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The Hypocrisy of the Trolls Stalking Alex Belfield


the hypocrisy of the trolls stalking alex belfield XyomXGOhbQ


UK Vlogger talking about Nottingham Celebrity Radio Journalist Alex Belfield and how they are hypocritical when abusing him online

Nottingham Vlogger Discusses the hypocrisy of the social justice warriors against free speech if it hurts feelings

hello everybody um we are here again innottingham there may be a bit of windbecause i broke my microphone todayso apologies for the audio to orderenough one off amazon one of a pair ofmics on amazonbut basicallyum i hear that alex belford is in portagain and i just like to share some ofmy experiences that i’ve experiencedfrom covering the case like for exampleumlet’s sort this camera outtechnologyclick clickthere you go dieselyes so basically umumalex bellfield is in courtfor allegedly stalking people noallegedly harassing people or somethinglike that and he runs a um youtubechannel he’s a journalist and he’s aradio presenter he spent many years atthe bbcand then they parted ways and there’s abit of controversy and allegations goingeither side there’s some legal action umthreatened on either side now obviouslyi’m not a legal expert i don’t give anylegal advice and i’m not a journalist ora reporter so don’t take anything i sayas fact or as you know anything otherthan just my opinion and a veryuninformed opinion or a semi informedopinionum informed opinionanyway somy experiences with this whole case withalex bellfield nowanyone who dares to show supportpublicly for alex bellfield ironicallyis um immediatelylikeset uponby by trolls who who just simply hatealex bellfield and they justseem to umnot understandthe irony in their actions you know theyareliterallyinsulting and you know trolling peopleor trying to cause pylons for peopletrying to dox people on the internet bytwittering various other methods in thecomment sections and things like that soanybody who dares show support foryou know freedom of speech or maybe alexbelford and you know just want tosupport him right or wrong just want tosupport him sort of thing you know wedon’t know what the outcome is yet wejust hope that it is a good outcome wehope that it is allum as it appears um if it isn’t it isn’tbut you know um we can all hope and haveour own hopes and have our own dreamsand speculate about anything we wantcan’t we you know we are in a freecountry where you can support my unitedor you can support chelsea and of coursethere is banter and of course there isdifferent sides to every um you knowgroup or opinion or any sort of identitygroups you want to put people intowhether it be cultural or social orfinancial or whatever you want you cangroup people into various differentgroups and the mob mentality now isruling that’s my sort of point i’d liketo say a little message to all of thesetrolls that are um constantlytrying to umdiscredit my my name and mymyyou know my website and my vlog and justthe stuff that i do as a hobbyand they’re trying to say you know i’vegot no credibility i shouldn’t callmyself nuts online i said all differentkinds of things about me and um theythink that’s perfectly fine for them tohave an opinion about me you know theircritical opinion about me that’s that’sno problem at all for them to do thatand for them to you know toto come in numbers and call more peopleonto the situation to to to to gainstrength and to gain influence on theinternet to try and publicly you knowdisplay a narrative or a umor a poor um reflection upon my supposedprojected intentions that they put up onpeople they they assume that because youknow umi i cover something or i i retweetsomething that means that you know umi am the same person and i am part ofthat group of people that they don’tlike so they they feel like it’s okaybut what’s ironic in this case buteveryone could do that there’s nothingwrong with that they couldn’t relax i’mnot gonna tell them about it nothingwrong with that but no one’s asking youto go there no one’s forcing you towatch it no one’s forcing you to listenno one’s forcing me to do anything inthis country that’s the irony of it allyou see becausein the um in the very noble action ofthem defending people’s feelings anddefending people’s you knowmental health they will in factattack other people’s mental healthin some vigilante cause so they thinkit’s quite acceptable to be you knowarrogant andlike condescending and offensive and youknow just just generally rude and umandjust just vulgarabout alex bellfield that’s fine youknow they’re allowed to cause him andanybody else as much mental health asthey like because they’re the bad guybecause in their mindit’s justifiedwhich is really unprincipled in myopinion you know if you’re principallydriven and you do not like people to beupset or you care about mental healthand you’re all about be kind on theinternet and as soon as it comes to youropposition politically you seem to justdrop all the gloves drop all the rulesand and just go straight to buying andscratching and and calling names soand even trying to get people fired fromtheir jobs i mean that is veryvindictive and very vicious and verymalicious and very evident i believevery revealing of the the nature and thecaliber of the characters thatare trying to encourage others to engagewith so-called bad people on theinternetin in umin that sort of manner they believe thatthey are you know justice warriors orsomething like thatand their justice is exactly the sameresult as what they’re defending victimsfromso i just like to say that once and forall and uh to all the people on twitterwho were destined to you know call thepolice on someone because they repliedto a tweet yes mate you’re rightyeah good manso umbefore we spreadumon the top five flats but anyway i’m notgonna go for it in the premier leaguebut yeah so basically that’s what i’mjust saying it’s just a bit ironic howyou know these um social justice workersor these people on on twitter who areout thereto attack uh i spell food and anyonethat’s anything to do with him becausethey think it’s justified and morallyright they must stomp them out and exexterminate them from the planet becausethey think differently to themyou knowwhat they deem as offensive andthreatening and harassing can simply bei reply to their to their tweet thatit’s got nothing to do with with thethreat and nothing to do withbut anyway because my audio is soterrible when i break my microphonetoday i won’t go on about it that’sbasically my position on the wholematter i i got into a little bit of aspat with somebody on twitter last nightand they were like uh obviously it’spublic um it’s publicly viewable so i’mnot trying to knowtelling one and everyone’s naming it butthey they were mentioning my surname onit and i just thought the irony of itthe absolute irony of these bullets theythink it’s acceptable to bully peoplethat they think are allowed to bebullied but okay but if if it’s somebodythat it’s just an atrocious hypocrisyabsolute hypocrisy not once i’ve everput it anywhere on the internet you knowor done anythingand it’s funny that the people who areso morally justifiedare acting in such a childish andmaliciousinsidious wayand i just think that you knowleave you to it obviously they can’t betoo umthey can’t be too self-aware themselvesand that’s the irony is that they’llcome on to your twitter and patronizeyou about you i need men wealth help andi need to be a kind of person apparentlyyeah i’ve not said anything at allthat’s that’s that’s directed towardsthem or you know that i would deem umvulgar or abusive or anything like thatthreatening or violent or anything likethat nothing that i’ve said to anybodyon the internet has been like that oreven in real lifeumso anywaythat’s what i’m going to say about itum all these twitter twitter twirls arehypocritesand a lot of the youtube commentsanyway that’s my rant over i’ve got arubbish microphone again rubbish audioi’ll be back on amazon later to ordersome more maybe next week because ican’t really afford anything right nowand that’s it ready thanks for listeningi need to turn around because i’vewalked all the way around town trying toavoid noise and ended up at a reallynoisy placeso now i’m going to walk up here andcatch the busyeahi’m going to check i’m going to checkthe audio and if it’s rubbish i’m goingto do it again thanks

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