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Nottingham Uni Graduate vlogs his daily routine since graduating and being unemployed in notts

Nottingham Uni Student Vlogging being unemployed after graduating
hold on
hey everyone welcome back to the channel
I’m Andrew a recent computer science
with AI graduate from University of
Nottingham and today it will be another
day in a live Vlog basically on How I
Live my days as a student
or more recently an unemployed graduate
the day begins with me waking up and
then spending around usually 30 minutes
on my bed scrolling through my phone
before actually waking up to brush my
teeth and then I would just head on to
my table to write my Daily Journal so
actually right now I no longer have the
habit of meditation and reading but yes
I am trying to put it back in I just
know that journaling is something that I
can’t miss out on because it is that
important so yes did I forget to tell
you guys that I actually moved into a
new place together with a few housemates
which I know back in University of
Nottingham Malaysia campus this place is
amazing a lot bigger and a lot cheaper
and on this day when I was recording the
Vlog I felt that no it’s kind of time to
to wash my quilt cover my my bait sheet
and all that that’s why I was removing
them and then after that I am planning
to head forward because right now I I
don’t go to the gym anymore I don’t have
the membership anymore and it’s quite
far that’s why I just try to run twice
at not twice a day actually
once every two days
after around an hour I finished my 10k
run and here’s the evidence yeah but
after I came back so it’s time for a
shower and then I’ll go on for breakfast
so yes for breakfast I try to keep it as
simple as possible and what you’re
seeing me doing right now is to prepare
my two half boil eggs so on days which I
have workout I’ll have a heavier
breakfast which I get to halfway eggs
bagel with cream cheese cereal with oat
milk and then a protein drink yeah on
days without workout I’ll just cut it
down to just a bagel and a zero
I can get quite inefficient while eating
breakfast that’s why it usually take up
around one hour I do have to change this
if I do find a job but yeah so usually
when I’m having my breakfast I will just
use my iPad to watch some YouTube videos
listen to podcasts and sometimes I do
play accident XC Infinity together while
I’m doing all these
the day begins right now and yes it’s in
the morning eye
usually you know even though I am right
in front of the computer most of the
time right after breakfast I’m just
watching YouTube videos checking out
news you know or just searching random
stuff and all that it I don’t really get
down into work so fast even though I
have quite a few things piled up to do
so yeah even though you see that I might
be focusing it might just be me what
reading things which I’m interested in
instead of doing actual work yeah
oh yes do you still remember the bait
sheets and all that yup they’re now all
cleaned up and dried up so yes I got
them off the out of the dryer and then
now I am gonna put them back onto my bed
and yes of course once I’m done with it
how can I not take this opportunity to
enjoy the warmth of it in this cold UK
weather you know even though it’s a
summer it’s still quite cold here
finally back to work this time it’s all
about serious work you know I do have to
get things done so uh during this moment
and the few things which I mainly do are
of course uh working out on my video
editing because I still need to upload
videos and then sometimes podcast
editing podcast blog uh applications as
well occasionally I do get some jobs
from the University on video editing and
all this so those are what I mainly do
but of course I think today on this
particular day I did learn some data cam
as well because after many many
rejections from many companies I decide
that you know I do need to upskill a bit
to please the employers to and make them
hire me
but yeah that moment like this happened
as well so after you know starting a
while I’ll just grab up my phone scroll
a bit and then it turned out to be a 30
minute phone scrolling moment where
procrastinate on what I’m actually
supposed to do
so what do you think is better than
procrastinating doing the actual work no
you’re wrong it will be a lot more
better if I can just procrastinate in
somewhere which is a lot more
comfortable and this is what I’m doing
right now literally I believe it was
just around 11 and I got brought to my
bed under my warm duvet and yes I just
started scrolling my phone over there
checking out random stuff
and eventually I actually slept I took a
nap you know yeah it’s very funny
because this is not staged at all
because I just left my camera recording
there all this while I did set a timer
and that’s how I woke myself up but yes
yeah this is how my productive Life
Works uh works like looks like well
um now unemployed
it’s lunch time so yes usually I do meal
prep and for this week I have actually
made some cheese steak actually to be
accompanied by rice not not bread it’s
like kind of a specific recipe to to eat
with rice but for this day I actually
ate it with spaghetti you know with some
tomato sauce just like a simple meal to
to fill up my stomach
so yes I forgot about the cherry
tomatoes so those are mainly my fiber
sauce for my lunch and yes so that’s
what I have every day just simple meal
with cherry tomatoes and yeah as you can
see on my phone I’m actually playing XC
Infinity that’s what I do during lunch
oh my God it’s Andrew being actually
productive so yes that is the data data
cam voice that you’re hearing and yes
usually after lunch it’s the the period
of time which I can focus most because I
have a long like a few hours of
uninterrupted hours
but yes the thing is that part of it
didn’t get recorded because I was
calling Vereen so yeah even though I
can’t be a lot productive but I usually
just spend two hours working maybe
another two to three hours sometimes
speaking to varying chatting about what
would happen in our lives
every day I’ll just get my the net six
so usually what we do is that in our
household we will cook together and
we’ll eat dinner together but today is
kind of a special occasion it’s a Friday
and then we went out to one of the bar
closer to our house for a drink and then
some pizza
oops seems like the ladies took over the
camera while we were ordering our pizza
the two hours at the bar I’m now back at
home ready to get a shower before
heading into bed
once I’m done showering I’ll have to get
through the tedious part of having a
long hair and that is drawing my hair
yeah so yeah I think averages around
like five to ten minutes depending on
how much if I put into it but of course
after I dried my hair I don’t hit
directly back to sleep I don’t follow
that rule I head back to the computer
worked on some stuff occasionally
watched some YouTube videos that come
out at night before finally heading into
bed and yes this is basically How I Live
my everyday life as an unemployed
graduate so if you like this video do
like share and subscribe and maybe
consider checking out my previous video
which is actually a video which I talk
about how much do I spend in a week as a
student slash unemployed graduate
if you like podcasts do check out intos
podcast where we talk about in Congress
thoughts in our daily life so thanks
John for watching and hope to see you
guys in the next video goodbye
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