on remand for the drugs charge i had not nine kilo of amphetamine and then they ended up getting eight and a half years for that so the media cause i’ve been reading all the media and you’re gonna set some of this straight as well yeah so the media and the videos were saying um they were linking all the murders back to like a tit for tat going back to jamie was it yeah when my jamie uh um it was in a bar where where where was half owners of the barge this is your nephew that’s my dream it was like your son wasn’t it yeah was my sister’s boy but he was always with me i proper looked after him you know and he i used to get father’s day cards off him and everything but what what what’s happened in the in the bar there are two fellas are coming i don’t name them because they’re not worthy of naming right but they’ve gone in the bar they’ve started groping a couple of the birds so the young lads here we used to call the young lads the hyenas because when one went in about 20 of them coming you know you just got smashed to fall so they didn’t realize everyone’s there and once couple have gone into them there were bars gone into them and they’ve smashed trays and bottles in their faces so fair play trend they’ve gone and got gunned up they want revenge so as they’ve gone in the card they’ve phoned marvin bless him never been in trouble in his life just as a worker but they like to plan with the lad so they phoned him up i think about 3 30 in the morning and um i was in spain at the time right so he’s going to pick him up but the man who’s done done the beating with the ash trees was a mixed race kid and i won’t name him either right but they’ve seen marvin as mixed raced pull up in the car get him in the car and drive out as he drove out they’ve shot him in the head mistaken mistaken identity totally innocent made never done anything wrong in his life totally innocent i’m right in front of jamie jamie sat next to him we were obviously blood all over him and i finished he went on a downward spiral mate and um all that all them silly offers and papers not saying he was taking cocaine he was a dorm and he went a doorman and he didn’t use cocaine just when he just went very depressed and on a downward spiral and in the end pneumonia had done him and you know i remember him it was out on the saturday so i’m going um now dave i don’t feel very well mate i’m going home i said okay i’ll come and pick you up tomorrow so i rang him the next day he never answered his phone i thought i’ll leave him lying in and then by that time you’re on a session and that’s my biggest regret in my life not going around his ass you know to fetch him and and then on the monday morning of our phone call saying he died oh horrible mate horrible but then because because jamie had died and then the fellas that shot marvin right the onus was then on us because his parents got killed so they’re saying well it must have been them they must have done it you know and so they put all the work into me and colin of course yeah but but there’s a there’s a lot of people you know i’m not going to slaughter john sterling lovely bloke he was one of my best poles the man who got killed so obviously nothing to do with me i didn’t know his wife didn’t know what she was but i knew her family you know but absolutely nothing to do with none of us it sounds like that one of the shooters was into a lot of stuff one of the shooters of jamie’s mate that killed james was into a lot of stuff because there was um a news report that said when he got found guilty yeah through water through water over the family members of his victim it was it was a mistaken identity so he should have been feeling remorse yeah and said i’m a bad man he looked like he had a doughnut in his head yeah that’s right i absolute absolute terrible mate terrible piece of i’ve never heard anything so cold in my life bad no sense no feeling that’s what they say in it yeah yeah all right so all that drama was going on then and you um you guys the you got the mi5 on you and everybody they’re my five special brands and the only reason i knew at the time i got nick i was i was going out i was going where was i going tennery for somewhere like that and i used to have a burberry bag when we doing and i’ve gone through they’ve snatched it off me counted it and i knew you could take ten thousand pound out of the country at that time and they said mr gone were you going with this ten thousand pound that’s what what the it were you who are you so where’s officers from special branch than that right so anyway i’ve swallowed that thing okay i said i’m going to spend it what do you think i’m going to do and took me back back and just went because you could have that in them days but unbeknown to me and i didn’t find out until 2006 when all the paperwork come through they sat on the plane at the side of me and that sat on the plane in front of me and they come to spain with me and everything so it was them but it was good it was very good i’ll give them that it was excellent mate when you go through your police paperwork and you know that’s before the days of the drones and that but yeah it was on you there was good the photos they had was amazing god knows how they got him yeah god knows so there was headlines scene shotting them now we we’ve got a lot of american viewers uh are not familiar with a lot of this terminology yeah could you explain what shotting them how that came about that name well shotting them because they were saying there was over 20 shootings a month on that i mean and and not just aimed at the best woodlot it was all over black on black white on white and everything there was lots of it but it was called shotting him because they’re saying the city’s not safe the plea because at the time the police didn’t come up best would we please best wood at the time police didn’t come up a park or or drive around or anything we did it so could you expand on that if the viewers you saying you policed it yeah what does that actually mean meaning people who say if someone got burgled they don’t phone the police they phone me and colleen aladds have find out who’s done it tekken rand wear them in get the people to tread on the reds and all that or or smash their hands in with hammers and that’s the sort of thing that went off in them went right down there was no joyriding on the estate because of the children none of that and they’re playing football on the streets anybody who joyride they had their legs done anybody who stole from i said had their hands done that’s what used to happen so i think the americans would relate that into kind of like the mafia don corleone yeah we’ve seen this kind of but we won’t know mafia or we’re just just people looking after his own and you know if someone’s burgling your neighbors let’s get the stuff back and make them feel embarrassed you can beat them and they’re not going to grasp you because they’re not getting grass themselves yeah so you just used to put them to sleep so the next um terminology then that we need to explain to you is the burger bar boys what does that mean the burger bar boys they’re they’re the birmingham lads they they’re relatively they’re at war with the johnsons aren’t there but i know a lot of the burger bars and i’ve got a lot of good friends in the johnsons so i don’t get involved in the mix although they don’t like me for talking to one side from the other but it’s all all jail things you know but yeah there’s some good stuff in them and it’s all started in the rave days didn’t it where they were used to good drilling and slagging each other off on the mic and that’s what started it yeah that’s what doesn’t it so you know colin um what he’s written to us he’s he said certain things that he wanted to get the record set straight on and one was there was an undercover cop who wrote about infiltration burger bar boys yeah has he written about you guys as well he’s written books on us just to feather his own nest no one’s ever met him we in besswood we we call him the crackhead cop that’s what we call him i’m not gonna name him anyone who wants to can google it right but it was a complete out and out drug addict and the closest he got to notting was mansfield on park benches smoking crack with junkies right he’s never infiltrated us because let me be straight here in that day when we when we was proper on top and giving it out right if if we come in the bar and say sean it didn’t know you and seen you in that one of our bars would say who the are you who yeah with get gone and get get ready and then you’d have them all sieving at the mouth all the young tall toured up reddit so we’re doing so who said no you’re not doing it but that’s how it wasn’t then there’s just be two or three hundred of us in the pubs and if you didn’t know his person what’s he doing in there who wants to sit in a bar with 200 youths who were firing and sniffing and smoking and and talled up you’re not going to want to sit there unless you’re all built so you just get rid of them that’s how it was yeah so we didn’t have no there’s no way we’ve ever been infiltrated by the old bill anybody never been infiltrated and then because of all this then you get you get the wanker offers and all that start calling your brother names in that which unfounded and i’ve got all the evidence here off the police because in the police paperwork it says doesn’t if they infiltrate you or not so you know right away yes in mind they said he couldn’t infiltrate us that’s why the authorized wiretap that’s why they do it that’s why they do the bookings yeah because that comes after after if you can’t be infiltrated they put they put tags in your ass and cameras in your ass yeah and the favorite one is where the shoe into your carpet through your letterbox if you fire an arrow into your thing i had one in my ass for four months you had to find a pin it’s a minor opinion and you can’t change your carpet and it has an 100 meter radius to near every conversation yeah yeah yeah holy how about it all 100 meters so you’re sat there whispering in your in your living room with your door shut they can hear you oh my god shagging your misses they’ll you’re shagging your misses it’s the kids who are thinking about getting into the drugs lifestyle don’t do it i think you just delete your text they’re not gonna catch ya what do you say to these kids you’ve got gangster i say don’t do it man mate get a job live your life don’t end up like me and my brother seriously because there’s no dough in it because when you get neat they’ve just took 1.2 million off me so when you get neat they’re going to take everything you’ve got and you’re going to come out scratching your knackers thinking what am i going to do now but you’re going to be wanted like jesse james you can’t do all so keep away from it get a job and make your mum a dad proud that’s all i’ll say about it and i drove that into my grandchildren it’s got to the point now in america if you’re a teenager in your parents car and you’ve got weed in the car cops seize the car and keep it doesn’t it civil asset fought for sure oh yeah yeah just have it now so your mum and dad lost a car yeah [Laughter] so there was a few other stories and legends that you guys wanted to address you and your brother wanted to address what was a journalist wasn’t there yeah there’s a journalist we we we call him the cokehead journalist i’m not going to mention his name he’s not worthy of it but he’s wrote books on us complete fabrication he’s labeled my brother a police informer which could it entirely put his life at risk in the prisoner state you know and then what he’s done then is he’s fed the information on to other journalists then he gets it’s repetitive it gets repeated and repeated and repeated but colleen’s got no voice because he’s iris kate he’s been iris kate for 17 and a half year now so now i’ve got all i’ve got all the information here off the police you’ve had a copy sean and yeah so all the information off the police saying colleen’s never been an informant and he’s never been paid for information and at the time of the so the so-called informing it was 2001 to 2002 he’d been in spain for two years on the run for for some afraid you know so he can’t possibly be informing especially on other gangs that ain’t my brother anybody who knows me and my brother knows that won’t be tolerated you’d just be you’d just be gone so you know you i’ve watched these videos and these journalists or youtubers or whatever they’re just like same with authority in this year you know colin became a police informer and that’s how he was able to like keep you know the cops wouldn’t investigate him for things and he’d go and investigate his competition they saw this all come from the thing where we had a palo and who was a manager of the shop lime is right on one day i mean i don’t have nothing to do with old bill or anything but one day the the pet fellow running he’s running out of color he says cole charlie is joining the old bill and he said he’d be good for information on that right but colin said well i’m not interested mate but in the end because you say you’re in tan and people get whacked will get whacked out they get dressed up so you’ll you’ll see your phone jail and say jane that’s charlie use grass steering me and then you know people going around having a word and all the charges were dropped you can’t do it now but in them days that’s what used to happen and and then it’s gone from that to was buying him thousand pound armani suits and all the bollocks it never happened never happened i don’t know if colleen ever gave him a drink through jay but you know in in our firm at the time we don’t pay please there’s an indian fellow there and they used to be into the scooters and the paladin done a shot called icon scooters right so a couple of they’ll bill you to come down there they had an opening party and that you should be there and the police say leave it dave don’t say oh to him because they’re buying scooters off me he used to go to vietnam getting all the scooters doing them all or vespers and lambretta’s and they’re selling them in his shop but you know there’s been no informing and no payments you know but i think they all got jail in the end because of charlie j grove got free i think charlie fletcher so fletch is the one there’s the the dominant one in the news stories is that colin put this guy into the police force yeah nonsense never never met him never met the pun never met him and then and then the junkie author in his book is saying that colin was at school with him and all that was either the author or or the crackhead one was sitting in his book one of their books colin was at school with him and that colleen’s a lot older than him no he went to school with him no one knew him never met him but so one of the other myths then that we wanted to dispel um there was a woman wasn’t there that was saying things about colleen yeah yeah what happened was i mean the fella’s doing life now i won’t mention his name but he’s doing live for a murder in nottingham he was out with his with his wife at the time and her friend was out so she said she fancied colin so he’s ranked come out for a drink where’s cole this bird fancies you so colin’s gone out and he’s met this bird and at the end of the night they’ve gone back to a hotel but she sat up on sniffing coke and taking pills so nothing’s gone off and then it’s gone on for about another two or three days and he’s never he’s never done her but she’s then gone to the police schizophrenic it’s turned out she is right but she’s gone to the police and they’ve had it for nine weeks and she’s saying to him yeah colleen’s told me about the murders of the stirlings we’ve had gang meetings in basements with drug dealers constant bollocks what she was telling but anyway the information was that reliable she wasn’t even a witness on the murder charge you know it was just total nonsense and they knew it were total bullets and they had a nine weeks that’s it i mean i don’t even know the bird’s name but just disregard everything she says but then you get the author then jumping on it colin had a penchant for teenage girls he didn’t have a pension for teenage girls it went out with a young girl at 19 colin were 32 i think she were 19 and they lived together for a few weeks that was it you know but you don’t make your sex offender she’s 19 for sake oh we’re married at 19. two kids just desperation isn’t it yeah desperation but because if you throw enough someone’s going to stick something exactly some will stay and and to destroy your your image you’ve got to destroy the name so once you destroy the name by saying you’re a grass you’re this your teenage girls your mif’s gone you know and that’s how they do it yeah you see it all the time all the time well yeah yeah just complete wankers mate yeah that’s what they like to do so you know as you’re getting towards your longer sentences then when was colin actually sent down for his big one we was on trial for the murders we started was i was on remand i was on remand in january 05 i went on trial for the murders for four months in i think it was june yeah june june the 6 06 and then it finished in about october what was it yeah hectic hectic lot of security a lot of security every now and again because was all i risk at easy so you’re strapped up in pursuits and with prisoner on the back and everything helicopters cars guns all around the courts guns are drawn anyway every now and again they’re rushing to the court aiming mack tens and all that and then eckler and kosh rifles and the jury are doing that just to show each other that they’re there for you know that’s what they were doing and the judges stand up get out my court and all that so the me can off out the court but the damage is done the damage is done because every morning you see when the jury are coming in the jury was under under police guard yeah so they can’t be infiltrated they’re claiming so as they’re pulling into court we’re pulling in at the same time and all there’s all coppers down the middle of the road like that dogs on roofs helicopter over and above where i’m pleased hanging out and that’s how you pull into the gates and the jurors see you they know it’s you so to make sure they know it’s you they rush the court with guns out so then they think yeah this is them this is they are coming into this armed escort so that’s a implied guilt to the jury yeah we’ve got to do all this 35 grand a day for transport i know that for four months i’ve spent millions on it absolute millions just just shake that all the time yeah yeah yeah it’s just it’s just nonsense yeah nonsense mate so what what like did you get to look at the jury and all that yeah you select them you you your qc select them so i think we have 50 odd and you just pick 12 out of them but you know you say you don’t you don’t select him your q season the judge will select him and the clerk of the court but you you turn around and say i don’t like him um he look he looks this or he looks it so i know his face and like but we didn’t know the faces because it was it was the middle of birmingham but you know but you get rid of who you you think you you don’t like because some people have that wrong look about them if they’d have found you guilty how much time would you got i died in prison i think my brother got a 35 i got the same this podcast is sponsored by harry’s harry’s is way more than a super sharp razor company they’re here to revamp your whole routine from close shaves and flake-free hair all the way to clear healthy skin harry’s helps guys feel great for this sponsorship harry’s is offering a free travel sized 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brother and that you just lose your temper you start offering them out when they’re mentioning jamie you bastards and and all that you know he used to lose his temper blessing but you have to you have to kind of calm down a bit don’t you in that scenario because you want you want a good standing you want them to think you you’re not a div and you’re quite intelligent i drew me here i had curly hair i had glasses on it looked like a nonce wait don’t meet me he’s a sex offender not a murderer and all that and i got acquitted one of them you just sit downstairs then you ring ring caught one everyone’s caught one you feel your verdicts up you go it’s a question they want a question so five weeks after that passed out yeah just questions it was torture me but uh you know me i i i 100 knew that i’ve done nothing wrong and i’ve told the truth so i’ve got nothing to hide and brother in them they’re innocent but they’ve been found guilty saying so uphill awful struggle now well even though you knew you were innocent the court is theatre isn’t it yeah it’s they’ve spent all that money they’ve put in the best fiat and the best actors win it yeah but i i had a qc called trevor boak it was absolutely outstanding i had orlando panel first but he had he done the omar bombing after that so i got trevor burke so absolute outstanding brilliant qc and no prisoners so that helped your confidence yeah but it helps your confidence because it and you know you know you think you clued up on it all but legal jargon they lose you they lose you with it all so you’re writing things down and giving them notes and they’re saying yeah yeah and all that but really they’re thinking off i’ve got this in the bag and they used to come down after i said this in the bag dave don’t worry about it it’s in the bag so i was quite confident where until until the verdicts come in i thought there we go yeah because john john and tricky were first they got found guilty then so when they got found guilty you think you know we’re all up me they’ve got fangirls we’re here then um lenel he got fanned not guilty uh mckinnon got found not guilty shane bird not guilty kevin not guilty calling guilty then me not guilty so you were last i was last year how did it feel when they found your brother guilty it devastated me devastated because really i should have been the happiest man in the world but i was gutted i i can’t be happy so that’s it now you’ve got the downright art and the opera and the opera you know you’re going to be going absolutely but they’re clashing and colliding and you just imploding because i’m thinking i mean mum’s going to feel she’ll be happy for me but she can’t show happiness because of my brother and all that you know how your family’s gonna feel it was a horror horrible time mate but but you know after after being on remand for two years in the end because of the drug charge and everything and getting found not guilty you don’t get an apology you just get looked at like you’ve got away with it then they take all your dough off you yeah that’s what they do yeah even people who are innocent on death row they’re not getting apologies don’t get an apology no apologies to give you a few quid enjoy but i’ve never even got a few people i never got never got all like chalk yeah so were you released right away that day no i mean no i went downstairs i thought i played this here i’ve gone downstairs i said not guilty under the gate i’m off let me out the cell said no we’re waiting for the warrants to come back was the gun so now get the door undone my family are out there i want to go anyway they come back say no you’re a man for a conspiracy you’re statement you have to stay in for a bit i stayed in for another another two and a half years yeah and then i got released i was in i’ve got barred from the old city in nottingham i had a big red map where i couldn’t enter on the m1 i had to go through derby to come on up next junction and all that took it took her to elkiston and all that places and then um i got recall for swearing i swore in a hostel called someone a fat bastard one of the women who were they hitting me on the head with a letter saying you’re late mr gun that’s your final warning you broke your curfew i said i’m not on a curfew curfews lifted every tuesday so i’m like out pissed up so i snatched the envelope through it in the face says off your fat bastard i’ll see the manager about you in the morning five o’clock in the morning five guns in my head off you go off you go back kate went to wood hill then straight straight back to full sun kate again so was the time that you were serving with your brother yeah yeah it was unremanded me and my brother was the first romance at long law and because at the time at wakefield right we were just dead blows eight for the king of the wing we’re not nonsense we do what we’re one i’m remember two murders what you’re going to do about it you know what can you say yeah anyway miss sodor’s gone in one night i’ve got the phone on my ass and there’s a battery on charge under under my big power buster and it’s on charge they got that got the battery said where’s the phone dave i saw how cons left the battery there and blacked it i got five days cc my last day of cc i’ve gone on a visit there’s me colin and charlie bronson so i’m on a visit made a fuss of each other we’re sat there on the visit and um they’ve come said terminate your visit you’re gone straight to reception gone long lawton yeah first reminds here what was the first time you met charlie bronson charlie i met charlie in 98 was on e-wing at lincoln it was a special unit at the back of seawing and he come off here and used to have a medicine ball called birther brilliant blue brilliant boost to 100 press up hundred sit-ups and he won’t get banged until he’s done them all and every landing and then he’d run around the landing dead fast absolute fantastic brilliant loved him have you seen him deck any guards oh yeah he he swung out a few you after at wakefield when was all on the special unit there you know yeah there’s five yards and you have me and me and colin in one because we’re co-accused and family and charlie are being one there’s beside writing another you know all going down and charlie will start exercising he’ll cover himself in cocoa butter and all that sweating up some food they’ll say time time to come and charlie fac off you slag yeah that’s what you used to say and then it was on he used to come out with the team ended and he brought him but you can’t help him because you’re locked in you in your thing you can’t get out this cage is between you you can’t get out mate but charlie’s gamers fault mate it was at full something where he was in the seg there he was sending bits over good stuff and he’s still in hell his favorite still in hell is good shape but we had a dave courtney in them they had a free charlie bronson fight at colic all years ago so charlotte charlie rang me right and he said dave you’ve let me down you said you was coming to this free charlie dude and i said charlie i was there me i sat with your brother and your mother who’s all there i’ve got a picture i’m going to post at you today he says you well my brother told me you weren’t there so i posted the picture then he wrote to us like i’m really sorry dave he said he was there thank you for the picture he says he’s a toss of my brother he went mad about it but i love charlie i do my proper good power do you think you’ll get out i hope so but he’s got he’s got a long long upwell battle mate we’ve had to play him yeah my mate um kerry danes who’s a forensic psychologist she’s helping him yeah oh isaac’s i’ve seen her on on them think crime channels yeah yeah she’s good yeah she’s good yeah blondie bow didn’t it yeah yeah yeah what about was it mordsleys they said he’s at the brains he’s awake he’s a welsh kid but he’s never getting out he’s doing a natural life and he is a proper expert with computers he gets he teaches the staff now through glass is wizard with computers and that’s just it’s just a proper brainy kid but you don’t see much of him and he won’t speak to you but he’ll nod at you as he’s walking past because on them units you’re on single unlock so when he’s in a cage modes he’s a glass cage so you walk by say oh hey matt rob you’re right he said hmm and there’s not a you know if he if he got near you’d want to kill you won’t he because not that you’re nonsense but you just want to kill you don’t want he wants to kill everybody but charlie didn’t like him charlie hated him how did that manifest i don’t know he’s just over years have been on in them i think he’s because he’s a weirdo in that and charlie’s into fitness and that he just wants to lie on his bed and walk up and down his cell yeah a few of our guests said they saw mosley and they described it as like a hannibal like animal letter yeah in the glass box yeah that’s what he’s in on the ssu at wakefield yeah downstairs because then he like was it his soulmate he got us a couple of them in his cell anything yeah he spooned the brain they said he had the brain whether he did and he didn’t deny doing that but but it killed him in them they had them them silver trays with three compartments on he’s chopped the top of the heads off with the side of the tray yeah and dug the reds out dug the brain out and then he go to the garden said there’s going to be one lesser country yeah chew off tonight god two off tonight but the time before that was when he went to broadmoor and and it was one off then see i think he’s done three yeah but you know obviously in jail things get added on that and that because i’ve never really spoke to him about it because i love i love love to talk to people about things like michael stone i’ve i’ve been saying he’s innocent for decades right and he is innocent he’s innocent mate another innocent guy and we had him on the channel was kevin lane kevin lane’s my good pal yeah yeah i love kevin catwald kev yeah brilliant brilliant kid yeah proper proper good kid fittest man in the system um lair mart lane they used to call him because he used to just flatten him the fittest man in the system made no one thought we’d kev what prison did you meet him i was in i think i was in long laughing with him to start with and then years later i bumped him bumped into him in franklin that was on f-wing and i think he was on e-wing and we used to go to the gym because he had the record for rowing record for everything fittest man in the whole system kevin super fit yeah super fit proper proper good kid and i love it when i seen him on on your podcast without a look and i’ve seen him always out mate thank god for that because it was a long slob for it did he call him for the bit isn’t he back out again no he’s out now yeah i know he got rico for about nine months didn’t he yeah but he’s out now bless him but you know i know people who know him i always always ask questions because he was dating that was it kerry caton or someone he was in this in the paper whether he was or not he was dating kerry katona on one stage said go on kev good lad so did you say you had history with dave courtney you know yeah courtney i met paul he was one of our first podcast guests yeah corny’s all right this slaughtered them the cockney’s in that slaughter unfounded me i like dave i do but i was in marbella with him years ago and and you know we had a proper proper session with him and all his entourage but 100 degree and they’ve all got suits on him and hats and everything i don’t believe it and i’m sweating for him but they were good stuff mate and on the plane back the funniest thing i’ve ever heard he’s come down the plane it was with the mc at the time that i think julia was it or something her name was a black lady but it’s coming down the plane saying no he gonna ease ecstasy what you got i know that i thought help me i’m i’m wanted like jesse james he’s just up to me right up bless him and then then later i was in i was in wood hill again with manny clark the boxer from that way and he was mates with courtney and manny’s managed me good power so i used to say to his corners addressed me and i started ryan to courtney writing back to me to take care remember this in marbella and all that and he could remember me bless him then when we had the free charlie five made a fuss of each other there you know because he obviously remembered i mean and i’ll never forget him because one of the first books i read when i was in moreland’s as a younger one would stop the boss that was one of the first ones i read because i was no telling’s in them days just reading yeah yeah i sent wild man that butt when he was uh something i want to get off yeah yeah yeah not a bad bulk bless him he’s hilarious dave well it’s funny as far if you want to go back and watch it’s in the first 10 podcasts we ever did we were at his house and uh we’d love to do a part two with him as well so yeah we’re just gonna try and arrange that yeah yeah so have you got any stories from spain other stories from spain yeah i’ve had a few good stories in spain i lived there for five years i had a field doing all the all the tobacco and all that and we were on the run out there yeah i was on the run out there yeah but usually i had a villa there when when colin was on the run he was in reveal and then i was but i was out there and coming back i had a my friend who obviously sadly died now but in the end you could go to the post office with the idea and get a year’s passport so someone get a year’s passport come back on it get another one and go back yeah and and do all that but spain was great mate we’ve to we used to go through the pyrenees with with the facts you pay the gypsies to take you through on your lorries and that was a good time i loved it what about the police out there you don’t mess around anyone in the civil guardians i remember one time like the lads have come out to see me and you know they’re all pot heads in that so we’re on the strip one of them has built a spliff at the bar so he can’t do that in ear chopper he said i’m chopping david said what the i want so anyways lit it up at the bar so if god is snatched out of his mouth he’s uppercutted him getting that banging the copper saw for fox hey chopper so guns was out and he’s gone off the wrestling they’ve gone and never seen him again for two weeks never seen them but they never got him they just did because they knew he was like he was on top wow on top to folk me i said you should never have done that mate because they remember you you know yeah remember and fill you in they take you in in benidorm you have a white cross on the mountain and that’s where they take you there and am here did you end up in the nic in spain no mate not me no clean clean living yeah used to do a few a few bits and bobs for people just to get a few quid you know but you have to you know serve a few up and that who’ve been faced it but get a few quid out of it to keep you going yeah you know while you’re waiting for your dough to come in and that yeah you’ve got a graph don’t you so how did you been on the run end to come back okay come back but in them days well i don’t know um i’d shot a shot at a dj pistol shot at a dj playing the wrong tune and in the younger days so i’ve had to off what was it some elvis tune or something like but we want to know the rave tunes in the bang bang bang shot the dis dj equipment not the dj the junior equipment all bailed out laughing his head’s off off straight away in the next morning and all the doors are going in and i’m i’m in spain get lovely turned around yeah great times great times but obviously all the lads lived out there we had a good time yeah good time out there mate enjoyed it so going through the prison system though for you know you’ve done 20 plus years who would you say is the most dangerous people you’ve ever met um [Music] well in in normal prisons anywhere else throughout your life dangerous people there’s a lot of there’s a lot of serious dangerous people yeah there’s a real real lot of serious dangerous people make but then there’s people who just don’t take no and don’t give two faults who aren’t dangerous but will turn dangerous so best best thing to do in jail is just be friendly with everybody mate that’s all you can be don’t bully don’t need to bully earn a few quid if you get a few bits be right with them and everyone wants everything don’t they so and you just live your life and fill your freezer be respectful we’ve got to be respectful and polite and don’t look down your nose at people because you know better than anybody else because you’re all cons don’t matter if you’ve got a million and a half quid outside you’re spending 25 quid a week in there yeah no matter how much you got you’re all the same what do you think about this new generation of armed robbers and dealers who come in now and they’re getting lifeed off in the like the teenagers really and they’re just fast to shoot people they’re fast for it now aren’t they i mean yeah i mean in our phone they was fast doing it but not this fast yeah it’s just right now all the humans in nottingham now they all walk around with them and you’ve got to be careful who you look at who you talk to you know because they don’t detect one poll and you i mean you can be fast but you’re not going to stop at 9 mil or a 38 oh yeah something stop it you know because your family has got a name and people young people think right that’s all generation we can make our name off that generation do you have you ever experienced any situations um people come up to you and say look we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do that but like drugs and things and i’ll educate him i’ll say look do it this way mate because i did it that way and i got naked and they look at you and they do this like what a div you don’t know what it’s all about yeah you do because you lit through it and done it all i had millions of quid out of it you know but it’s a trick there’s no getting through to somebody’s youngest yeah they’re blase they’re on a one-track mind they just want one they want wealth and they want it fast and and in the course of the wealth if people knock them and don’t pay them they’ll wig them why do you think it’s become so deadly i don’t know me i don’t because it weren’t like that in our day but then in addie there weren’t many guns about they’re prevalent now me they’re everywhere they’re reboring them you know starter pistols again reborn and filled in at the top but i don’t know people say it’s a rap scene it’s a drill scene and all that but it’s not it’s the people themselves you know you obviously want to do it or she won’t do it you can say i listen to that and and i’m going with the flow yeah but you don’t have to carry a gun don’t have too many or a knife knives are worse than guns for me can’t stand blades yeah so did you ever get attacked at all throughout your incarceration no never no never mate no did you see some heinous violence oh yeah yeah what kind of stuff i’ve seen slashings where they’ve had 380 from the neck to the waist when he was going off with the muslims and that it was going off bad slow down on that one and um what do you mean he was going after the muslims also and right they would say say obviously you get your white lads and you get your mixed race lads a lot of them are muslims the blacks are muslims and their asians are muslims predominantly but lovely kids but but yeah i have a muslim ruler on each wing of fulson and one’s overall ruler and he was on a wing i mean a london kid i don’t mention his name but he was the overall ruler of him so if he put a knit on you there’ll be 40 of them waiting for you near the gym and you go running up like we used to go up in a gang of 40 and 50 or to the gym on his own or the whites right but when sometimes one of the lads would run up front and they were waiting jump out slash it to fault face back the lot even though even though heinous are outrageous you know because you’ve probably said something wrong to him so what have this person done they’ve got the 300. well i think i think he each each him one of them and then what they used to do then on the wings now the windows up and that big so you everyone made shanks you file them all down off the ironing board legs and things like off off the light fittings snap on my father more down and flick them out your window so they go in the grass so as you go out you pick your tool up put it down your waist and that’s how it was people getting stabbed regular everyday stabbing slashings hot water and sugar the napalm you know all that nonsense regular thing with muslims and whites but because i had i had friends as muslims and i obviously my friends are white as well but a lot of a lot of the johnson crew was the muslims and there was my good close pals was all uh on romantic every woodhill and i had double murder trials together and all that all in the same crown courts so they used to say no man you know no one’s moving to d if anyone moves to d it’s on and all that because because obviously i’m having it with the whites but waiver terms didn’t get didn’t want to get involved with it don’t get involved in all that nonsense tricky unit because like i had a lot of co-defendants and they were wall races but then when you go in america it’s all you all separated yeah yeah yeah and it could mad over there was was there any riot situations no never no riots in top securities but you know there was there was there was brawls on the wings where the screws had legged contain the wing lock it off shield it all off so no one can get on or off and then then the mufti will come on and take the take the ones who’s responsible but they bang everybody up first it won’t ever come and grab you while the wings are out because a connie in a dispersal won’t see another con twisted up he does good for him if if you’re if they’re jumping another con all the screws they can’t the cons will jump then that’s what you have to do in them days that that’s the motto and and it’s all for one on one for all so that was it mate so a few of our guests have come on in the more recent years they said that the muslim prison population has grown to the point now where it is the strongest strongest especially in top securities strong strongest fault but there’s a lot of good lads in them there’s some good lads in the terrace they’re quite they’re quite witty and you you’ll get them the ed muslim of the wing when it when it’s um ramadan it’ll come round take your photos down give your tv give your mattress take everything off and put it outside the cell you’re not allowed to look at eyes and all that which is it’s the sharier thing in it and that’s that’s what they’re living on but you know don’t knock them that’s their thing so leave it with me i don’t knock him don’t criticize him if that’s what you want to do you do that you know i’m not telling you to eat a bacon sandwich but i’m cooking it’s as simple as that so over your many years imprisonment have you seen drug culture change drug culture change now it’s all that bollocks mambana spice but you know what they’re doing it with they’re mixing it well there was when i on my last sentence it was mixing it with floor cleaner and and something there’s putting some some other mixture in with it and selling it for 100 quid a4 paper and people smashed collapsing on yards and that smoking paper and just gone gone on the yard it horrendous me and then we used to say phone and ambulance that’s what we say to him he’s fought phone in ambulance he’s just gone mate there was collapsing all over the jokes a bad pandemic terrible so i i was in from like 2002 to 2007 and it was mostly heroin but there was some crystal meth yeah a lot of injecting going on was all that changed then yeah there’s nothing there’s no arrow in there mate unless unless a junkie will fancy someone you’ll swallow a bit but it’s all that mamba there’s no there’s no jail in it and people are wigging out on the mamba yeah gone gone but i remember the airwind days where they’re just sitting there doing that scratching it’s just there’s got to get in the balls the balls the nose big red nose yeah it’s terrible and then then dave i was happy with an answer squidgy black and just sitting roll a few spliffs and get your napa done you out take you out of the zone for a bit did you prefer having cell mates i’m not having so many i don’t like soul mates i’ve never really had him i had to do it because he was a diabetic and well to each other but after that i’ve never had a soulmate since that’s like living in a toilet with someone in there yeah well you know you have your toothbrush there on that and you can’t let people have a or fart where your toothbrush is yeah and all that so i used to wrap mine up when i was we saw his wrap it up some dead ocd with things johnny’s had to wrap him up and everything but after that i said listen on me i reassociate back mate otherwise i’m going to kick off i’m not i’m not having tuned up with no and i never did it again but in dispersals you don’t get too low so in longer sentences you slip into a routine it goes starts going fast doesn’t it yeah yeah what was your routine my routine i did i only ever trained legs never done top half well strong as on legs i i was pressing four seventies but i could only get seven never got ten i was curling three forties and all that on like my legs were massive but i’ve not been for nothing for about five years now but meruti was a gym three times a week in the morning and come back because i was a cleaner on the wing fry your breakfast up have a good breakfast a good protein shake get your food out the freezer for your nighttime meal you know we use fourier on the food boat so one one day someone will cook a chicken curry next day steak and chips you had a bit of salmon you had all sorts of bolognese all that sort of stuff it’s a good routine mate and you put some good sides on this is what the american viewers are very curious about because in supermax in america you can’t yeah your canteen is restricted you give you a little anti-shank thing you can write letters with anti-shank toothbrush like this and um they let you out for handball like every three or four days of a hamburglar come and shout at like four in the morning when you sleep yeah so you don’t hear it yeah yeah yeah it sounds like you’ve got a lot more liberties in the top securities i’d rather be in them if i ever got locked up against 40c cats and then because trainers send me back to dispersal with proper people because they’re all proper people the majority is never leaving the prison again and they all respect each other unless he goes off you know proper folk because it doesn’t go off as much because there’s more serious consequences yeah well it’s death it’s death it’s a death it’s death mate the consequences you’re going in the ground if it’s on you so you’ve seen it go off i’ve seen you offloads time did you give any stories on that fool well i i was in um i’m at the mention his name i watched him kill somebody in long lawton stabbed his throat out sex offender there’s been a few of them there’s been a few good stabbings with where they’ve gone yeah yeah they’ve been a few of me but the kid who was doing life and got another 25 year on top so a lovely kid from london as well another londoner lovely kid called dave my good good good pal was like that where it was at full sun is our coals good mate now as well so you’re saying it’s it’s usually over charges or is it over the depths well if you’re a beast and you’re coming on the main wing you’re going to get killed you can’t come on the wings yeah you can’t go oh you’re a grass you’re a nuns you go on the numbers mate why would they fly undercover well people people just like like to be classed as normal don’t because a lot of nonsense don’t think they’ve done it wrong no i mean even though they know the consequences of the difference i don’t know if it’s not naivety or what but some of them are just blasey to what’s going to happen to them right and then they’re walking off and there’s a big tool hanging out inside your neck and you hit the ground and you’re gone yeah like you should have stayed on the numbers your bastards that’s what i say so you see those guys get filtered out faster yeah what about disputes between the fellas does that ever kick off well what they’ll do it kicks off regularly but mainly fighting not a lot of stabbings of a dispute say say your stereo is too loud turn your stereo down i can’t hear the telly and then and it will go off so in the morning someone will be pacing the cell up and down on that para you know sharpening up and you tell him leave it out mate leave it i will sort it in the morning so they’ll come out in the morning they’ll have a swing at each other roll around they both go down the block and then they’ll come up they’ll shake hands in the block they’ll come on the wing but then it’s festering then so it goes off again and that’s when they have to get rid of one of them right one has to go you can’t keep it once it kicks off you’ve got to shift one of them or if it say for example if it kicks off with you and you’ve got 30 poles on the wing they’re not going to move you they’ll move this feather yeah because of all your poles will get in yeah i mean that’s how it is because quite often you see them punch it out then they’re having a hug and a smoke yeah i spoke together but then in your mind you think i’m going to kill you you can’t right that’s how it is but hey you’re right there was a kid called ian wright a jock kid absolute gentleman he’s been moved to shots prison ian mcateer liverpool liverpool had done his murder apparently right so um he’s having an argument on the yard with a kid on the wing i said knock it on the eddy and the kid’s all right he said no no no i’m going to i’m going to chip him i’m going to cheer him anyway ian’s gone in his cell slammed the door shut shook the blade at him and says come on one of us dying so the screaming against after fault but the screws saved him wow great yeah good old ian lovely fellow mate lovely loyal as and his brother gets me now on through youtube when i’ve been on youtube and looked at them videos of me and colin his brother’s left comments and i said you ian’s brother and all that yeah give him my best me and where is he now he’s in shots dave and i’ll tell him you asked for him and all that you know that’s how you get that into that facebook what about suicides and self-harm plenty of suicides and self-harm every day every day cell phone rips up there rips up their necks ripped every day mate is that because i meant little nests depression it’s mental illness um it’s your family of you off because no friends you see you see him looking out the window waiting for the girlfriend’s car to come it’s not coming yeah and every week they’re looking out the window where is it never on the best thing ever you know he got 35 wreck he took him from birmingham crown court straight to long law and didn’t bring him back to wood hill yeah we stuck it on the screw if one of us get fangirled so we’re going to do you in your right so you’ve got found guilty so they moved him straight there he found his missile he said look wait just got a 35 wreck from this damien you’re finished going to live your life it says i’m no good to you now babe just live your life which is a manly thing to do definitely leaving them hanging on and sat there scratching your neck as shagging your shirt tonight and all that balance what that did you have a word for that guy because we did i think it was sancho sanchez with your business okay good name a good day my kid but it’s sad isn’t it because uh that’s the lifeline all those visits with the missus for a while well that’s that’s the thing to keep you on the level and focus when it’s gone you’ve got nothing to lose you want to die and you know a lot of people do they want to die they don’t mind fighting and getting stabbed they’re not bothered are they so yeah yeah it’s horrendous me but it’s horrible when you rely when you’re relying on women like me and they blow you you shouldn’t be relying on women be relying on yourself the visits help you get through your yeah yeah i love my visits from our family my family are keen on the you know love my family what do you like in the high security visits yeah good good visits can we sit with a person or are you behind the scenes when you’re high-risk kate there’s a screw at your table where you’re like he’s visiting you were you at the table yeah you’re at the table now you’re at the table you sat there with a tape recorder and you sat there with your business you’ve got tape recorder taping you and writing notes down writing notes down about you and everything absolute scandalous but that’s because your iris category are you allowed to have a hug and everything yeah you can do all that can org and all that mate yeah but they’ll say right what get his stuff from there they’ll bring it through so you have to go to the canteen or before the visit started order all the stuff go in and then the person from the cantina bring the stuff through so you can’t drop out in it you know that’s what these two is it was probably it was militant so in terms of getting food for your visit do they have machines a lot of the gels now they’ve got machines as well as kiosks for when the kiosks are short but for certain you could buy you could buy fresh sandwiches apples pears oranges you could buy it bananas your visitors got to do that your visitors have to you can’t buy them but because you come in waiting for them and you come in obviously in handcuffs because your irish cater undergarden that yeah so you get bought down in the course they take them off you go and sit down and then your visitors will come into you and then the bird will come in will you try again so did you get access to better food through visits no well it’s better food it’s better food than poxy sea cats than that but but it’s not better food than it is on the wing because we’re never at prison food apart from some we had sandwiches in that but you’re buying loafs of bread you’re buying everything you’re buying or your spreads cheese so you said you could spend 25 quid a week on connection how it works yeah yeah you just have a sheet of paper is it yeah like say that say like that size yeah you get probably seven sheets in a dispersal yeah front and back full of everything tins of beans tins of ravioli everything you can buy from tesco join some beef chicken yeah it’s not from tesco but everything you can buy again yeah yeah joints of beef chickens fish get everything what are your what are your favorites curries always got in with the indians yeah yeah you said you want rice and peas they have some good jamaican sebby and all them proper good kids and some making some chicken soup used to use to cook the chicken at dinner strip it all in that and then boil it for the next morning and that was your soup put chilis in front boiled dumplings everything’s beautiful so in america the theory behind not cooking and not having weight is it’ll all be weaponized yeah does that stuff get weaponized in the uk no mate because you go to the office with your key and say gives that knife a carving knife to chop your meat up with it and that’s the top security you give them your key or your card and they put it on the oak and they give you the blade they say right you’ve got half hour with it gunny then take it back in half hour and if you want it again give them your card again again yeah you get a half hour limit with them but if you want to if you want to serve somebody up it happened at franklin right so what they actually are there they’ve rounded all the ends off of the knives there were no points on them after that after someone got stabbed up there yeah but crazy you could just go and ask for a knife and go if you wanted to kill someone just stick it in them yeah and they’ve given you the knife yeah americans watching this are just good their minds are getting yeah and that’s top security we we’re where they search every day for weapons because you’re cutting even the weights people’s heads were getting crushed all the way down yeah actually because it’s state by state yeah so arizona where i was there they all got took out it out yeah yeah every state has different laws and different prison systems and different rules and different gang rules yeah box in 98 i had the visa and everything got off the plane at jfk big black fella on the thing i’ve given him a passport scandi said not coming in here punk got a drug conviction man straight downstairs from thursday to tuesday downstairs in the cells with the red suit on and i thought why the am i i know i’ve sat on the plane and about 30 out of the lads have come on all with macy’s bags and everything i didn’t get at the airport and the cells underneath fuming missed the fight and everything got deported back yeah about on the same flight though but they just won’t let me in in the country they said you can’t come in sorry you’re banned from the ban from america so i never tried again but i had a visa yeah obviously they’ve double checked it and said no you 10 pound wrapper was it was that was my drug conviction not coming in punk looking back on your entire life what was the high and the low the high and the low that the high was when i had all my money and i was what was that i had all my money up until 2004. that then i’ve got a lot of early 2005 then it ended with finding it and everything fan loads you know because they did the work and you know we’ve had them on as the top boys have been honest the james bonds are the crew they’ve been honest so they know they watch where you go in the picture where you go in and all that and and the serious though was my jamie obviously it’s been my worst low in my life still close to this day when your brother got guilt you know that was probably that was a serious low as well but james jamie was the worst you know colleen’s a big man he he couldn’t he can handle it that’s through him but you know at the time i had to give him a life for our jamie just to be he’s only a young kid yeah and not seen life at all just had a boy heartbreak yeah heartbreaking mate sad sad you know you just never get over it mate you never get over it losing losing one of your kids in that mid sister especially it’s terrible definitely what about funny stories from your party days hell fire we’ve had some crackers yeah that’s some real real cracker funny ones mate you know obviously i’m telling you about about omar i want to have some good ones with him yeah that’s some proper good parties mate but funny i’m i was always into the football there with me you just concentrate on the on forest and going to all the games in there and having it on the terraces yeah young days so i was thriving off it i loved it so you’ve gone for you found a rise at a foot soldier yeah ooh colton leeched that yeah yeah yeah well he called had a few words about his didn’t he on that law of the gun documentary i don’t know each was on there about he picked us up to be fair too yeah i respected him for it because a lot of them will come on and slag the office young they’ve done that killing them and you know and all that being been convicted of that but he didn’t he come on and and proper glorified it felt yet good lads and he was on there with me paul wayne nordic but they both put good words in for us which was nice to see somebody at least saying something nice about you because after all the media bollocks and all that you’re just getting assassinated every time yeah and it gets to the state where you’ve had enough of it you fancy swinging at someone but you don’t know who they are who’s leaving comments because you get all them detrimental comments off wankers on under pseudonyms and all that and you’re never never going to find them and they never never you could leave your number they’d never ring you and say come on i’ll meet you and let’s have a straightener on the field they’re like cell warriors yeah just wankers you want to shout out the window putting different voices on they’re just tossers and they all know who we’re on about all people who’s watching this now a lot of you have done it you know you’re all wankers it’s as simple as that how did you become friends with curtis warren curtis michael powell i knew courtesy in 92 when we’re doing the ball stop no 83 when we’re doing the ball stall and then obviously you moved on and moved on he’s got big in the game and that cocky book come out in in in the in the early 90s when i’ve read it and then i bumped into him he was on the special unit without cole and i bumped into him at full sun and he come there i say help curtis and colleen’s brother david says i know you lad and all that other organ that been just dead good pulse since then good stuff good stuff but if super fit went down to that curtis did because he was a big unit one of me went down to super fit tech padded tennis badminton a lot super super fair lovely love the guy to bits and i hope he gets out soon mate because it’s wrong what they’ve done to that fella what did he do to him well they would get him another 10 for the for the proceeds of crime you he went to the phone asking about the price of weed and got about 13 years and if that ain’t enough they’ve asked for 200 million for a phone call and get him 10 year on top so what do you do every day of it so he’s trying to shake him down yeah shutting him down because he because because of all the media you know the portraying was the richest criminal in british history his billionaire and it’s killed someone in a in a dutch jail and he’s done this and just throw all at you and you know you get people who read it and they think because it’s been written by a reporter it’s got to be true but reporters just want views and clickbait exactly and the the famous chestnut they use is it’s off a source but when can’t disclose the source so you can’t challenge it you know yes the source went to disclose it and that’s the line they use yeah complete tosses but if they have a senior they like it they won’t dream of coming up help i’m the reporter i’m i’m this and i’m this i’ve had it all about it for decades so on your longest sentence then did you work your way down from the cafe no yeah what i like to say i went to i went from cat a and then i ended up at loudoun grange for the last six months and then at that this i i was i was deemed mapper three level three the the danger to the public so they said to me you can’t we can’t enter the city of nottingham you’re moving from a straight away get your kickback took me straight to woodhill and about a week later i was released and i was in a hostel called four at four plans in northampton right but there that’s where i swore and got recalled after about two months and to be fair i didn’t want to be in the hospital anyway probably i’m with my kids than that you shouldn’t do all your bird forward four-year-old and then you’re stuck in the house still with answers what was your plan as you getting nearer to your release i was planning on just just resuming what i do to get dog i’ll do a couple of bits of debt collecting here and there no no threats right just going to say look yo this dough mate are you going to get it weighed in get get paid get good dough out of it i’ve had a few good ins and it helps you live doesn’t it so no drugs i’m never selling drugs again don’t want to go near them don’t touch drugs did my drugs have a couple of pints now i’ve had two pies today and that’s the first plans i’ve had for three and a half months not even had one yeah i’ve just stayed off it all and all these books then with all these legendary stories is there any other stories that you need to put to rest hmm well there’s there’s obviously one about me brother being a grass i’ve i’ve covered that um been being announced for shagging a 19 year old you know but there’s loads of stories one point to rest they’re all they’re all in their books but i mean i’ve got i’ve got things in here but what’s possible is there’s stuff in your notes that colleen wants us to go over yeah let’s have a look i mean i’ve done that i’ve done that crackhead copper idiot no one’s ever seen that man in his lives you know and bearing in mind he claims he’s infiltrated and got us all locked up was locked up by lincolnshire police no to doing nottingham holly’s never been nick for drugs in his life ass wasn’t there something going on with lincolnshire police versus not incomplete yeah what they’ve done um they got a telegram come through from nottingham she did from lincoln no joan stirland apparently had telephoned the the covering officer who dealt with them right who had a movie right phoned him said we’ve had a prowler in the garden and and the fella says right we’ll send an email to such-and-such lincolnshire they’ll come and see you in the next hour but it took him two days and when they come obviously there was deceased person but surrenders horrendous mate but then there was all at war over it see with colin right it was it was on it was on the trial he’s got another nine year nine year three month three months right for a police corruption with with the copper who worked at lyme is and all that right he got that but what he done he went to court sacked all his legal team and said look i’m doing a 35 rep for you trial off and said take me back to the nick so he got talked about the timing and never went again we got nine year three month on top of the 35 wreck right but on there with with them that wanker calling him aggressive that that is the time to say he was a police informant and this is how he was getting information on that but never got mentioned you know because it’s never happened and that’s a horrible thing about it it’s just to make him look a but he’s absolutely his fuming colonies and there’s that paper in nottingham um he wrote to them they took everything down off the internet this has all come from fellstrom he’s given the information print this story on colleen gunn so the print of the story anyway i’ve gone and seen him i said let me outrageous here paul i said there’s no foundation to this i’ve shown them all the paperwork so you know say it’s come off cold fell strong david said don’t believe the word the man says isn’t that in that junkie and all that but but anyway they took it all down and apologized wrote him a written apology out says but there’s lot there’s lots of things but they just wind you up don’t they wind you up mate yeah and then there’s this bird there’s a who who try to claim he’s told her things like fault something won’t talk to nobody won’t even talk to my mates yeah talk to people yeah you won’t talk to nobody especially about business her business got mentioned i mean now and again he had a line of gear but it was on steroids yeah you know maniac but down again he had a line and he’d come in the boozer and then did off because he didn’t want to be around us because that was all all out of it and all buzzing and you don’t like to see laughter and people enjoying themselves he just said solomon screw face and i’ll bang one of these and i’m off and the off yeah so how many siblings do you have i’ve got there’s me colin my sister julie obviously jamie’s mother and my young brother andrew who got kept clean out of it said you’re not getting involved me not getting involved in our life what does andrew think about all this great great because if he if he ever got neat for summer i’d have to swallow it and say i did it because i’m not my man with a good bomb he’s my young brother i mean he’s 50 but he’s still me baby did you get me and we kept him out of he’s got his own business tarmacking and dropping curbs and all that he does really well bless him proud of him to be fair and he stayed straight out of it how’s your mum coping with colin doing all day so it she swallowed it now mate but it’s difficult is it because she’s 79 millimeters so it’s very very very difficult but before she dies she wants this appeal to come through yeah and this is what i was saying about the the qc and what he’s done with the with the main witness corrupts his fault yeah and does she go visit him yeah regular yeah she’ll go once a month and the lads will go up like now i can visit him now because i finished my license i’ve had a gps tracker on for 20 months where they’ve been following me without following me so and it’s bit obviously bold so they can hear what you’re saying than that all right so dave has got a ton of stories we’re hoping to develop a book with him and get him back on at some point let us know in the comments if you would like to see a part two because you’re so much more but for legal reasons we can only cover so much at this point you know if you’ve sat here for this 90 minutes and watched it with us i think you can comprehend the magnitude of the story you know um the media realm of certain things but other things you know i’ve been very dramatic i’ll just leave it at that so there’s lots more to come and obviously there’s an important lesson here for the young people no matter how smart you think you are if you’ve got gangsteritis you might make some quick cash but the feds i’ve got all the technology in the world i can’t believe these kids they just think disappearing messages is going to protect them from getting busted these young generation of dealers they could go in and retrieve everything they had i flew people from england and put money in their names thinking i was smarter than the cops the department of justice had a net bus trojan horse virus in my computer seized everything there was arrested so yeah they’re always the police might be slow at first on you and you think you’re getting away with it but they’ve got all the resources in evidence they’re only slow because they ain’t got it yet but they’ll get after you’ve rang him yeah it’s a big conspiracy then so children keep away from it lads don’t make the mistake me and my brother made me i’m lucky i’ll beat the murder trial my brother’s doing a 35 wreck and it’s a death sentence lads so no need for it mate honestly even if one of you don’t do it we’ve accomplished somewhere aren’t we so keep away people watching these videos dave quite often they want to reach out to the guest um are you on socials or anything i don’t do social media mate um [Music] i don’t i don’t do each one but unless unless someone wants to have a chat with me i don’t mind having to chat with him they can phone you and you can ring me i’ll i’ll ring them not probably so contact our social media um platforms if you want to get ahold of dave and then we’ll forward your message to dave and he’ll you know decide what to do about that so yeah let us know in the comments what you thought about this um amazing massive story good to see dave smiling and once again he’s in such good shape after everything he’s been through six days in the coma and everything else so yeah huge thank you coming up brilliant and i’ve got to make put a few people straight and there’s no bullets on it i mean people believe what you want to believe but i don’t tell lies this is how it is the rest of bollocks not not me so that’s that thank you and i’ll see you all again no doubt all right cheers take care of that take care all year cheers thanks bye-bye

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