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Notts County Vlog vs Maidenhead Arlukomski


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foreign [Music] yeah made another way for Knox today uh fourth time of visiting York Road um not got both record against maiden and to be honest we only lost one of our how many features we played against them um seven I think it is times have also changed since we last played made and had on the opening day this is the first um these are the this is the first time we play a team we’ve already played this season we’re fighting a lot home on the opening day playing stuff with two and Joel Taylor we’ve won a beautiful strike but yeah made another quite the team for upsetting promotion candidates over the last few years so to maintain that record a good record especially at their ground Wednesday on top form got skinny pies let’s do this and just like that video the referee just like in the Argentina Netherlands game last night e2r35 and we’ve won it we have finally broke our dog yeah we finally won the quiz look at us all just look at us just look at us it was all on me yeah it was awesome absolutely the Thai bait question a good old Levy down there he’s rejoined us after a few actually yeah he’s got a nice jumper to be fair what nationality is Dwight Yorke he answered Jamaica and to Trinidad and Tobago the winner the winners the last time I was in this Services I was in a Spider-Man costume Scott was in a banana suit Janice was in a Captain America costume and we still have KFC apart from Connor who’s got Burger King unchanged team and the differences are um any changes even are the man back on the bench and boss socks on the bench he signed on um Thursday one Wednesday or Thursday one of them but yeah good to see John Bostock here but yeah unchanged let’s go the pictures well it’s questionable yeah it’s hard there on the Shady Side yeah but in in that bit there it’s a it’s a little bit it’s better it bounces out of one two three two and lost one of their last five they scored seven in their last five matches they said 13 in the home form table lots of one two and Drew three of the last five we’ve scored nine in all nine and I lost five matches I mean on top of the away form table [Applause] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] yes [Music] upon ourselves really we’ve allowed them back into the game they’ve allowed them too much territory uh I’ve had them far too many corners and it wasn’t gonna be it wasn’t gonna be long until one came off to be honest [Music] so come almost at it as well [Applause] safe videos [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] two quick goals just like that first one Kevin Castro with a cross it evaded everyone and went in like stuff he’s got those customers goal line stuff but if he got a touch on it but he was not 20th of the season and just like that knots have turned it I’ve turned up the switch turned I can’t even speak there I’ve got no vocab I’ve got no vocab I’ve got no votes we’ve turned it up a notch and we’re fully one up he really is a beautiful sky and tell you what he’s beautiful on the pitch as well because the knots are free one up at the bike and it’s very cool it’s getting colder Atlanta stuff gets his 20th of the Season he’s now that I think he’s become the first Striker since Lee Hughes to get to 20 goals yeah and he’s done it by the 22nd game which is quite incredible caught the goal we consider was a bit annoying it could have been could have been defended a bit better [Music] early goal for the second early goal in the second off on Aiden Ed we let the ball bounce in the box and you can’t allow that to happen and then and then they took advantage of it we’re making it so for ourselves and there’s really no need to because we gained control of it just before our time and now we’re just making it hard yes uh still 32 with what what makes this one 64. so obviously a long time to go and a long time for us to piss it up because that we are definitely trying our very very best too um well the interrupt the tempo a bit more Austin had a good chance to shoot so did long stuff it’s very cold inevitable absolutely inevitable Scott Austin and Bulldog I can’t even speak again I’m getting bossed up and bowling mixed up she’s got Austin and Bostock there we go um we really need to raise it because with our temper it was the same after he scored we dropped all levels again and we didn’t um keep going at the tempo we had done [Applause] he was saying climbing the roller coaster of emotions in this game up and down up and down all right novice in the Premier League for like five years ago [Music] foreign [Music] come on yeah [Applause] 15 minutes so here’s a just a quick review really of what’s gone on yeah first half we um control the early stages it’s a good 10 power up result in first goal a really good passing move which um led to Camden um comes to affected crossfiting Ruben at the back post and then we kind of just slowed down for a bit like we did at South End after we scored we slowed down and it allowed them back into the game and they scrambled in their corner to make it one all and that seemed to wake us up because after that we took control again it went back to how it was out at the beginning we scored two quick goals and Kevin Castro and recording stuff in the 20th of the season not um not Tempo is how it should have been throughout the game our passing was slick it was it was good it was we were passing through maintenance defendants we were getting we were making the right decisions getting in the final third quickly and in the second off we just saw a completely different knots we was slow We Were pedestrian we kind of just we did what we did in the first off with about a third ten minute spell and we allowed them back in the game but this time after we considered the second we didn’t heed the warning and they scored they scored an equalizer and fair play to them they fought back well they worked hard they pressed one at times and that was really annoying because we started making poor decisions but yeah a good team always finds a way to win it when I’ve got McCauley Lang of stuff you’ve always got a chance got two assists in a game he’s a center off he shouldn’t be doing them things but yeah overlapping Centos the best kind of Center halves great ball Macker fires home on the volley four three winners right it’s two days after the game and you’ll have to bear with me because well I’ve just got home I’ve just got a shower and I think I’ve got a cold coming on and I don’t feel great so yeah anyways we’ll power on um yeah adding to Saturday what I said Saturday about our performances in the first and second half but yeah adding to Saturday um what I said we’ll go through some players uh Carl coming I thought was magnificent he got two assists he was always helping out going forward the overlapping Center half what a wonderful invention and that cross a macro at the end the macca’s Finish was brilliant two great finishes some longer stuff uh John Bostock as well I want to speak about John Boston because when he came on we regained control of the Midfield and his presence really helped us out and not just in winning the ball back but from set pieces as well because later on when may then we’ll get in the morning to the box he was always there now we’ve got more wins than last season more points smuggle scored more clean sheets and less goals conceded and we are doing a lot better job and in the past few years uh Macclesfield were third at this point and went on to win the league uh late tonight he went on to win the league they were top at this point and Barrow what’s up Sutton was second I believe and Stockport was third after 22 games went up tomorrow it’s the halfway point of the season and I don’t think I’m gonna be able to take this title race because it’s so damn close but anyways if you enjoyed the Vlog give it a like comment down below your thoughts on the game stay subscribed for subscribe subscribe if you’re new be safe be Champions and as always to [Music]

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